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Bernie Wins!

Bernie Sanders is on a roll, and the stars are in his favor.  He’s a Virgo Sun in the 10th house of career, with loads of Neptunian idealism about oneness, and with Jupiter having traversed his Sun, his solar ascendant and his true Midheaven, Bernie’s star has been rising.  Wow!  Bernie has had the best chart of all the candidates this year!  No wonder he had thousands upon thousands of folks lining up to cheer him as beneficial Jupiter sashayed over the highest point in his chart. How refreshing to see someone who could be considered an underdog getting his due, even at this late hour!  Bernie has been political since the 70’s at least, working his way from mayor to Congressman to Senator throughout his years.  With his Mars/Moon conjunct in Aries, he is a fiery opponent for anyone—and always has been.  The man has passion and leadership in his soul.

His North Node, also with his Sun and Neptune on the solar ascendant, are in the service oriented sign of Virgo.  Virgos are analysts, Know it alls, and Mr./Ms. Fixits of the zodiac.  Bernie has always been all of those things.  He has Jupiter in Gemini at his solar Midheaven, which would give him great gifts as a speaker and creator, and, in addition, make him capable of straddling political borders, which he has done. This past year, he had Jupiter rolling over his true Midheaven putting him strongly in the spotlight. That same positive planet, Jupiter, recently illuminated his Virgo Sun and is about to hit his destiny point, the North Node, on August 4.  This is good news for Bernie, and what it means for Bernie fans is…it ain’t over til it’s over!

And, FYI, there is a secret that will come out around the 25th of August.  In astrological terms, lucky Jupiter hitting Bernie’s foggy Neptune (the veil) in aspect to unexpected Uranus (on Bernie’sMars/Moon)—that is a configuration akin to winning the lottery.  In fact, I can see that someone who likes him will be having a chat with him, and this will be followed by that person asking him to come into a partnership on the last day of August.  The last day of August also begins a Mercury retrograde period in his sign of Virgo, so he either has to keep quiet about this—or—the partner won’t be telling him the whole story.  I trust Bernie’s experience; he won’t be fooled.  But I remind Bernie fans, Bernie is not down OR out. We may not find out what the partnership deal is until September 21st, when Mercury goes direct.  We may not hear of the partnership agreement until October 7 when Mercury goes forward into Libra.

 This is only the beginning.  Bernie knows how long these things take.  Bernie fans should heed what he says and get in on the ground floor and get elected to change things.  When you go in on the ground level and work your way up, you’ll know how things work from bottom to top and will be better able to change things.  You can keep your idealism close.  Bernie has! (I have! Once a hippie, still a hippie!)  Nevertheless, this election still has plenty of surprises that will change Bernie’s life and then hopefully, all of our lives—in a good way, cross your fingers!  (more about that in a few days)

But Bernie waits for no man and no astrologer.  He has been persistent and consistent in attaining his goals, without the use of a super-PAC.  This is an amazing person to stand up in the face of a huge machine and speak as a “little guy” on behalf of the little guy.  But we know how HUGE he really is—a SUPER-SOUL.  He has Mercury in Libra and so knows how to negotiate when necessary.  He can work both sides of the fence, if need be, without giving in to his principles.  He is a Virgo, after all, super-logician.

Although Jupiter squares all his Virgo stuff, making his climb difficult, his progressed planets show Jupiter and Venus in Leo approaching his progressed solar Midheaven.  This is giving him the golden and lovable leader status that he is enjoying and will continue to enjoy throughout the campaign season and beyond. With transiting Jupiter and Mars at his solar Midheaven in his natal Virgo in October, Bernie is going to be a star this year, no doubt.  He might have a verbal flub in early October but will be forgiven—Mercury will be retrograde, after all, so nothing goes well for anybody then, and Mercury hitting his progressed Neptune may give him a “senior moment”.  Like I said, he will be forgiven.  Saturn in Scorpio has been on his progressed Sun, giving a “fated” aspect to his rise.  As Saturn gives way to Sagittarius, that may change, but can certainly help him stay on the road to spread his word.

My main concern for Bernie is his health—stress, lack of sleep, and agitation.  In some cases, there may be an issue with something akin to Parkinson’s or migraines.  He may have some health issues, due to pushing himself too hard.  I am concerned that he won’t be getting any sleep until after the 2017 inauguration.  Clearly, Bernie is going to fight –and fight hard--until the very end, and I am going to say that he does have positive aspects and is going to get a lot of attention--not only through the election but on through inauguration day AND BEYOND!   When I see Hillary crying, Bernie isn’t.   How impressive that someone, without the use of the machine or big money—and especially someone so progressive—will still be firing on all cylinders throughout. Bernie keeps on stepping and may get himself a very good position for the future.  Bernie does have a strong constitution, obviously.  He has Pluto and Chiron conjunct in Leo in the 11th, which not only makes him a “healer” for the people, but also strengthens his leadership qualities.  But anyone who has heard Bernie knows that Chris Christie ain’t got nothin’ on him.  Bernie can be as rude and dominant as Chris Christie in certain matters, especially those dealing with Israel.  Protestors at his events have evoked some rather unpleasant responses from the candidate.

Bernie has Saturn in Taurus in the solar 9th house—an indicator of a strong work ethic of the kind the older generations admire and in the 7th house of partnerships and marriage, traditional and steady.  Bernie has had to “put the pedal to the metal”, because his life has seen quite a bit of change and upheaval, and he has had to control himself, his beliefs, and his path despite disruptions.

This was written last summer 2015: “Bernie will have a very active fall this year and will climb in the polls and garner more and more attention.  He may make a money deal with someone in December that will not only be fated but will aid him even more.  In the summer of 2016, people will be trying to shut him up.  Can you wonder why?  For an old guy, he captivates progressive Democrats and young people and folks who liked Ron Paul.” Here are his Fixed stars: Spica, the potential for brilliance.  Bellatrix, success through the shadow.  Alcyone, mystical but judgmental.  Mirfak, challenge-oriented.  Hamal, to follow one’s own path.  Yes, that sounds like Bernie. Other important stars rising in his chart: Fomalhaut, success through noble ideals. Alphecca, fruitfulness.  Ruhkbat, steadiness and strength. Achernar, risk of rapid endings. Menkar, victim of the unconscious.  Deneb Adige, strong will, strong temper. (A good friend said, “Never under-estimate Bernard.”) Sualocin, tantalizing but naïve.  Mirach, in harmony to be receptive.  Phact, to quest adventure.  (These fixed star meanings come from the astrology program, Solar Fire.  All credit is due.)  All that sounds like Bernie.

During the Democratic Convention, Bernie will be a star.  (Again, I wrote this last year.) Critical, but a star.  It’s meant to be.  Do I think people will try to shut him up?  Yes, I do.  And that is my main worry—that someone from the machine will think, “we have to get rid of this guy.”  That will not keep him from being beloved, I am going to tell you that.  Truthfully, I am concerned about lack of sleep, stress, overwork, etc. but I do think he will get threats.  That worries me, but I worried about Obama too.  (Note how hard the DNC had to work to ensure he did not win the nomination!)

On Election Day, the ascendant of election day will be on his Jupiter in Gemini at his solar Midheaven.  That is really good!  Great, in fact!  He has a powerful partner at that time.  The transiting North Node (destiny) will be at his natal Midheaven and is in orb to his Sun. Great signs!  I do think he will be confused and feeling the pain, but I am telling you that in his own way, Bernie cannot lose.  He may not be the next president of the United States, but he still wins.  I hope he will see that. I hope his fans will see that.  He will have accomplished his goals, to wake up the people.  He will have a beloved place in history.  On inauguration day, Bernie will speak from the heart, as he always does.  He will part from his money partner.  He will still be on the road a little while longer, because the world is his home.  He is a person who sees us all as living in the Oneness, after all.  Bernie will finally retire in 2018.  He will still have health issues, because he will never slow down.  The man is on fire, and his body will show the results of that.  But I am going to tell you, astrologically, whatever happens, Bernie Sanders wins!  This is the best chart I have seen out of all the candidates’ charts, yet.  Sock it to ‘em, Bernie!

I hope none of you give up.  Bernie still has surprises for us.  He knows what it takes to fight the system, and sometimes you have to start from the inside, find out its secrets, and then instigate the change from there.  Let’s live up to the name we have assumed for ourselves, progressive.  Do the man proud.  He deserves that.

P.S. I always said the DNC wouldn’t let him win, and they didn’t.  But that doesn’t mean that he didn’t, in his own way, or that we won’t!  Onward & upward!

Birdie wins!

Having a sparrow as a totem animal gives one steadiness, strength, and persistence.  Although small, the reminder is that this common bird (or “common man”—or woman) should not be overlooked.  With persistence, a sense of self-worth, and integrity, even the small can make big things happen.  Sparrow power reflects kindliness, simplicity, community, and the importance of caring for others, no matter how small.  We do not need to be big to make ourselves heard, especially when we come together.  The sparrow was once a symbol for peasants and the lower classes and also was the pet bird of the Venus, goddess of Love.

Remember, too, that the sparrow is a songbird; don’t be afraid to sing out who you are!  Make yourself heard!  No wonder the sparrow came to visit Bernie in a crowd of thousands.  No fear!  Amazing!