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The Science of Prophecy


Libra, Lady Justice!!



Libra the Scales (September 21-October 20) 

The glyph for Libra is supposed to resemble the scales of justice, but it really looks like a pregnant lady laying down!  Maybe this is another reference to the harvest time of October, and so the pregnant lady is laying down to birth the harvest, so to speak.  The scales themselves used to be used and still are used in farmers’ markets to weigh produce and grain and other fruits of our labors. 

The picture usually associated with Libra is Lady Justice holding the scales. For this reason, when we think of Libra, we think of negotiation, law, balance, and harmony.  Libras usually like things to be harmonious, beautiful, and peaceful—unless they think something is out of balance, and then they will make it balanced by bringing up the other side of the issue.  So we have a person who will argue for the sake of argument to make sure that the little guy has his say.  Libra can also be known as the “devil’s advocate”, mainly because they want the score to be EVEN-STEVEN.
Libras are great at debate, but since they can see all sides of every story, they sometimes have a heck of a time deciding what side to be on.  Sometimes they do have a “leaning”, which they acknowledge within themselves, but because they want to be fair, they will not claim their opinion out loud, as long as all ideas are out there.  Because they can be agreeable to negotiation and can see all sides, they are often seen as wishy washy, when inside, that may not be the case at all.  But just ask them where they want to go for dinner, and they’ll probably say, “you decide; it’s okay with me.”  One reason Libra does this is because if the decision ends up a bad one, they don’t have to take the blame! Libras like balance and beauty and books.  They are “head” people, smart, with an aesthetic sense of color and design.  For this reason, the designing arts are good for them, because they can be discriminating.  They know “what goes” and “what doesn’t go.”  This also makes them good lawyers: go back to the sentence about them being great at debating!  Perfect for the courtroom!


November/December 2013 & January 2014

              Starting December 21 through January 31, we have something happening that I call the "Cinderella Syndrome".  Someone will show up in your life, with a Capricornian agenda who will come in acting like your special Prince/Princess.  They will appear, like a Capricorn, to be hard working, responsible, upwardly mobile, with valiuable goals.  They may turn out to be a bit of a martyr-syndrome or an Atlas carrying the world.  When February, you will find out that this person is long gone, and you won't be able to reach them.  Pay attention to their behavior.  Enjoy the good times, but be ready for the flip, when they turn back into a Pumpkin at month's end.  Or maybe a mouse, who then scurries away! Your Prince or Princess in December and January will likely be a family member.

As I said earlier, Libras, Aries, Cancers, and Caps have some challenging times upcoming.  Libras are going to be “activated” by planet Mars, making them quite busy, but the partnership area of their lives could be chaotic.  Maybe you can’t decide who you want; maybe you just can’t commit.  Maybe legal issues are getting in the way—or other arguments.  You need a new job, and maybe you need to change where you live—either the décor or the house itself.  Are you waiting for a loved one to make a decision about that?  They’ll be off by February, and they won’t look back, so don’t you.  Watch your resources, keep your pennies in your pocket, and wait till May to make a decision.  You’ll be better off.




TO SUM IT UP: Librans are all about beauty, harmony, and partnership.  While they may go to extremes while trying to find justice for all, they also fall into the trap of being indecisive, since they can be convinced of anything.  They love books, beautiful things, and the arts.  Some Librans are obsessed with right and wrong and the justice system, because fairness is important to them.  They are usually charming and pleasant individuals and fabulous negotiators, since they can see all sides of a question.  They should always be in relationship.

KEY PHRASES: I balance.  I harmonize. I see all sides of the question, all points of view. I design.  I beautify.

Positives: Peace-loving, color-coordinated, and agreeable

Negatives: Indecisive, obsessed with beauty, impossible to pin down, argumentative

Quote: "If it were not for injustice, men would not know justice." --Heraclitus Greek philosopher (540 BC - 480 BC)

Planetary Ruler: Venus