the Water Bearer

(January 21-

February 20) 
The Water Bearer has a glyph that actually looks like water, and the images that accompany it are of a man or woman carrying a jar with water in it.  This is a symbol showing that this sign is detached from its emotions—the water.  So the traditional concepts of Aquarius are that these folks are cold and remote.  Known to be a bit hermetic, Aquarians often feel alone in a crowd.  Why?  Because they feel different.  They are in the crowd but not of it.  
Aquarians are meant to be part of a community, and indeed they want to work for the community to make it better.  Yet they are individuals with unique ideas and solutions for the world’s issues.  They are scientists, mathematicians, ecologists, and weirdos, in the best possible sense of that word.  This doesn’t make them unattractive.  In fact, they are actually charismatic.  I liken it to how Jesus was: charismatic and everybody loved him, but he was different, and he knew it. 
Aquarians need to meld and then split, meld and then split, meld and then split.  This makes them appear erratic in relationship, because they desire for and seek ONENESS until they get it (for a minute), and then they need to separate to remind themselves (and everyone else) that they are a unique spark of God.  Aquarians need their space, and it’s better if they can have their own private space or cave to go to, if they live with others.  They need alone time, so best to let them have it.  Know that when you let someone go free, they will come back to you freely.          

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January 2019-2020

If you feel the winds of change within you, Waterboy & Watergirl, or you feel an inner heaviness making a fundamental change in you, then know that it will be okay.  This is the time for weeding, even if it’s winter.  Weed out those things in your life you no longer want or need.  Separate yourself from those you no longer need.  Something has happened or is happening that will change how you view life.  A new dawn begins.  If the heaviness of the Saturn/Pluto in Cap is too heavy for you, take a trip far away for adventure and entertainment.  Go see siblings to regain a sense of family.  Aquarians already feel disconnected, and now you may feel especially so, but this new era will make you stronger and wiser and gives you greater depth.  This is a time for inner discipline and making room inside yourself for new ideas to grow.  In love...If you find a new love to play with in January, have fun, and then think about it.  For the first time in a long time, you may consider settling down or finding a secure relationship.  This is an idea you must nurture.  Clear the cobwebs and doubts out of your head first before embarking on commitment.  Make sure you are emotionally, intellectually, and practically ready for a commitment.  Just because of recent changes in your life doesn’t necessarily mean it’s time yet for anything other than fun and adventure.  Consider carefully your future and your plans for it.

October 2016-January 2017

Aquarians are feeling detached…so what’s new?  Nothing much up?  Well, new partnerships are going to grow around new ways of thinking and teaching, new ways of expressing thought and bringing peace.  Make new friends that share your personal trends and philosophies.  Look for new teachers and new trains of thought. Expand your brain’s horizons!  Raise your vibration through love and peace.  Get out of old ruts.  Aquarius has been in the fog about money dealings since 2008.  Still is there.  Sometimes it really hurts.  If you’re a healer, it can help.  Now’s the time to ask the universe (or God) to take care of it.  Gemini isn’t the only one flying by the seat of their pants.  Oh, air signs!  YOU are the true space cadets, not Pisces.  Communication with others is intermittent, but you folks are on your own wavelength.  Put up your alien antennae and send out a signal; you’ll get replies.  Telepathy works for you.  Recently, there are some behind the scenes practical matters that have gotten exacerbated and thrown you off-kilter.  You are used to being off kilter, because that is in your nature, but you need some kind of grounding, and it’s been hard grasping that.  Things are changing slowly behind the scenes and within you.  Are you, of all people, wanting to be more practical?  Will wonders never cease?!  You will get very busy in December, so if you are currently feel blue or dejected or powerless, not to worry.  ‘Tis the season to rake in money from stressed out individuals.  But let’s talk about Halloween before we get to Christmas.  Although loved ones have departed, here comes another for Halloween, and this one is important.  This is your true partner and buddy.  Enjoy the social time while you can, because the visit will be about a week long, and then it’s over.  Have a deep heart to heart with someone about your career.  Go ahead.  Confess your fears and weaknesses.  Investigate what the real problem is.  Bring this need for investigation back to your career, and do some digging.  Speak about it, consult, become a therapist of sorts.  Now is the time to communicate with others about things at are secret, hidden, or pushed back or down so deep that those “stuffed” feelings are causing problems—not just for others, but for you too!  By the first week of November, you are back to business, refreshed, and going full throttle. After the election, you are ready to let ‘er rip!  Aquarians are the world servers and the activists of the zodiac, anyway.  So get busy servin’ and activatin’!  You’ll feel back in your element, no matter what is going on in your personal life.  Give some good, meaningful consultations and communications.  Share some secrets with people in your career.  Socialize with people who are completely different from you.  If someone asks you on a date for ‘round about Thanksgiving or wants you to take a trip or make a promise, well, why not?  The only thing is, I am not sure you are ready for a commitment.  A loved one comes and goes quickly behind the scenes.  Did you even notice?  You did, but since the situation is disruptive, why be involved, right?  You want to stay out of it.  The argument is over a difference of beliefs.  The whole thing is irritating.  No need to linger there—get back to work.  Even the irritating comments of others and the stubbornness  of some will not get you down, because you are good at detaching and moving on.  Wait until December 3, then have some practical conversations with loved ones behind closed doors.  Figure it out.  You might want to consider teaching or giving a speech in early December.  An offer to do so may come very unexpectedly around D-day (Dec. 7) .  Go ahead and accept.  Loved ones detach too, and that makes you feel vulnerable.  That’s your gig, not theirs!  How does it feel when the shoe is on the other foot?  Not so great, ey?  Let go, do what you love, get out and socialize and speak out, allow certain relationships to fall away; it’s okay.  You need to work.  December will be busy.  Throw yourself into an ocean of work and healing—not booze, please!!!  Too many alcoholic drinks make Aquarius a dull person and unable to work.  So activate your healing skills instead!  At Christmas, you may feel lonely and disconnected from loved ones, so get into the spirit of the season.  Donate your skills or do charitable work.  Get some religion this year!  If no one is talking to you, that doesn’t mean you can’t send telepathic messages—don’t allow yourself to feel vulnerable.  Take spiritual action or do some art or music—don’t have too many drinks on New Years.  Instead, this would be a good time to make a Vision Board or Treasure map for what you want to happen this year.  Focus on the positive; don’t get blitzed.  Give yourself and your work over to giving and loving at the New Year.  That way, you will never be alone!

July 4-October 3, 2016

Aquarians are changing at deep deep levels and have been for many years.  Are you growing your self-worth—and a back bone? Yes!  You need that, because your fishbone, which affects your money and resources has been as weak and wishy washy and tried by trials for years!  Those of you who are spiritually and intuitively gifted may have been able to use the miraculous manifestation methods of law of attraction to instantly solve money troubles.  Others may be feeling the whine.  Sorry!  This I will say:  loved ones are in your corner.  Talk to people with experience and perseverance.  They can give you good advice.  So, ask the oldheads!  Wisdom and connections can help!  The truth is that you have been offered opportunities for new starts since last year.  One was a false start at the end of last year and delays occurred; then the so-called opportunities didn’t turn out as planned.  Mars retrograde since April slowed everything down even more, but as July begins, you can now start over, find your energy and stride.  If you need to start again, now’s the time.  It’s meant to be!  Romantic partners figure heavily in August, so even if they slip away, make sure you stay in touch.  By September, get busy connecting to make your money opps come true.  However, make sure you sign contracts and leases with others before August 30, because there will be issues with details in September, due to the Mercury retrograde that month.  Fortunately, that retro ends September 17, plus there are 2 eclipses that month that will reap you awards in March, so be sure you ask for exactly what you want, check and re-check paperwork and leases, and be patient with delays.  Put out there what you intend to receive by March 1. Undertake travel in August, but be disciplined in your travel plans.  This should be a vacay for social reasons.  If you experience delays or get stuck somewhere, be patient and see it as the adventure that it is!  October brings new spiritual partnerships and teaching/sharing opportunities.  You may want to open a spiritual, yoga, or magic shop next year, so plan ahead, and make your connections now to use next year!

January-July 4, 2016

Aquarians are talking a good talk at the beginning of the year, but when Mercury goes retrograde, so do practical matters put a crimp in their idealistic intentions.  Yes, have intentions, but don’t be surprised when stuff in the closet falls out and makes you trip.  You’ve got to clean out the closet, guys!  Haven’t I been saying that since September?  Jupiter in Virgo is good for spring cleaning—in the fall and now the winter!  A friend flies in, in January, asking for a promise.  What did I tell everyone to say? (See above.) The answer is NO.  You have to re-consider all of the practical stuff that’s shoved away in your life.  This is not a time for ANY commitment.  However, the good news for Aquarians is that you are still firmly open for business in 2016.  With Mars backtracking through your 10th house of career and Jupiter backing up in your 8th house of where your money comes from, you’ll still see career activity, more than others will.  If business declines or slows a bit, be patient and seed for better times by setting intentions and planting marketing seeds.  Things will explode in July.  February will bring practical discussions with loved ones behind closed doors and perhaps some personal discouragement if you can’t travel the way you’d like to.  The solar eclipse in March can go a long way to heighten your spiritual and personal resources, if you let it.  The key is to open to receive—not the easiest thing for an Aquarian, who likes things kept in a jar.  The top of the jar is open, so open your 7th chakra at this time and let the solar light and Piscean love flow through you at this time.  This could create a significant energetic change for you that will later translate into MONEY.  Yeah!  Open to the availability of miracles!  In April, you will either battle with siblings or get a sudden offer to go somewhere.  If you go, go quickly, because while Mars is in Sag you have a blessing, but once it retros back into Scorpio at tax time, you need to return to work, kind of like Cinderella.  May will be a time for practical discussion with Mamacita and family.  In June, you can return to partners and buddies for a little fun, a nice reunion in preparation for the FLOW that will be coming at the end of June.  You have permission to get excited!          

TO SUM IT UP:  Aquarians are already living in the future.  They are fast-paced, technical minded, environmentally concerned, and here to help the community.  They are also loners, even though they are charismatic and beloved by many.  Every Aquarian has a cave to retreat to--after the party!

KEY PHRASES: I am unique.  I commune.  I come and go.

Positives: Community-oriented, caring about the earth, oriented to problem solve, forward thinking, technology-oriented, humanitarian in nature, comfortable alone, absorbs information faster than the speed of light

Negatives: Detached emotionally, sometimes lonely, too techno, gives mixed messages in relationship and doesn’t know why

Quote:"Pray that your loneliness may spur you into finding something to live for, great enough to die for."-- Dag Hammarskjold Swedish diplomat (1905 - 1961)

Planetary Ruler: Uranus