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Part of a series of 12 books, one on each zodiacal sign, the author discusses the challenging traits of Aries, Taurus, Gemini, and Cancer.  Tips are included for dealing with inherent pitfalls of Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer and the other zodiac signs, so that weaknesses can be turned into strengths.  This book also can help friends and family to comprehend their Arien, Taurean, Gemini, and Cancerian loved ones more easily and is meant to be a tool for both confirmation and understanding of the people with that zodiac sign. 

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In horary astrology, there is a way of predicting presidents that has been used for years.  This is called the Dixville Notch effect.  Dixville Notch is a tiny town in New Hampshire, with only a handful of inhabitants.  They open their polls at midnight on election day, and the last census said they have 10 people voting this time.  It’s not so much who they choose, as it is the horary casting of the Election Day chart that predicts very accurately who will win the presidency.

The ruler of the Ascendant represents the encumbent or the person who belongs to the party of the encumbent, Hillary Clinton.  In this case, the 2016 election’s ruling planet is Mercury, by a hair, over the Sun.  The opposing party is represented by the Descendant, Jupiter/Neptune by a hair—over Saturn/Uranus.  Then look at the placement of the Moon.  If it is applying, that is, going forward to meet the next major aspect to the ruler, the encumbent party wins.  If it is separating in aspect from the ruling planet of the encumbent party, the opposing party wins.

In traditional astrology, therefore, if we go with Mercury as the ruler, Mercury is at 23 degrees Scorpio (which by the way is 2 degrees off Hillary’s birth Mercury, separating) and the transiting Moon is at 20 degrees Aquarius, so, either way, the Moon is APPLYING to the Dixville ruler and to Hillary’s Mercury too.  This indicates Hillary wins.  If we were to use the Sun as the ruler, Hillary would lose, as the Moon would be separating from the ruler the Sun.

Old astrology would have Jupiter be the traditional ruler of Pisces, which is at 12 degrees Libra.  The Moon at 20 degrees Aquarius is separating from this: Trump loses.  However, transiting Jupiter is applying to Trump’s Chiron (pain point) and natal Jupiter, with Dixville Moon applying to the midheaven.  The other interesting thing is that Trump’s Midheaven is exactly the same as Dixville’s Midheaven.  Hmmm…curiouser and curiouser.  And the new ruler being Neptune, the Moon is still separating from last aspect to Neptune.  The Moon at 20 degrees 47 minutes Aquarius will have separated from a conjunction with Trump’s North node at 20 degrees 45 minutes by 2 minutes!!!  In everyday astrology, we would call that a lovely air trine aspect, in the orb to his Jupiter in Libra, making a grand air trine.  But it’s separating!  Now, if the Descendant’s ruler was Saturn or Uranus (remember, all this is a hair’s breadth away) the Moon is separating from Saturn, but applying to Uranus and that Uranus is in a nice trine to Trump’s Sun, North Node, and Uranus.  He certainly is the Upset-King.  Might he upset the Dixville Notch prediction and WIN the presidency?  We ARE living in the Anti-Universe, after all.

Over all, since the Dixville Notch horary chart has never been wrong, then we have to say we’re calling the race for Hillary by a hair, but ole Donald will come close, oh so close, and he will remind us FOREVER!

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