January 2019-2020

A partnership will change your life.  This is a commitment for love or money that may take you to far distances or bring a foreigner to you, but the end result is settling in for a more traditional lifestyle, and this one will be different.  Cancer is already fairly traditional, but this one will turn your head—and life—around.  Are you ready?  You career is upended and will offer constant adventure, but your home life will bring balance and partnership, which Cancer likes a whole bunch!  You win the prize for luck and adventure this time!

​In love...Crabs have a definite partner change which begins as joy and dreams and roses and then gets real and in your face.  Not saying it’s a bad thing, just saying karma and karmic relationships aren’t the running-in-the-fields slow motion movies we’re used to seeing.  With Saturn involved, these are karmic bindings, and sometimes handcuffs are uncomfortable.  The ideal becomes real, at any rate, and if a true karmic match has been made, the connection will change everything and be long-lasting.

October 2016-January2017

Crabs have been working hard to change their partnerships, both on the home front and at work.  At home, they have been trying to expand the family, work on the home, fix things up, get things squared away, and maybe even prepare for a move by this time next year.  Business and personal partnerships have been hard, but Crabs are practical.  They take one (side) step at a time, trying to make things work from a very level headed perspective.  If things have gotten dramatic lately—or, if on the other hand, one partner has felt like energy is flat or unable to budge, keep pushing onward: things will get better.  Halloween weekend is going to be significant for many people. Go on a trip or go to parties or even work if you must: a soul mate will come to connect with you wherever you are.  In the case of the Crabs, this is either at work or connected with whatever project you are working on.  The person may be a foreigner or from far away.  Have a good heart to heart with lovers or kids that weekend.  Everybody has some secrets.  Do you want to share?  It’s a bit intense but meant to be.  One thing that is going to get better by Election Day is money.  Even though Crabs like monetary security, their money often comes in spurts, ebb and flow, now and again, and that will continue, but at least with a lot more activity than before.  This is an active time for monetary efforts now, and partners may be behaving better and indeed even helping.  They may still have a detached, hands-off approach, but that doesn’t mean you can’t succeed that way. Your spiritual life has come to dominate your life, mostly in a good way.  You may have even experienced spiritual healing.  If, on the other hand, you are hurting and feeling confused, no philosophical jabber or logic is going to help you.  If you’re confused, put aside your confusion, and turn to faith.  If you don’t know what faith is, it’s a handing over to the powers that be, and knowing everything is going to be all right.  For those who are feeling less than empowered, either by partners or by health issues, your faith becomes MORE important, not less.  Hand it over; know that everything is perfect just as it is.  If you need to depart for a partnership, so be it, but I think the practical thing to do would be to stay and try to work things out, at this point.  If there are still troubles next year, make the departure.  Crabs are long-loving folks anyway.  You probably want to work it out.  Divorce or separation is not something Crabs like.  Those little crab claws like to HOLD ON—to people, to money, to resources.   Loved ones depart after the first week of November, and Crabs may be feeling disrupted, disturbed, and vulnerable. (Won’t we all?!)  But work and career, even in the chaos, will take hold and drive you at that time, and that’s a good thing.  Nothing better than to get to the task at hand for a persistent Cancer Crab.   Just before Thanksgiving, you may get a call to teach or be offered a trip.  You may feel very focused and even pressured to do some serious communicating.  Loved ones, including partners, come and go quickly for Thanksgiving, and Turkey Day may be disruptive for many.  In fact, certain discussions could cause a break up, so be careful!  I always believe argument is a way of hearing truth.  Then at least you know what you are dealing with.  It’s the silent ones who never let you know what they think or feel that are the ones to worry about!  Oops!  Get to work in December, and you may even get a trip, but probably it will be work related.   Just before Christmas, a partner stops communicating with you.  Uh-oh, you may spend Christmas mad and wondering what’s up.  Crabs need to go all in on group or community or religious activities at Christmastime to feel the joy and holiness of the season.  If you do, this could be an especially inspiring holiday.  If not, you may feel lost and bitter.  This is a time to join with others.  As January arrives, Crabs who have participated in spiritual activities with others will feel swept away by the love and good vibrations.  Those that didn’t may find themselves nursing a hangover in a strange place, totally dazed and confused.  Pick one!  Your choice, Crabs!       

July 4-October 3, 2016

Cancer may start off July with romantic fireworks!  Either that, or long lost loved ones or family turn up to throw a few sparklers (or “bombs”) your way.  Are you ready?  Even though some of the communication is painful and dicey—even though sometimes you won’t know what to say—and even though it’s possible that someone isn’t telling the whole truth, this is your opportunity to have more intimacy in your dealings with beloveds of all kinds.  If a child or a boyfriend/girlfriend (or creative project) has re-surfaced from underneath the radar—or woodwork—from back in 2014, 2013, & last part of 2012, you are going to have to deal with the deep doo-doo and clean it up. That’s what this summer is about.  Everything may have been hidden away since tax time, but now the termites/snakes/rats—whatever you want to call them—emerge.  Not all are bad, but they will certainly stir the emotional pot, and you may want to keep a lid on it.  Too late!  If someone’s promising to go to school—or makes other promises of buckling down—(a Gemini? ;) take that with a grain of salt.  This person can’t hold down a job, and promises are dreams—kind of like hope.  Cancer, you need to give a reality check—to yourself and to the boyfriend/girlfriend/child/wheeler-dealer coming in.  Just warnin’ ya, you know what I mean, and you probably know exactly who I am talking about.  In August, they may be showing themselves loyal and generous, because you are, but I am telling you, get a contract signed with this m-f-er, you know what I mean?  Yes, you do!  Don’t be taken advantage of, just because you know how to love.  Be sure they are going to ask for money, and if they do, you make them work their ass off for it, okay?  Have them clean the house, or re-build it, for all I care—just get it in writing—in blood, and promise them that if they don’t fulfill the contract, you will be seeing them in small claims court in October/November.  Wow, I know this sounds so hard, but you know how you can be in love, and you can be a responsible parent and friend by teaching others to be true to their responsibilities.  If you don’t, someone else will, and there’s no need for you to penny-pinch because of others.  The truth is you may be having to spend some money on the home front anyway.  It has needed a handyman touch for a while, and now is the time to do it. Better to spend your money on your house and if your no-count relative/boyfriend is willing to actually DO IT for cheaper, why not?  But stay on the case!  Look at everything!  Be a perfectionist!  Leave no stone unturned!  Get any contracts signed before August 30th.  Beloveds want to move in by September, and love relationships start off well enough, but I question whether it will last.  Are you going to break it up, or are they?  Whatever, they may ask for money to leave, because otherwise they can’t.  You’ll have to decide if the trade off is worth it in order to be free of the situation.  Also, be careful, because sometimes Jupiter in the 4th house of house & family can reflect someone in the home getting pregnant, so beware, if you don’t want a “larger household”.  If you do, then, congratulations!  Good thing you used your handyman hire to prepare for a nursery!  Maybe!  Romances will be sexy, and children may be sneaky in October.  Keep your eyes open.  You may have to pay for what you started in March, and 6 months from now, you reap the results of your September decisions, so since Mercury is retrograde from August 30-September 21, you better review every contract and communication with a fine tooth comb or you may have a spring surprise!

January-July 4, 2016          

Cancer has been going through changes; especially, mid-Cancers have been having shake-ups and setbacks.  Here again, Crabs are thinking about commitment—could be love, could be business, could be signing on the dotted line with a company or for a property far far away.  Here again, expect delays in January with no practical headway to be made until after January 26.  The things that need to be fixed are small but necessary; they will not harm the project.  The delays are, in fact, to improve the project.   You have been finding the process more challenging than in the past, but this is to help you heal and grow in how you communicate and how you express what you believe.  You can fine- tune philosophies and spiritual endeavors. You may have some nasty stuff appear in mid-January having to do with kids who have either been away, been hidden, or who have had secrets.  There could also be secret love affairs, sexy flings that will not go well come tax time, so beware!  If you reacquaint yourself with a child, then that is what will cause problems from tax time to end of June.  Kids/flings are similar in nature—vindictive, bitter, brimming with suppressed feelings.  Watch out!!!!  I hope you are not “flinging” with someone at work, because, if so, this could cause deeper problems which you will be called on the carpet for in February.  I don’t think it will be a Happy Val’s Day, let’s just say.  There may be money or other practical discussions to be had, and one person cuts off the communication.  There is definitely a rift of some kind.  This is meant to cause stubborn, closed Crabs to negotiate a little and learn how to give and take.  But we know you, Crabs—no confrontations—Crabs run sideways, not head on, so that can be extremely frustrating to friends, loved ones, business partners, co-workers.  Jeez.  Detachment follows.  Oh, well. Crabs would do well to devote themselves to spiritual endeavors, schooling, study, exploring their belief systems and practicing intuition in March.  If you don’t know what to do, meditate.  Why?  Because meditation increases your intuition, and your gut (not your head) will then tell you what to do and if everything is going to be all right—or whether to RUN!  A loved one will suddenly help you in your career in late April.  Have a discussion with a longtime, practical, solid friend about everything.  They will give you good advice. Once your birthday rolls around, you’ll either be in love or back with a long term family member or friend.  What could be better than sweet nostalgia?

TO SUM IT UP: Crabs are shy but protective, non-confrontational but nurturing.  They are most well known for their stick-to-it-iveness and their utter dislike for change.  They are geared towards home and family, and their undying love can become almost smothering.  They are compassionate caretakers and creative individuals, and they just love anything about the past: history, photos, movies.  They are like M & M's, hard on the outside, meltingly soft on the inside.

KEY PHRASES:  I feel.  I love.  I remember.  I hold on.  I avoid confrontation. I nurture.

Positives: Loving, nurturing, family-oriented, huggable

Negatives: Smothering, sensitive, not inclined to change, clingy, moody

Quote:"I tend to live in the past because most of my life is there."-- Herb Caen

Planetary ruler: Moon

Cancer the Crab

(June 21 to July 20) 

The glyph looks like a stylized “69”, flipped on its side—or big, round crab claws.  
Cancer the Crab is an interesting archetype, for sure.  Like a crab, he’s hard on the outside, soft on the inside.  For that reason, when you first meet the Crab, he or she may seem tough or cool, like they have a wall up.  Then you get to know them, and they are mush inside.  I say they are like M & M’s—they melt in your mouth—or like a marshmallow pie—crusty on the outside but soft and gooey on the inside.  They are teddy bears, not crabs, really.  They are nurturing, and this sign is known as the Mommy side of the zodiac.  They know how to love—forever.  There are persistent: the crab claws are known to hang on and never let go—of love or anything else.  You can break up with a Crab and go off and get married, and they will still call you.   They are overly sentimental and have a long memory, but not for grudges.  They like to think of the “good old days”, look at old photos, collect things that have good memories attached, and they like the water—beach, lake, or pool.
One other thing about the Crab: they have secrets, and they will sidestep issues, rather than dealing with them head on.  Crabs run sideways.  Remember—they can seem stubborn, but that is just the crab claws hanging on.  For the most part, they hang on even as everything flows around them.  They are like a boat, the only thing that is sturdy in the water!  But they can move!  They don’t like change, but they will find a way to hang on throughout the changing of the winds and waters!  They are here for family, and that is why they are steadfast.  They believe in the concept that “Home is where the Heart is”.

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