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Astrology is the study of the planets and their cycles and the events that follow as a consequence.
Discover your future in the stars


All existence is but a cycle. Your past is therefore a predictor of your future, and the future is your past.
The only choices we have in life, therefore, are how to behave and how to react. 
Find out your Life Path, your "rocks in the road", and then choose how you will overcome
and succeed in Life itself


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Life is a cycle with no beginning and no end. Birth and death are neither beginnings nor endings; they are merely portals through which we pass.

Astrology is a science of cycles, deciphering the mysteries of why we repeat certain experiences. With the help of this prophetic science, we can know when our strong times and weak times will be. We can know foes and friends, all soul mates nonetheless. We can prepare for hard times; we can rest in weak times, we can surge ahead in times of power and opportunity.

Astrology can help us to learn that all things have a time and a season, and that all have purpose. Our attitude and that alone is our only choice: shall we face hardship with courage or fear? Will we let ourselves be broken, or will we rest and gather strength to take action? Will we see change as our direst enemy or as an opportunity to embrace the new? Free will is a falsehood that we tell ourselves; All That Is has already been and will ever be.

The past, present, and future are but one continuum, which we can view because we are in physical body. The study of the planetary cycles is ancient in man years but new in universal terms. The study of the symbols connected to astrology has long been maligned, and yet there is wisdom in these symbols, for they can portend the future. Let us not quibble over the whys and wherefores; that is as useless as it would be to question the sun, the stars, and the sky.

Astrology works. Why astrology works may be a mystery, but it does work, and it is a gift that we can use it to help ourselves grow as we travel life’s cyclic paths. We meet the same challenges time and again not to overcome them but to face them with peace, beauty, strength, and courage. We meet the same people or the same kinds of people over and over again to learn how to accept our chosen destiny. We are not bad or even good, but we are part of Mother Nature, so we are both the storm and the silence after a storm. We are the strike, and we are the fire that remains afterwards to burn slowly and make our lives fertile for new growth. We are both the hunter and the hunted, the mother and the child, the lover and the spurned.

I took a physics class at university, and in the class, my physics professor made the announcement that “astrology doesn’t work”. He was obligated to bring up the science of astrology in the class because astrologers were the ones who kept statistical data on the planets way back when, and they were the ones who created the basis for the science of astronomy. “These people kept all the records but really are full of malarky.” Hmmmmm…

Clearly, he had never looked into the science of astrology, never studied or tested it (like scientists are supposed to do). Astrologers were observational scientists in the true sense of the word, but my professor spoke in ignorance, never having had any experience with it. Don’t get me wrong; my physics professor is very knowledgeable in his field—astrophysics. That’s why I took the course with him. He is also a nice man. I also took his class because I wanted to know why astrology works. Its validity has a lot more to do with physics than people think.

In fact, metaphysics may not be “beyond the physical” at all, as the word suggests. There are a lot of things not visible to the naked eye: ultraviolet light, light waves in general, sound waves, atoms, protons, neutrons, and all the stuff that makes up the universe, but, of course, that doesn’t mean they don’t exist.

I have been an astrologer for about thirty years. At first, I read a lot of Dane Rudyar and the more psychological astrologers, and I was very interested in that approach to astrology. Probably that was so, because I began learning astrology as a teenager, and I was trying to decipher myself, my own personal make up, my feelings, and my life. I was curious and filled with “whys?” and I furthermore believed there were answers to those “whys”, and I could figure them out.

Life is a puzzle, and I was bound and determined to discover the answers. Now, I am much more interested in the prediction side of astrology, because that is truly where I feel the value is. Although astrology can be an aid in self-discovery, that side of it seems to me—and I even felt this way back when—to be more of an entertainment than anything else. But I see astrology’s true value in predicting the future.

My physics professor called astrological predictions “self-fulfilling prophecy”, somewhat akin to…for example, let’s say you are wanting to buy a yellow truck. Suddenly, you see dozens of yellow trucks everywhere you go, when you’ve never noticed them before. But I want to know how it is self-fulfilling prophecy. when I can accurately predict job changes, romances, and even major tragedies of the relatives of my clients, when the relatives don't know me?

I have lots of amazing stories to tell, including one where I warned someone to be careful, to pray--and by the way, so should the wife--this was recorded on tape, and after the two met an untimely and volatile end, the sister of the man found the tape and called to ask me how I knew something bad would happen. I also recently saw someone at a festival. I had read for her several years before, predicting marriage two years hence, but she was disappointed that there were no earlier promises of romance. However, this year, she greeted me at the festival with a hug and introduced her fiance, and said "here he is, finally!" and just when I had said he would come along, he did.

Now, I do not consider myself a psychic person. The things I tell people are strictly based on planetary cues and clues. I read what the planets are doing, and they tell me what’s going to happen. I don’t know why it works, but it does. This is no joke. I have done this too many times to count. I tell people when they will move, lose a job, get a job, get married, when they are on the brink of divorce, and I tell them when to be careful. Now, back to my predictions…and to my physics professor.

Was my prediction self-fulfilling prophecy? First of all, the wife and the sister of my more unfortunate client knew nothing of my prediction. If my somehow saying it to the brother “created” it, then I am more powerful than we or my physics professor know…Obviously, I discount this theory. I don't think the wife, who I didn't read for, “created” it either. How could she create it independently without having heard from me? And then, let’s say we did create it, as absurd as that sounds…how does physics explain THAT? Or, let’s look at it another way: how can this be like the yellow truck? Maybe the gentleman was just looking for ways that death and tragedy could come in life. But how many individuals have people—that many people—dying around them and in such unexpected ways? And anyway, I had said "You and your wife need to pray". Did the wife ever hear this advice?

I do this every day. Not all things I predict are as drastic and sad as this case. Nevertheless, it is a common occurrence for me to get things like this correct. Am I ever wrong? Yes, but not in the way that we would think. Sometimes, I misinterpret the signs—or the person involved does not see how the prediction is true, and yet it is. I had one lady who came to me, and she was clearly very troubled about her marriage to her husband. She had given me her birthday and not his. I asked if someone she loved had passed away recently; she said no. I then asked what was going on—did she have two amilies or a merged family, and I asked her why I saw two spouses around the home. I assumed that she had been married twice or had entered into a merged family. It turns out that her husband had died recently. She didn’t love him at that moment, because not only had he been abusive, but when he died, she discovered that he had a second wife and a second family. She was really angry and hurt, needless to say.

Recently, I made some world predictions, and I wrote some dates down involving the hostage crisis involving the peace makers. I was seeing in the world chart a release and yet still some confinement. I really felt that someone might die, but I couldn’t figure how there could be both a release (that’s happy), a death (that’s unhappy), and still confinement and stress. Also, I thought it hade to do with Jill Carroll. I also knew that after 2 weeks, all the stress would be gone, and still on a later date, an opening of sorts. As the days passed, I discovered my error in interpretation: The first “release” was the death of James Fox, one of the 4 peacemaker hostages. Two weeks later, the other three were released unharmed. Two week later, Jill Carroll was released. The cycles of stress and release exactly matched my predictions, except that I confused the hostages. Sometimes, too, “release”—from the physical body—represents death. Either way, there is a lightening of pressure. I probably would have been able to predict who would live and who die, had I had the birthcharts of the hostages. At the time, I did not. But my “release” dates were accurate, and they did indeed come to pass. I don’t think that, although it was always my wish for the hostages to be released, that it was MY self-fulfilling prophecy that made it happen.

As you can see, I sometimes don’t read the signs correctly, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t there. Plenty of times, I have told people to expect many love opportunities, and they will swear to me that it hasn’t happened, but as I sit there with them, two gents call, one shows up at the door with a gift of food, and a romantic greeting card is delivered to the door. Meanwhile, my client says, “there’s no one around me”, but my eyes and ears tell me otherwise, and they are the blind and deaf ones. No wonder they continue to be lonely when they don’t have to be! Bottom line, there is something that sticks in my mind that my physics professor said—“we are all made of stardust, quite literally.”

Our bodies are made up of physical elements, reacting chemically and physically to stick together and function. These elements, these atoms, reflect light, and that’s why we can see each other. We are nothing more than clumps of atoms made up of certain elements held together by the physical glue of the universe, just as the planets are. Because we are made up of the same stuff of the universe and our bodies live under the same physical laws, we react to the cycles of our universe. The chemistry and atomic make up of our bodies reacts to the planetary cycles and the gravity—the universal glue that attracts and repels.

The unexplainable wrinkle here is the soul and why we have this consciousness. Is it possible, therefore, that all other physical things in the universe have forms of consciousness—and life—that we may not recognize? I believe this to be true. We are both physical and metaphysical—that is, beyond the physical. We are both animal and spirit. This is the miracle of human existence that even the physicist cannot explain. At least to me, there is proof of astrology in my daily predictions and their coming to pass. I know this too is tied to the nature of time. I believe that time is tied to the physical.

Without the physical, we would have no time. If one goes into a flotation tank, and the sensations of sight, hearing, taste, smell, and touch are for the most part removed, people cannot judge time. Physics also deals with the time travel issue by saying that it is possible for us to travel back into the past but not to the future without our bodies being destroyed. Looking at the cycles of the stars, just as we look at the sky and watch the stars above, we are literally seeing the Big Bang. If we look far enough away, we can see the origin of the universe. Astrology gives us the only way to project what it is that could happen in the future.

Some things, I believe, are meant to be. An explosion is an explosion. But the choice we have is to use the explosion for good rather than for ill, to love rather than hate, to work together rather than to battle. So, we may still lose our job, get married, or create something—baby or art—tomorrow. But the choice we have is what to do, how to behave, and how our attitude will be as we move through these catalytic moments. Our free will is only in how we choose to experience life, not what we choose to experience. What we will experience is set in stone; how we react to it is then up to us.

Astrology works, because we are all connected, and we are not only composed of universal elements but we live and breathe on these rotating, revolving orbs continously and eternally in cycle. Astrology works, and it simply lays out the map of our own unique cycle so that we can understand the clockworks of our lives. Amazing. Miraculous. And yet, it's simply how things are. Wow.


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Andrea Foster is a relationship counselor and has been offering astrological interpretations for nearly 50 years. She was formerly the astrological writer for SingleFile magazine and has presented many seminars on the planets and varied forms of prediction. Her specialities include the Arabic Parts, which are a very detailed prediction method originated by the Persians, relationship compatibility and prediction, karmic astrology, world predictions using astrocartography, and predictions for cities.

"My belief is that there are certain elements to life that are set in stone, and these elements repeat. How we react to these things is the only element of free will that we have. Since crisis is built into our lives to enhance intimacy with others, I also believe that crisis is an important aspect of experiencing all of the intricacies and miracles of love and life. After trial and error, I have found that the only thing that can mitigate crisis is 1) our acceptance of its natural place in life, and 2) prayer. When one knows in advance what will happen, there are no more shocks or disturbing surprises. We can simply prepare with prayer and take steps to plan our responses, if possible. Prediction using the stars is therefore not only a science set in stone, very accurate, but it is also a miracle that we have been given by Allah and the All That Is."

Andrea studied Astronomy and Physics with Dr. Laurence Pinsky at University of Houston and karmic astrology with Judy Hall, author of Karmic Connections and Past Life Astrology. She spent twenty five years in the book business promoting authors like astronaut Buzz Aldrin, President Jimmy Carter, and Dr. Larry Dossey, author and medical researcher on The Power of Prayer and now teaches writing and How To get Published at various colleges.She has been a guest speaker for and a member of the Houston Chapter of NCGR, the National Council for Geocosmic Research.

She currently teaches the Law of Attraction and Astrology in the Greater Oklahoma City area.  She can be reached at booklady@astrotracker.com 

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