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Earth has a second Moon, so they say!  Its name is HO3.  
Do you s'pose that is code for HO HO HO?  
You know, maybe, Virginia, there really IS a Santa Claus!

December 2016 through January 8, 2017

What’s UP?  Energy is in full force in December as all planets except Uranus move forward unhindered—no other retrogrades—at least at the beginning of the month.  Good thing that Uranus is retro, because that lessens its disruptive energy, and right now it is accompanied by feminine disruptress Eris, so the duo are trying their best to bring new energies to a Capricornian Pluto world.  Read that as the Old Guard (Pluto in Cap) wants things to stay the way things used to be—or even, go backwards!  Thank God the Pluto in Aquarius days are coming in 2024/2025!  But we still have nine years of greedy money-grubbing rulers with old-fashioned ideas—who are looking to hit the big time—fame and fortune clouding their eyes!  Aquarius will bring the revolution, and even now until December 18 gives us a taste, as Mars the action planet visits the social activism sign of Aquarius. 2017 is a year of uncovering secrets, and in a year’s time, people will be going to jail for what they did, but for now, we must wait and see what challenges will uncover truths.  Certainly from December 31 through January 3, some kind of Pandora’s box will be opened as Jupiter and Pandora come together.  Jupiter’s energy releases, and you remember the story of Pandora’s box, right?  Uh-oh or oh boy, depending on what side you’re on!

Meanwhile, what you must also know is that the feminine energies are angry, as Mother Ceres connects with our dynamic duo of Uranus & Eris. Since Ceres is the goddess of the earth and seasons, I expect weather eruptions to be volatile and many.  All those cities that flood need to look out, because there is nowhere for water to go.  Places that have earthquakes will endure more and stronger ones.  Mama is angry, and she is going to vent!  We need to become better stewards of our mother earth and father sky, or we stand to pay the price.  We have seen it already, but why is no one paying attention?  Remember the Old Guard?  Well, it may take nine years, but they will be on their ways OUT, even if it doesn’t seem like it right now.

We have a T-square configuration involving traditional Capricorn Pluto (transformation of the Old Guard) and disruptive Uranus/Eris/Ceres and expansive Jupiter in argumentative, peace seeking Libra.  We experienced something similar in 2014, and the results were dramatic and explosive.  The difference this time is that the aspects are swelling and contracting, so pinpointing the challenges can be less obvious than the smack in your face stuff we saw in 2014.  One reason for that is there has been so much hidden or left hidden behind the veil of Neptune in Pisces.  As Saturn (pressure) in Sagittarius (the world/community) squares Chiron (our vulnerable spots where we need healing), we have challenges and repression ahead of us.  With Venus in detached Aquarius, loved ones are pulling away—I am assuming to keep from fighting.  Mercury in Capricorn, conventional discourse, will approach Pluto until December 19.  Usually, when Mercury meets Pluto, one of two things happens—exaggerated discourse—or a complete cutting off of communication.  That’s exactly when Mercury goes retrograde, and we know what that means, right, guys?  Communications and technology go awry; delays and shut-downs occur; phones and computers don’t work…not a good time for making deals.  Everything goes in reverse.  This lasts until January 8.  Yep—so we are coping with a Retro Merc throughout Christmas and the holidays.  Even Pandora’s box opening could be a diversion, since things are not always what they seem during a Mercury Retrograde period.  Usually, we find out the real story after the retro is over.  So, get ready.

The Gemini Full Moon on December 13, called a Full Cold Moon, will create a T-square with Saturn/Sun conjunction in Sag and the vulnerable Pisces Chiron.  Typically, this is a time of rest, and with Saturn pressuring the Sun’s and Sage’s normally sunny personality, there may be more than a few depressed folks right around then.  What do they say?  It’s always darkest before the dawn.  In this case, the feeling will come closer to that at sunset, technically, but this too shall pass.  With Tsquare between Uranus, Pluto, and Jupiter and the square between Saturn/Sun and Chiron, this will be a mournful Christmas, rather than a cheery one, sad to say.  That said, be kind to yourself this Christmas; make time for yourself to plan what you will do when push comes to shove.  2017 will be the time to make your stand, determine what is your plan of action, your breaking point.  Where does the buck stop?  I say, just say no.  Get really spiritual; say your prayers.  Surround the world with light, and do your best.  I do let myself get inspired by Bernie, who has integrity and a belief in what he thinks is right: fairness and justice and a healthy planet for all—he has compassion, but knows when to just say no.  So stand up and be counted, if you must.  Be heard, if you felt unheard in recent months.  There are things you can do to be heard—phone calls, petitions, and actions if you don’t have money, and as always…humane giving and assistance.  Sometimes KINDNESS is revolutionary…and is needed!  The Gemini Moon says communicate, share, have a heart to heart, a one on one conversation with those who matter.

As we approach the holidays, we have a line-up of planets in Pisces, something that happened last year in March.  Mars, Neptune, and Chiron come together in Pisces, so be like Mars and take Piscean action: be charitable, give to others, be creative and inspired, pray.  The Moon joins them January 1st, and Venus joins them by January 3rd.  If you feel lost during this time, that’s what faith is for!  Unfortunately, many will use the bottle and other methods to quell the doubt, fear, and confusion, and the results won’t be good, so don’t do that to yourself!  With the Sun entering into the raucous fray of the major Tsquare, I expect a volatile New Year’s celebration, so take care!  Don’t let yourself be blind to what’s going on around you!  Use your intuition, folks!  Pay attention!  New Moon in Sag is December 26th.  Begin again.

January 8th sees Mercury go forward as usual after its hiatus.  Saturn will be trying to repress whatever Pandora’s box let out.  One leader will be exiting as another enters.  People will feel somewhat victimy, so remember what I said, know when to just say no.  This is a time for courage.  The Lion is in Libra, looking for balance.  Sigma is at 9-10 degrees Leo, which is karma, about to hit Trump’s Pluto.  We will see.  The energies of the world will erupt with a massive cry on Inauguration Day.  Surely, our prayers will be heard!

Many years ago, I saw 2017 as a year of revolution.  When Bernie started speaking out, I had hoped THAT was the revolution, one in which people were more important than greed and war and differences, where health and the careful cooperation and tending of our earth were more important, where integrity meant something.  The young people saw that; they always do!  Now, I see there is a different kind of revolution, but that does not mean that all is lost.  We have to lose first before we win, but that will make the battle more hard fought and more significant—and unfortunately, more fearsome, but the win in the end will be more powerful.  I never thought I would say this, but we are fighting against the forces of evil, and so to keep the Light, to share love and kindness is more important than ever.  Don’t be enticed to join or fight the hate with hate, because then they win.  Join the fight with love, and then we win.  We have been separated for so long that we commonly react to “others” with fear—sometimes anger, jealousy, loathing, distrust, ignorance.  We must get to know others unlike us to understand their pains, and to see that their pains are the same as ours.  Their dreams are the same as ours.  Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is the same for every human being: we need air, water, shelter, to eat & excrete, to propagate our species; we need safety, shelter, work, resources, control over our own bodies & life; we need love and community, intimacy, friendship and family; we need respect and self-esteem, confidence, morality, creativity, and the ability to solve problems.  This is the same in all lives and cultures, for all human beings.

We are fighting for our basic human needs now.  The planets seem against us in this anti-Universe in which we find ourselves.  But I am reminded that some folks, like Bernie, know this is a long game, and in the end, we win.  So gird your loins, don the armor, get out your Love Gun and your Light sabre, but bring a big shield just in case!  You know, we got slimed November 8th.  Fool me once, shame on you.  Fool me twice, shame on me.