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TO SUM IT UP: Rams are progressive, idealistic individuals with independence on their minds.  They are creative, directive, and entrepreneurial.  Not afraid to go "where no man has gone before"; Rams find new ventures and new places exciting. They are usually happy, out-going leaders, very creative, and self-sufficient. They make enjoyable partners once they do settle down, but the ride will never be boring, and the path of life will never be well worn.

KEY PHRASES: I direct. I am first.  I am independent.  I am number one.  I am willing.  I fight.  I move on.  I take risks.  I am quick.

Positives: Creative, optimistic, idealistic, independent, 
Negatives: Impulsive, independent, no follow through                                                                              Quote:"A rolling stone gathers no moss."

Planetary Ruler: Mars 

January 2019-2020

Rams need to take control of the wheel this year—no more pouting allowed.  Get with the program, and take action to CHANGE YOUR CAREER. It’s official.  What you have been doing hasn’t been working.  I know you may find it hard to put your nose to the grindstone, so you think you’ve already been doing that, but change is coming, bubba!  You need to change your career, your money, your financial arrangements, and maybe even your home.  The gig is up.  The family situation has changed, so you need a home makeover as well as a job makeover.  Guys, the time for extravagance is OVER.  Your personal resources are going to change, so this might be a good time to get OUT of stocks and into something dependable.  In love...A meeting of the minds—and emotions—near the Full Moon eclipse January 21 may bring a new love or new work partner.  Even if it’s a love partner, you may bring them to work.  Don’t let your emotions run away with you, though!  No quickie marriages or contracts, please!  I think this could be a useful business partnership, IF you can keep your emotions out of it.  (Fat chance!)

October-January 2016-2017

Starting third week of October, Aries is doing the relationship “thang” these days.  Either, a new relationship is growing, or an old one has broken up.  Either way, you are free to grow through relationship, and that’s how it needs to be.  Rams have been living through a disjointed, disrupted journey for going on YEARS, and perhaps new relationship will help Rams to feel more grounded, even if they’re daily looking for earthquakes!   Rams need to stay spiritual, have faith, and do some self-healing.  Work begins in the third week of October in a situation where you either feel completely disempowered in your career, or things are going great guns, off the chain great!  It’s all or nothing, baby!   You may start applying for jobs secretly, or you may receive a job opportunity.  Keep silent about it for now.  A soul mate is coming in early November who has the same beliefs as you—or—could be a foreigner or someone you’ve met online.  Nevertheless, this person will be an important teacher for you in the game of life. Career opportunities will be changing, and you will see there is a shift of energy.  Time for a balanced relationship, new career and business activation and possibly time to go back to school to do something you love.  Somebody at work makes you mad, which is what may send you searching for new job opportunities or deciding to return to school.  At any rate, the Ram is ready for change at many levels.  Sometimes anger is good when it gets you out of a rut—or makes you wake up!  By the 10th of November, you are ready for the social whirl, AND you are putting your feelers out for new ways to make money.  If that means a new job, so be it.  You’re ready to save some money and get serious about life.  By the 12th of November, someone enters your career sphere who is very attractive—or who likes you.  This is a practical person or someone with influence.  This person may be able to help you on the job—or with a loan or scholarship for school.  Loved ones come and go quickly and maybe quite suddenly at Thanksgiving time.  If that’s irritating, not to worry!  The holiday season is a social whirl for you, and you will look hot!  If a potential mate departs, you can just say, “Next!”  I mean it!  You’ll be in demand!  Study, write, teach, share in early December—and party hearty!  You can do it all!  Only problem is, you may feel a bit detached throughout this.  Is your head somewhere else?  Are you looking at couples and going “woe is me!”  Please stop doing that.  Learn to enjoy your alone time and freedom.  Develop yourself into the person YOU want to be—that makes you all the more attractive, when you are an intriguing person!  Besides, D Day (December 7)will be a day when you meet someone in the same boat as you.  So, enjoy their company!  You may give your notice at work the third week of December.  Time to get to work on your spiritual self.  I mean that!  No drinking or drugs or pity parties!  You are too strong, too creative, for that.  Use your intuition, get to work on yourself and see what kind of surprises turn up on New Year’s Eve!  You may have a New Year’s surprise, as long as you don’t go overboard with alcohol or drugs.  Wouldn’t you rather have a Cinderella dream instead?  Be honest.  You deserve it.  Luxuriate on New Year ’s Day; then open to receive.  As the planets line up early in Pisces that first week of January, allow yourself to fall in love.  Enjoy!

July 4- October 3​​, 2016

Rams are still having exciting life changes and disruptions with Uranus/Eris, the god & goddess of disruption in their first house of self.  Maybe you are busy, moving, travelling, or just dealing with day to day chaos. Late Aries will be most affected by this.  July is great, though, for a family reunion right there in your own home.  Let the party come to you!  After Mars, the Aries ruler and planet of action, goes direct June 28, get busy on attending to your life’s purpose and cleaning up and releasing all the old stuff that happened in 2014, 2013, and last 3 months of 2012.  Studying and travel may be put on the back burner till August, but then get ready to buckle down and study—or teach!  If you don’t, you will find yourself unable to do anything, so the lesson is, do what Saturn tells you to do—discipline yourself to plant, share, and reap—your destiny!  Your career is in a slow slow slow transformation, so be patient there; then do some inner healing, and listen for inspirational messages from on high.  Your angels & guides are nudging you.  Late in July, you may get the sudden urge to stand up for/acknowledge a child/beloved with a speech or affirmation of loyalty.  August will send you back to school—or abroad!  But attend to details, especially when you write or make reservations!  Loved ones depart in mid-August.  You get busy with creative Mr./Ms. Fix-it projects—or writing projects.  Again, use Spellcheck, and attend to details, or you could find things go awry in September when Mercury goes retrograde in particular Virgo.  Use tact in all your communications, especially at work.  Document everything.  Loved ones may have something uncomfortable to tell you, and work may give you your notice.  That’s why I told you to document everything in August!!!  Late August may find you confused and unsure of what to do, but have faith.  Everything is as it should be.  Time to travel or return to school or apprentice with someone.  We are getting ready to reap what we have sown back in March during the last super-Pisces eclipse.  What did you ask for, back then, anyway?  September 1 will bring a super-Virgo solar eclipse that will affect us for the next 6 months.  Virgo eclipses are about de-toxing, repairing, and being of service.  Think about what you would like to cleanse and repair.  September 17 brings a lunar eclipse on the Pisces/Virgo axis—service and spiritual service, allowing your intentions to manifest.  Virgo/Pisces stuff is about how the spiritual is material, and the mundane is spiritual, 2 sides of the same coin.  So say your prayers, set your intentions, and then do your job!  Even though Mercury retro from August 30-September 21 may delay some things and throw a wrench in the works, by September 23, we will be more balanced, negotiable, and ready to make peace (or lawsuits).  Some folks will get divorced, and others will see new relationships form.  What’s your desire?  Either way, you grow!

January-July 4, 2016

Rams once again have a hectic year,especially regarding loved ones and commitments.  Although January may start with a loved one asking for a promise, perhaps with regards to a covenant of some kind, they have—for better or worse—asked at a time when Mercury is retrograde, and that means this promise may have to be broken—or adjusted.  Keep that in mind.  Contracts will have to be fixed after the retro is over at month’s end.  Try doing your New Year’s resolutions AFTER Mercury retro ends, January 26.  You may have more luck! Some events that you experienced in November and December will repeat themselves, due to Jupiter moving backwards January 8-May 8.  Get ready for it.  Remember what happened then?  It wasn’t the greatest, BUT you did learn where you stood and you made a few decisions.  Many folks born in the early 1950’s are going to have to learn how to let go this year, and breaking up/letting go is hard to do.  That’s why we are getting the lesson.  In this case, the universe says, “It’s okay.  We are spiritual beings.  We are always with you.  We are all connected.  You are never alone.”  This will especially affect Aries and Libra folks.  Be practical at these times.  I know that sounds weird, but sometimes when you don’t know what to do, it’s good to get up and do ANYthing: clean house, wash dishes, help somebody. Be an activist.  March will be a time for healing and spiritual growth as you learn to let go and DREAM, listen to intuition, connect with ancestors or those who have passed over.  They haven’t gone anywhere, you know.  April will be a busy time—not just because of tax time, but because Rams must take on the world, get up and move independently.  All that letting go means signing a lot of papers.  Control the information you share with the masses, including Facebook.  Be subdued rather than spill your guts.  May will occupy you with money matters.  Since this is Taurus time, don’t forget to stop and smell bouquets of flowers, to connect to nature, and use music to soothe.  The earth can be your calming influence this year.  Increase can come this year but maybe not in the way you wanted or expected.  June and July are for healing, so reach out to siblings or friends who you see as brothers and sisters to help you through.  Being with people and talking things through will be of great help and solace to you.  Say your prayers in private.

Aries the Ram 
(March 21-April 20)

The glyph for Aries looks like a fancy “v” or a ram’s pointy face with curly horns.
When I think of Aries the Ram, the first thing I think of at the Matterhorn Mountain with a ram standing at the top.  I have an impression of the sharp peak with a Ram astride a cliff at the top.  This image of a surefooted, swift-moving, powerful animal with horns, standing on the top of a peak is an apt image for Aries the Ram. 

Aries is impulsive, always moving and changing, and like the ram on the peak, is meant to be at the top.  Rams are known for being bossy and directive, because this is the CEO of the zodiac.  They also will charge you, head down, if they need to, because they are warriors.  Their creativity is a spark, like a flint striking against a rock to start fire, but they need someone like a Taurus to carry out their great ideas.  

Rams are willing to take risks and climb those daunting peaks.  They are willing to go where no man or woman has gone before.  They will be the first person out to scan a situation or to go into dangerous territory, if it needs to be done.

Remember that the names Aries is connected to Ares, the Greek God of war, also known as Mars in Roman mythology.  This is the same god with a different name because of different languages and cultures.  But the guy himself is still the same: a strong warrior, ready to battle and to make things happen.  

Positive Aries people are at the top of their game, full of unique ideas.  They are born leaders, because of their willingness to get busy and take action.  Their passions can extend from sex to war to business.  They are willing to be test pilots for just about anything, if they think the idea is good.

Negatives are that they might put themselves in danger too often through their impulsiveness and quick temper.  They also have trouble sticking with things, jobs, people, unless there is something there to hold their ever-changing attention.  Positives are that they usually will not hold a grudge and that they always can come up with a solution for a problem.  Their idealism makes them great leaders and cheerleaders.