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The Science of Prophecy

Nearly every religion contains stories of prophets and/or wise men and wise women. Thus, those that forecast future events by whatever means or those who foresee the future by mystical methods are no stranger to any of us. Moses, John the Baptist, Elijah, Mohammed, and Jesus were all prophets, and there are too many others to name. I am not, however, putting myself on a level with these Titans of Spirit, but even the Bible begins with the tale of the Three Magi—Wise Men from Persia.

In fact, the Torah and the Bible are filled with prophecy. Men like Matthew, Luke, and John wrote parts of the Bible, and they passed on the stories and the prophecies.

An astrologer passes on prophecy, and indeed, that is what the Three Wise Men were: astrologers. In the Bible, they are called Magi, which means wise men. They studied the stars and told people what they saw there. They were also the first scientists. They recorded the movements of the stars and planets, and they were the first people to take accurate measurements of the stars in the heavens and to put forth the ideas about whether the sun circled the earth, or whether the earth circled the sun. they were among the first who used the stars to measure distances on earth.

In the Bible, it says that "Magi came from the East to Jerusalem and asked, 'Where is the one who has been born King of the Jews? We saw his star in the East and have come to worship him.' " All of us have stars in the East, but Jesus' star was special, and it took the astronomers--or astrologers--to know that. Herod knew that and tried to use them to find the exact time of birth, something we do today in astrology. The astrologers--or magi--went on to find Jesus, give him gifts, and the Bible further says, "They were overjoyed to worship him."

In addition, the magi were warned in a dream not to return to Herod, and so they didn’t, because they wanted to protect the child's whereabouts. Everywhere in the Bible, angels come to people, and prophets speak to warn the people, so that they may behave better, take heed, and, just like the Boy Scouts say, “be prepared”.

These predictions are a gift and a reminder from God of what people can expect and how they should behave to make it into God's heaven. Astrologers have been given the gift. It is not psychic, but it is scientific. It is not a game, because God doesn't give the gift of prophecy lightly. It is detailed and difficult to learn, because God doesn't want just anybody doing it and making it into a game.

God wants to care for, guide, and protect us. That is why he sent his Son, whom the astrologers foresaw, found, and worshipped. So it is with astrology. It can warn and guide us and tell us what to expect. We can prepare for things that are difficult, and my belief is that then you know when to pray, because God hears the prayers of those awaiting difficult times.
Many readers of the Bible will bring up the references in Deuteronomy where God forbids fortune telling. There is a difference between fortune telling and prophecy—and between parlor games involving luck and science.

God condemned using prophecy for personal gain, to manipulate people or wealth using the same, casting spells to manipulate, and talking to spirits. Fortune is Luck, and astrologers don’t tell you how lucky you are. Fortune is also blessings, and the only one allowed to give blessings is God, not someone you pay. Many fly by night fortune tellers will promise to bless you and take away your “bad luck” if you pay them. This is the “fortune telling” that God forbade. In fact, if you ever have anyone tell you are lucky or unlucky, you know you are NOT talking to a viable reader, but rather to a shyster.

As the Bible says, “In the beginning was the Word,” and the word was good (that is, God. That’s the origin of the word “God.) As an astrologer, I believe that we all have a destiny that is already written, and you will see many places in Biblical lore, the words, “it is written”.

With astrology, I can map the path each of us must take, with all the highs and lows. How we behave with each rise and fall is our choice, but the path itself is given by God and is never more than we can handle. None of this is “luck” or “fortune”’; it is God’s will, bismallah.

Many of the Holy books such as the Bible and the Vedas are said to hold codes that detail the destiny of each one of us. These are books given by God, and because we are given all these things to read—stars and books and our very lives, God has given us the tools to know our path and what we should be working on in life.

As an astrologer, I can predict something, but if it is a challenging thing, I can pray, and God will lessen the blow, and oft times turn the experience into a miracle. We get closer to people--and to God-- during crisis.

What a solace to know that! And what a gift to know that God has given us a way to help ourselves so that we can turn to Him, so that life can be peaceful and without shock! I find that astrology can help people find peace--and God—and miracles in every day life experiences, even the most tragic ones. This is truly a blessing that only God could bestow.