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January 2019-2020

Well, the world is your oyster, Sea-Goat.  Since you are disciplined and sensible-headed, this set of aspects will be just up your alley.  Apply yourself in your typical way, and your life will change, 100%.  But don’t let Saturn on your Sun get you down, which it can sometimes do.  Let it spur you on to focus more and get everything ordered and orderly for The Big Change.  If you do get the blues, put your nose to the grindstone and count down how long it will take for Saturn to get off your Sun.  Keep a running total on your calendar, so you can cross off the days and see your load being gradually lightened.  I’m not saying change will be easy—not even for you, normally so comfy with Saturnine energies.  When you feel blue, put aside your stubbornness and phone a friend.  Once Saturn gets off your Sun, you’ll feel lighter, and you’ll be able to survey and assess the work you have done to transform your life into something better.   You deserve it!  (For some of you, marriage or some other karmic relationship/situation is in the cards.)

In love...A new love from around the world—or simply from a different culture—comes into your life in January and puts you in a new lockstep.  Many Caps will be making a commitment, and astrology doesn’t care whether it’s getting married, moving in, getting engaged, signing a contract, or settling down.  The Saturn bonds are strong.  Whatever the decision or commitment, the effects will be life-changing.  If you find yourself a stranger in a strange land, not to worry, you’ll get used to it, and then every day will bring surprises.  Enjoy!

October 2016-January 2017

Sea-Goats have been enduring the slowest of personal transformations over the last decade, which was activated and sped up in recent months.  This either has intensified the change or has made you feel completely disempowered—and Capricorn being about worth—maybe you’ve felt worthless.  Time to regain your power in the last week of October and get focused on money.  Your finances are going to be activated for the rest of the year, and you may see them ebb and flow, but be happy!  At least, there are things popping.  Loved ones may not like your detachment, but you gotta do what you gotta do, especially in view of what’s gone on recently.  About every two years, you go through this feeling of disempowerment—are you changing jobs every two years?  Or is someone just doing a take-down on you.  When folks do that, get up and get going, and you can make a comeback.  You may have to do several jobs to make your finances what you want, and those paychecks may vary, but if you’re careful, you can still do well.  Communications and healing has been foggy over the past decade too, but if you have paid attention, you may have received some highly spiritual messages and healings.  Are you listening?  Also, do you have a secret soul mate? Or an exotic (foreign-born) lover?  There is certainly someone close to you over Halloween who cares for you.  You do have folks asking you to social events in the coming month, but I am not sure if you just want to hide out or if you want to keep it a secret or what’s going on.  Scorpionic conversations involve secrets, ghosts, conspiracies, sex, investigations, and other deep and mysterious topics.  This would certainly be fun for Halloween, especially if you get emotionally involved.  I’m just wondering if there is a strong and fateful love connection coming your way that you need to hide.  Enjoy it while you can, because your “friend” will be going off into the wild blue yonder in November, so be ready for that!  I guess you can always Skype. The further we go into November, the further away the beloved gets, and that’s fine, really, because you need to get back to work!!!   You do have new partnerships bursting out for your career!  I hope you took advantage of the opportunities offered to you earlier in October.  You will be going great guns in the area of career for the next year, at least, making new deals and connections, all to your benefit.  That’s a good thing, because home needs some work, for sure.  You either may not be home much, or you will have to face things at home needing to be fixed.  Certainly, work and money needs may turn you into a kind of hermit while you expand your business in November and December.  You are lucky that the holidays do not end your career activities and networking.  Shortly before Thanksgiving, there is a behind the scenes call or email from someone asking for a commitment, maybe an invitation, maybe waiting you to travel—or maybe they want to see you for Thanksgiving.  Sure enough, the person comes and goes quickly.  This person is of primary importance in your life, but arguments ensue, so the departure is quick and hasty.  This is because emotions are expressed that cause the disruption.  You may be biting your tongue.  Yeah, that might be a good thing! You will have made that person mad and rebellious, but you at least can get back to normal and keep on truckin’ within the week.  But do know that this person will be confused and upset about what happened.  You are detached.  You don’t want to hear it.  Save the make-up for another day.  You are already saying, “Next!” and getting back to work.  You will find to forgive is difficult, even though that is, in the end, what you must do.  Focus on the spiritual.  Focus on healing.  Everyone deserves forgiveness, even you!  The first week of December (D-Day) still shows you upset but work-focused. Your beloved or loved one detaches, and that’s best for everyone.  No need to dwell on bad feelings through the holidays.  If you cut off communications with someone by December 12, well, so be it.  Come December 19, you may still be mad, but you will be softening as the goal will be to heal, and you are finally willing to go some spiritual work or prayer or forgiveness.  You’re at least will to try to do so and maybe to reach out again.  Taking action to communicate a spiritual message would be very healing for you.  Spend the holiday spreading the Word and take action to show love and charity for the remainder of the year.  New Year’s Eve will find you feeling good and willing to chat.  You’ll be feeling very charitable, expansive, grateful, and good.  Make sure that of you go out, you take a cab or have a designated driver.  Either that, or go to church! (Or wherever your religious group meets!) Not everybody likes to get drunk at New Years!  But the New Year is symbolic of hope!  After all you’ve been through, you deserve a message of peace and hope and love.  So if your feisty beloved shows up a few days later, you’ll be primed to have a better heart to heart and start the year right—on a good foot.  Good for you!

July 4-October 3, 2016

​​Goats have been going through slow and fundamental life changes for more than 5 years.  It’s slow-going, a process.  Happy times do still happen, and love relationships and partnerships are just one of the good things happening to Capricorns.  If you haven’t told that special someone how you feel, now’s the time!  It’s possible that old loves have re-entered your life.  These beloveds and partners who think lots of you will offer money deals in August.  Do you want to mix money and love?  Think carefully on that one, but if a loved one leaves you money in their will, well, that’s okay, but do consider the generosity of others in business very carefully before signing on any dotted line.  And if you decide to go ahead and sign, don’t do it after August 30: wait until after September 21!  I mean it!!!  Goats are discovering new spiritual and philosophical horizons.  You are connecting the dots, and everything is making sense to you now.  Review and research again in September, however, because people may be feeding you false information during the Mercury retrograde period of August 30-September 21.  Look out for misinformation, propaganda, and even, in some cases, outright lies and falsifications.  Don’t believe everything you hear, especially from loved ones!  I am not saying they mean to trick you; I don’t!  I mean, they may be misinformed or misled as well.  So, just be careful!  This may affect you in October when you are offered a raise, promotion, or new job.  You could use a new gig!  Hopefully, your new philosophical and spiritual outlook helps you!  You’ll certainly have some good partnerships in that regard that will.  All that socializing you’ve been doing off and on, revisitation of ideas and people from 2014, 2013, & 2012, has paid off!  You have needed to be a social butterfly.  But as romance kicks in and then the new job, you’ll be too busy to socialize like you have been.  You’ll have a lot of things going on in that smart, complex, pretty little head of yours.  Allow those ideas to percolate, and maybe later, you can put them together, and publish something.  That would be fun, right?  Stay the course, and enjoy your old and new relationships!  You deserve it!

January-July 4, 2016
January may begin with someone departing and asking for a promise.  Don’t make one.  Read all of the above; this isn’t the time.  The first rule is, there are no rules.  The second rule is, all rules are subject to change.  You may feel like things are falling apart in January; they aren’t: it’s just that pesky Mercury retrograde making you re-do everything at the end of the month.  Just when we think we’ve gotten things fixed…nope.  But, not to worry, we will, at the end of the month. Capricorns need to explore new belief systems and patterns of thinking this year, and there may be so many delays and snafus, they’ll have the time to do it.  They need to explore new cultures, new atmospheres.  Being all work and no play is never a good thing anyway, Goats! Sometimes you work so much just to keep yourself from thinking and being stuck in your own mind.  No chance to avoid it this year.  February will have money partners detached and busy.  The March solar eclipse may send siblings or other besties moving on—remember that they are always with you, truly.  Use March to learn how to do intuitive communication with others.  This is a perfect time to practice meditation and other spiritual methods of increasing ESP.  The idea is not so much to know the future, but to know PEACE and gain a sense of safety and security.  Mars going backwards in Scorpio may have you reacquainting with old friends or doing some social things that you used to do but haven’t done in years.  You may not be able to travel, but you can still have fun!  This is a year to go within, think things over, reconsider, and make NEW PLANS, based on different concepts than you have ever used before.  Don’t they say with Capricorns—“old when young, young when old”? Yes.  Time to go back to some carefree childhood thinking and FUN.  You’re not going anywhere, really, for at least the next 6 month anyway!  So, why not?  Play hopscotch, blow bubbles, make angels in the snow, splash in some puddles!  Enjoy!

Capricorn the Goat

(December 21-

January 20) 
The glyph for Capricorn the Goat looks like “RE” but it really is a symbol of an upright letter with a dragon’s tail.  Most of the images connected to Capricorn are of a goat with a dragon’s tail.  They really aren’t scary people, though.  They are practical and interested in making money and are usually willing to work hard in order to accumulate the finer things in life.  Goats are here to learn about value—their own self-worth, the value of money, and the price they need to put on their labors.  Since they usually want a nice car, a nice house, and to retire early, money and working tends to be their focus.  
Capricorn can be a workaholic, and you may hear them complain about it: “…after all I’ve done for you…”  They are the martyrs of the zodiac, but the truth is, they want all those things.  They are looking to have a high reputation, so usually degrees and titles are important to them.  They are impressed by those and want to impress others as well.  Capricorns are traditional and geared to the old-fashioned rut, even though they are built to be good solid leaders.
They demonstrate to others: here is how you get your value.  Poor Caps have not learned their own self-worth and so need to start re-evaluating how they let others treat them.  Self-esteem is an important aspect of this as well as a can-do attitude.  It has been said of Capricorn: “old when young, young when old”.   So they sometimes start off life rough, but the plan is to have a happy and lively retirement.  They may have eaten everything to get to the top, but if they stay diligent, they can retire in style.

TO SUM IT UP:  Goats are practical to the extreme.  They will therefore leave no stone unturned for self-promotion for money's sake.  Titles, fancy cars, and material objects are all parts of Capricorn's goals, although the truth is that they can be frugal--and even downright cheap, when necessary.  They are martyrs who often do alot for others and make sure others know how heavy is their burden.  However, if you need a dependable, hard-working, and loyal partner, there can be no better than the Goat.

KEY PHRASES: I work.  I am worth it.  I work.  I am worth it. I work. I am worth  it. I deserve the best. 

Positives: Reliable, diligent, acquisitive, responsible

Negatives: Complaining, martyric, money-absorbed, bound by guilt, chinzy

Quote:"Woe is me!"

Planetary Ruler: Saturn