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A compilation of 12 books, one on each zodiacal sign, the author discusses the challenging traits of Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces.  Tips are included for dealing with inherent pitfalls of each zodiac sign, so that weaknesses can be turned into strengths.  This book also can help friends and family to comprehend their loved ones more easily and is meant to be a tool for both confirmation and understanding of the people with that zodiac sign. 

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January 2019-2020 Overview

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January starts with that pile-up of planets in nebulous, sometimes confused Pisces.  The fact that Mars, the planet of action is there indicates actions are being taken “behind the veil”.  Thus, there are actions occurring behind closed doors, some good, some bad.  The last week of December, there was an influx of solar energy wafting over us, and that does affect us.  We may have to wait till month’s end to find out how we’ll truly receive those energies, and we may experience some confusion through late March, but at least we will get some news when Mercury gets out of its retrograde January 8th. 

Pandora ’s Box opened in the first few days of the year, and here we go—transformation is coming, along with winter, this is emphasized as the Sun meets Pluto, squaring a Jupiter/Uranus opposition that tests us to break up old relationships and suddenly begin new ones.  Saturn connecting with retro Mercury still shows communications being not only disrupted, but there are attempts to control the truth.  The ability to control the narrative is swiftly being lost, and once Merc decides to bolt towards the sign of Aquarius, we will begin to hear intermittent truths.  My advice?  Use your gut.  Listen with your heart and gut for the truth.  Lies and conspiracies are nothing but lies and conspiracy themselves; if you believe in them, you succumb to the glamour that the controllers want you to believe.  Why?  It disrupts you on your quest to evolve as a soul, to get bogged down in quests for power, hubris, and money as well as fame—petty things.  If you are being petty, then you know you aren’t speaking truth but instead are speaking and dealing from ego. 

A Saturn square to Mars and Chiron will cause wide-spread attempts to suppress healing action, and if we refuse to take healing action, the Saturn pressure will cause us to feel empty, unfathomable pain.  I think a lot of folks are wondering what they can do, especially since the confusing and vulnerable  aspects of Pisces are so strong this year.  All the more important, therefore, is that we listen to our guts, look out for the hairs to rise on our arms, as well as to have faith—isn’t that what Pisces is also about?  SEEK KNOWINGNESS, FAITH.  Pisces is the sign of Jesus; Neptune is the spiritual planet; Chiron is an indicator that we must heal our pain.  Pisces is not a strong sign necessarily, except in these 2 ways: spirituality and creativity.  Creativity is the more active side of Pisces, so we are being tested to create change rather than be weak victims of our environment.  Create your dream in your head; then bring that into your life one action at a time.  Know that Spirit can never be destroyed, even if the body is.  Time to buck up, folks, but this spring may represent our dark night of the soul—not because it’s so bad, but rather because many will feel lost, hopeless, squished.  Know that your Spirit does not die, and that should give you strength and confidence, and really, a surge of POWER to know you are infinite and growing in empowerment and knowledge and ability at all times, to know that your soul is unquenchable.  Jesus said, “I am the open door which no man can shut.”  That is YOU, too.

January 17 shows some unknown painful actions or events…then comes Inauguration Day, January 20.

As the inauguration begins, Zeus will be on the most important place in the chart, the Ascendant, in Libra, conjunct Jupiter in Libra, which indicates new relationships and new partnerships, opposing that Uranus/Eris duo that has been so challenging in 2016.  The dynamic duo, known for explosive and unexpected change, impulsiveness and independent action, will again gain power, especially towards the end of February.  No wonder there have been so many terrorist acts by individuals wishing to disrupt.  Look for a more active February and March in this regard.    We will revisit the unfortunate events from late September & October 2016  in an even stronger way, because Mars, god of war & action, will activate the explosiveness and suddenness of the Wonder twins.  Both represent “every man & woman for him/her self.”  This combo hits on the USA’s pain point in Aries, and remember, Aries is about independence, so that will be the motivator.  Since Uranus is involved, and Uranus is on America’s Ascendant, I somewhat expect an “American Spring”.  Remember “Arab Spring”?  The spirit of revolution is strong in 2017, a “one” year, which also makes it a “me” year, a year of new beginnings and independence, striking out on one’s own.  Let’s see what these volatile planets bring with them…

Let me get a little more personal and less worldly with these planets.  We will survive the inauguration, as people get practical, discussing what they can do.  Mercury moving forward in Capricorn can help us put into action the things that either got hung up by the retrograde or the holidays.  Over the Aquarian New Moon late in January, folks will feel detached and may even stop talking to one another for a couple of days.  There may be some arguments about how to proceed, but by the 28th,  people are taking actions of their own as Mars goes happily into its own sign of Aries.  Once again, a few planets will begin to join together in Pisces, closer to the normal Pisces time, February & March.  By February 3, loved ones are on board with your ideas, but things begin to get rough the end of February.  Loved ones are kinda with you, but trouble is in paradise, so get ready.

One rare thing that is happy this prelude to Spring is that all the planets will be moving forward from January 8 to February 5.  Most people will say, “I thought they are moving forward all the time,” but at least those who have Mercury Retrograde awareness know that isn’t true.  Mercury goes backwards—or at least looks like he is—doing a little loop de loop in the sky—about 3 times a year.  Jupiter and Saturn, larger planets, do so at least once a year.  Venus and Mars do their do-ce-do about once every two years—Venus’ retro having a shorter cycle—and Mars longer.  So when ALL planets go forward, the experience is somewhat unusual and allows those planets their full energetic force.  Think of it as unhindered power.  Since this is happening for the most part in January, and many of the planets are in Capricorn (old guard, tradition, practicality), Aquarius (new thought & action, revolution), Pisces (love, creativity, vulnerability, spirituality) and Aries in February (war, fighting, ACTION), you can see the graduated evolution into more active energy, perhaps based on ideals and vision. 

February will have challenged as Venus and Mars get together—a love/hate relationship, where those energies mix and mingle in Aries, impulsive, dynamic, idealistic, and forward-moving.  Obviously, Venus is a gentler energy that will be activated by the Aries sign, and Mars will feel happy and empowered in its own “home base”.  They are crawling up on the crazy duo of Uranus and Eris, two interruptive energies in combative, impulsive Aries.  As the lovebirds come up closer to the Mayhem Twins, you can expect that there will be trouble in paradise.  Or, you can think of it as though, “Everything started off so well but then everything went south.”  Really, the Mayhem Twins will be throwing wrenches, bolts, anything into the works to screw things up.  Why is that?  I always ask those questions.  WHY WOULD THAT HAPPEN?  The answer is, maybe right now we’re not ready for things to go smoothly—or maybe THE ENERGIES AROUND US are not ready.  Or maybe, we just have to face challenges to see if this is what we really want.  I expect folks to get together—we ARE on that new thirteen year relationship cycle, after all—and then the squabbles will begin.  You know, sometimes you have to make adjustments, throw out what you don’t want, recognize who or what is NOT good for your cause, and do some heavy weeding—or maybe complete overhaul and re-build.  Get it?  

Creative energy will be high but hard to maintain over time.  Folks could be a bit detached or self-absorbed.  (“I want what I want, now.”  Doesn’t work that way, folks.  No drive up window.)  Suppression of communication, pain, and secrets continue as in December and January.  How to handle?  Discipline yourself to heal yourself, to communicate without getting emotionally involved, LET GO.  Share and educate, then LET GO.  You don’t have to convince the world of your view, but I can bet people are going to fight over that very issue.  They already are!!!  Tough days: February 22-28, for sure, as Mars begins to do some power punching to explosive Uranus & Eris.  You may find me hiding my head, blocking my ears, and going MIA at that time.  Really, I’ll be home sending prayers to the world.   February 26 & 27 may be rough, especially for late Aries or Libra—but mostly Aries…then, to a lesser extent, Capricorn and Cancer, some late Scorpios & Virgos.   We’ll end up with a line of planets again in softy Pisces, so my reaction to pray is good.  March 10-12 has a multiple borderline earth/fire trine using the Moon and the North Node in Virgo which culminates in the March Full Moon in Virgo, called the Full Worm Moon, when robins begin to appear as the ground softens enough for worms to begin to resurface, a prelude to Spring.  Mars holds the trine in the earth signs  by connecting Mars who will have moved into solid, grounded Taurus, and the North Node in Virgo—service service service.  Nodes indicate what the purpose and focus of life should be—any babies being born now will grow up to be practical children (Pluto in Capricorn) of service (No. Node in Virgo).  Any children born since October 2015 have this life path, an honorable one.

March 4th, Venus goes retrograde in Aries, headed towards dreamy Pisces, a much more suitable sign for the creative and indulgent, emotional planet.  Perhaps she will be tired of battling with her boyfriend!  She returns to her own sign (old-school astrology) on April 3, when she makes an about-face, and goes forward again to charge back into Aries once more and take on the battle again.  By then, Mars will have continued to plow through slow, stable Taurus and by April 17 will enter Gemini for some fun and variety.  So let’s talk about the Venus Retrograde problem.  Usually, when Venus goes retrograde, a beloved shows up, and in this case, being in Aries, the visit will be impulsive, sexy, and strong.  So if a new—or old—loved one suddenly shows up to surprise you right around the beginning of March, get ready for a wild ride.  This may be, in effect, the equivalent of a Richard Burton/Liz Taylor relationship.  If you don’t know what I mean, then read what I said earlier—almost a love/hate relationship, possibly sexy, combative, exciting, sudden, and never boring.  However, the longer it goes, the more irritated y’all are likely to be with one another.  Expect confusion, hurt feelings, doubt, arguments, good make-ups, more battles, more make-ups.  This will be the most bittersweet situation you ever saw.  What I want to remind you is this…that although the entire affair may irritate now and again, the end result may be that you will be glad of it happening, even when it’s over.  So, that’s the other thing…Venus retrogrades bring in something unexpected, where at least part of the time the person acts WONDERFUL, which sucks you in, but by the end…April 15, that person just disappears.  In this case, to add insult to injury, at the end of the retrograde, Mercury is retrograde AGAIN, so you won’t be able to get ahold of the jerk.  My advice?  LET IT GO, LET IT GO… (Sorry if I’ve invoked that song!;)

This person shows up after the difficult events that end February, so we are vulnerable suckers.  The Venus Retro person usually says everything we want to hear at first.  In this case, however, the combo of Mars & Venus being in spicy, fightin’ Aries, you will be attracted but will get MANY clues as to the problematic nature of this relationship.   There’s a painful vulnerable conversation around March 10, which in this case, may be the intimate connection that sucks you in.  Often relationships begin with a spark, and then there is a sudden intimate conversation where the people share true and deep confessions that allow them to decide whether or not to move forward, but truly, the depth of the conversation is usually the hook itself, and you’re off and running!  More challenging conversations ensue close to March 17—may not be good to drink and talk on St. Paddy’s Day! ;)  By March 26, there is a full-out freak-out.  One good thing here is that, at least you hear and see—and give—the truth.  You may feel whipped or defeated afterwards, at least you’re open to feelings.  By first week of April, someone is feeling completely used and abused, weakened, even sad.  As Mercury goes retrograde, moving from everyday Taurus back into impulsive Aries, there may be an attempt to save the situation, but the hurt is still there.  Healing is needed here.  You’re okay, even if you did fall for it.  We’re okay.  We can come back from this.  By the time Venus Retrograde ends, the person will disappear, and really, you won’t be surprised that communication is over, and so, I am saying, don’t feel regret—or even anger.  This kind of thing helps you learn to LOVE YOURSELF FIRST.  If you sense you’re being conned, you probably are.  Don’t beat yourself up—just say no, I won’t do that again.  Another way you could survive it would be to take it in stride, knowing that this will only be a temporary relationship or situation, and so when it ends, it ends.  As a friend of mine once said, “a relationship is successful when it ends.”

Question: Does this have to be expressed as a love relationship?  No, although it often is.  But I have also seen people appear at work and act falsely and then disappear.  I have seen family members appear suddenly asking for money who then disappear afterwards.  So watch where the new person is coming into your life in March.  Also, because Mars is going to end up in practical Taurus during this transit, DO NOT GIVE THIS PERSON MONEY.  I’ll say it again: DO NOT GIVE THIS PERSON MONEY.  Taurus transits are often about resources and money.  If you suddenly have someone flying in and acting wonderful who then, in one of your vulnerable moments, asks for money, tell them you’re broke!  Just say no!  Don’t make the experience even more humiliating by giving the idiot money!  LET THEM GO!!!!  LET IT GO!!!
Just say, lesson learned, now, let’s get on with life!

Often I discuss the ebb and flow of opportunity transits in every year.  This year, we are fine until February 6 when Jupiter, the planet of benefits and opportunity, goes into its EBB phase, retrograde until June 8.  This NOT the best time to look for a new job, move, or start a new project, but I find it is still a good time to get busy, get prepared…think of planting a garden.  Plant a garden for your life, in a metaphorical sense, as Jupiter moves backward in Libra.  Please note how Libra is about relationships and partnerships, so we need to revisit our relationship issues during a time when we are dealing with a Venus Retro.  This is a good time to figure it all out, and then put it to bed, so you can have an exciting year, come summertime.  We’ll have an amazing Leo Solar eclipse in August that all of us in the contiguous United States will be able to experience—powerful leonine energies about learning to love oneself.  Do you see the theme of this year?  Love thyself.  Put the oxygen mask on yourself, save yourself first, then be of service.  That’s the theme.  We have lots of lovely fire trines to help us GET MOVING to make things happen this year, so we will be poked, all right.  I confess, we may see some shocking things on the world stage due to the Eris/Uranus/Mars connection from end of February, punctuated mid-March with a “mop up” in April and May.  But I am convinced that this is a year of motivation and change, and that contrary to what I felt after November’s election, we do have an opportunity to come together as the year unfolds.  Remember, miracles often follow disasters.




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