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Donald Trump: No Way, Jose!

In view of all the chatter lately about Donald Trump’s presidency bid being so wrong but “feeling so right” to many older Republicans, I thought I would look into the man’s chart in detail.  I am therefore jumping on the bandwagon with most late night television hosts who are having such a heyday re:  the absurdity of Donald Trump.  FYI, astrology speaks to Trump’s role as a constant agitator or disrupter—which I will discuss fully in this analysis.  But I’ll begin with the astro-basics…

Trump is a Gemini, a many-faceted character, whose Sun and personality shine in the 11th house: societal and community limelight.  Yes, he was born for the likes of TV, Twitter, and every other media outlet.  Geminis are known for never shutting up, and I would say the Donald proves that astrological point clearly.  However, I would be remiss if I only relied on a Sun sign, and we astrologers know there are hundreds of indicators in a person’s chart that foretells one’s personality and life choices.   Trump’s North node is conjunct his Sun, giving a solid emphasis on his life purpose of learning how to communicate.  Whereas he has done well with his TV shows, in other areas, he is obviously lacking in this regard, and hopefully, he will get a whoppo lesson toward his destiny’s goal.  

Trump also has the erratic Uranus conjunct both the North node and the Sun, all in Gemini.  Uranus is unexpected, erratic, lightning-quick, disruptive.  Being a Gemini, this is then multiplied.  We have a super-whammy here, do you see?  We haven’t even gotten to the narcissism part yet.  You all know about that without the aid of the stars, right?  But I will simply confirm it for you.  Trump’s rising sign is Leo.  The “lovable leader” path is that of the Leo Ascendant, and some folks do love him, as evidenced by the polls and the fact that he’s finally become the Republican nominee, despite all the ribbing.  But when you have a person who is disruptive and can’t stop talking and is focused on always being in front of a microphone spouting off those disruptive ideas, we have a danger zone setting up shop.  Not all Leos are egotistic, but they are here to learn the difference between ego and self-esteem, between being lovable and generous or extravagant and vain, between giving genuine fatherly advice or spouting tyrannical orders and opinions.  This is only the beginning, folks.  I haven’t even begun to scratch the surface.

There are ways in which Trump is decidedly traditional: he is stubborn in the ways in which he communicates (his downfall: bigotry), and he can be committed in marriage—3 times, but still, he has a completely unaspected Saturn/Venus in Cancer, and while the planetary/sign configuration usually leads to commitment, the unaspected part can put him and his “beloved” on an island, for good or for bad.  Let’s just say, I wouldn’t want to be his wife, although Melania is a super-Taurus with a Capricorn Moon and Virgoan Pluto—she had money on the mind from birth, let’s just say.  Trump’s Saturn/Venus in Cancer combination can also lead to inability to accept change, and later, could cause things like diabetes, stomach problems, even cancer, if he refuses to let go of certain ideas. Donald also knows that if he breaks up (with a woman), he loses money.  This shows with Jupiter/Chiron in Libra, the sign of partners, legal issues, and relationships.  So, there is a practical side to his commitment issues.  That configuration reminds him that when he goes astray in the relationship department, he will pay in the money department.   Since that happens in the communication area of the chart, he has learned that contracts and pre-nupts are everything.  Remember, his primary lessons are about COMMUNICATION.

I am going to go back for a second and discuss past lives and some other stuff.  Trump’s South node and Moon are both in Sagittarius. This indicates past lives as an adventurer or traveler, probably of a different race/culture than he is now, and again, more communication issues.  Sages are here to share and spread the word.  Well, he’s done that, and he’s good at that.  He may have spread a particular religious doctrine in those travels in the past.  He may have done well communicating to groups and now needs to take notice of individuals.  I have many times seen North node Geminis be involved in some form of the media, whether it be television, journalism, the arts, radio, books, or other creative endeavors.  With the location of this in the 11th community (and TV) house and the fact that he has had experience as a world traveler and teacher in his past, he has all the resources to complete his communicational tasks.  But has he run off the rails? He has also been a mother disconnected from her children because of those travels and career.  He has some payback to do in this regard, and perhaps that’s why he has made sure his children work with him now.  Sagittarian Moons can be known to be selfish, focused only on their own interests and not looking at or attending to the interests of those they claim to love.  Remember the arrow of the Centaur is pointed OUT and AWAY, and that is where the focus of a Sage Moon is: his or her goals.

His Mars is in Leo, which means he can act the tyrant, and it’s very fitting that the “Celebrity Apprentice” catch-phrase is “You’re fired!” since Mars and Leo are both FIERY!  He gets off on this, but this is not helping his life purpose.  He also has Neptune in Libra in the 2nd house.  He sometimes picks partners based on his gut, and he has been clueless in relationship more than a few times, but I generally think he makes that work for him.  Once again, though, his stubborn way of communicating (Cancerian Merc) is what blindsides him (Libra Neptune) when he least expects it.  This is how he shows himself to be a fool, and he is so narcissistic that he will never see this.  It does not compute.

And more:  His chart is ruled by the Sun—the biggest and brightest of the zodiacal planets—liking that attention.  His Sun is in Gemini with the North node (life purpose) and Uranus (unexpected, disruption, high tech) in Gemini, giving Gemini energy an extra boost—all in the 11th house, home to Uranus and high tech communication and the community, friends, social arena.   Notice, guys, that I have said very little about money, business, gold---because he is here on earth to teach others how to communicate, so first he has to learn how to do so.  He is getting a big lesson now but is too stubborn to see it.  All of the Gemini planets connect in positive aspect to the third house of communications and the Jupiter/Chiron conjunction there in Libra.  Libra is about negotiation, the law, relationships, partners.  Chiron is there, the wounded healer: what you can do for others, you can’t do for yourself.  Also, with Jupiter, this is also a configuration that promises that “breaking up is hard to do”.  Sometimes, it involves lawsuits, as we have seen.  Because he is stubborn about what he says.  Jeez.

Do we see the trend here?  Over and over and over, this goes back to stubborn ego miscommunicating and causing disruption.  So let’s talk about that.  We don’t see business being important in his chart until we really look at underlying asteroids and other factors.  It also has to give cause for pause, because clearly, this person did do something right karmically—since he has a big old Grand Trine—the 6 pointed star that is made of fire and air.  That means some things are made EASY for him, including money and leadership positions.  But before you guffaw your discontent, look closer. First of all, there is an indicator here that Eris the goddess of chaos and Selena The Gift are conjunct in Aries.  Donald’s impulsive “foot in mouth” syndrome is a gift to him—and to us.  Remember his lesson?  To learn how to communicate with the other individual in mind.   There is also a kite configuration that points directly at his unexpected communications.  This is the key to his future and his karmic life-lessons.  SHUT UP.  But he can’t!!!!

There are many other things that are there that I could mention: Saturn in Cancer (stubborn suppressive personality) trying to do damage control with impulsive blockages that he himself has created. (Admetos in Aries) The victim who is not a victim (Sedna in Aries)(A rich CEO a victim??? Please!) reaping headaches, stress, disgust, eventually death.  At the top of his chart, Kronos in Taurus, not just “Father Time”, but an old man “stuck in the mud”, questioning authority and competency of all.  There’s much much more: Zeus on the ascendant—he thinks he is this head honcho god, using controlled and directed energy.  Vulcanus conjunct his Sun, making him fully aware of his visible commercial influence.  Apollon/Cupido in Virgo in the second house: many divided monetary interests, ruled by nitpicking vanity. (Yes, this fits the “Celebrity Apprentice”.)

But here’s the fatal flaw: birth Pluto in difficult aspect to the Midheaven, his career point.  Leonine Plutos are here to learn about exaggerated egos, and in order to learn about exaggerated egos, they will have the ego removed.  In regards to the Midheaven, the high point of the career, in slow building Taurus with Kronos at that point, that means this person’s career and foundations will be rocked.  In other words, what goes up (Trump Tower?) must come down.  Think of it as Trump standing on a big old rug, and it’s getting pulled out from under him, only the person doing the pulling is himself!

Okay, can we predict now, I hear you ask?  Previously, I predicted that no way, Jose, would Trump be elected.

The planet that has been in his favor—and Bernie Sander’s chart too, by the way (a complete different animal!) has been Jupiter.  Jupiter offers expansion and opportunities and has been in Trump’s 1st and 2nd houses in recent years, giving him more prominence and money.  He is about to have a Jupiter return, in fact, in the sign of Libra.  This will give him opportunities to learn negotiation, which he learns through partners of all kinds.  Hmmm…that kind of looks good for him.  Bad news, though, is that Jupiter will run over his Chiron which releases a great deal of pain, for the purpose of healing.  Narcissists like to be in control.  This is an inborn challenge for Zeus, oops, I mean, the Donald.

That same transiting Chiron is currently in Pisces, with Neptune in his house of partnership.  This may enhance his feelings of being a victim—or that the “system was rigged”, if partners have hidden plans.  Transiting Saturn is approaching his Moon, which can cause depression, and as we know, depression comes from suppressed anger, of which Zeus may have a lot, by the time we get to election day.

Good news is, though, the Ascendant at the close of most polls in the East is on his Sun and in the Western zones, shows up on his ascendant.  That’s pretty darn favorable.  However, it’s inauguration day that usually tells the tale.  I couldn’t predict the last election with Obama’s election until I saw what happened on Inauguration day, where Jupiter was prominent on his Midheaven: that told of his success.

In the case of the Donald, Inauguration Day does NOT look good.  Saturn on Moon is depression, transiting Jupiter is separating from his natal Jupiter, and there are a lot of arguments with partners, and birth Jupiter is exactly square Pluto in Cap.  We’ve talked about Pluto and ego…he just doesn’t look happy on that day.

I CAN predict that if he loses, he will run his mouth for the rest of our lives about how he was victimized out of the presidency.  We CAN expect to hear that song and dance out of the Donald forever.  This is The Donald Show.  He IS an entertainer, after all.

However, there are several caveats here: Hillary’s chart looks bad in several ways, and then, to make matters worse, Bill Clinton’s chart looks REALLY bad.  Hill has been undergoing plenty of pain lately, and at first I thought it was her email troubles or a physical ailment yet to be announced, but now I think it’s Bill.  (P.S. Bernie supporters, his chart still looks FABULOUS!)

Back to Trump, though…In horary astrology, there is a way of predicting presidents that has been used for years.  This is called the Dixville Notch effect.  Dixville Notch is a tiny town in New Hampshire, with only a handful of inhabitants.  They open their polls at midnight on election day, and the last census said they have 10 people voting this time.  It’s not so much who they choose, as it is the horary casting of the Election Day chart that predicts very accurately who will win the presidency.

The ruler of the Ascendant represents the encumbent
or the person who belongs to the party of the encumbent, Hillary Clinton.  In this case, the 2016 election’s ruling planet is Mercury, by a hair, over the Sun.  The opposing party is represented by the Descendant, Jupiter/Neptune by a hair—over Saturn/Uranus.  Then look at the placement of the Moon.  If it is applying, that is, going forward to meet the next major aspect to the ruler, the encumbent party wins.  If it is separating in aspect from the ruling planet of the encumbent party, the opposing party wins.

In traditional astrology, therefore, if we go with Mercury as the ruler, Mercury is at 23 degrees Scorpio (which by the way is 2 degrees off Hillary’s birth Mercury, separating) and the transiting Moon is at 20 degrees Aquarius, so, either way, the Moon is APPLYING to the Dixville ruler and to Hillary’s Mercury too.  This indicates Hillary wins.  If we were to use the Sun as the ruler, Hillary would lose, as the Moon would be separating from the ruler the Sun.

Old astrology would have Jupiter be the traditional ruler of Pisces, which is at 12 degrees Libra.  The Moon at 20 degrees Aquarius is separating from this: Trump loses.  However, transiting Jupiter is applying to Trump’s Chiron (pain point) and natal Jupiter, with Dixville Moon applying to the midheaven.  The other interesting thing is that Trump’s Midheaven is exactly the same as Dixville’s Midheaven.  Hmmm…curiouser and curiouser.  And the new ruler being Neptune, the Moon is still separating from last aspect to Neptune.  The Moon at 20 degrees 47 minutes Aquarius will have separated from a conjunction with Trump’s North node at 20 degrees 45 minutes by 2 minutes!!!  In everyday astrology, we would call that a lovely air trine aspect, in the orb to his Jupiter in Libra, making a grand air trine.  But it’s separating!  Now, if the Descendant’s ruler was Saturn or Uranus (remember, all this is a hair’s breadth away) the Moon is separating from Saturn, but applying to Uranus
and that Uranus is in a nice trine to Trump’s Sun, North Node, and Uranus.  He certainly is the Upset-King.  Might he upset the Dixville Notch prediction and WIN the presidency?  We ARE living in the Anti-Universe, after all.

Over all, since the Dixville Notch horary chart has never been wrong, then we have to say we’re calling the race for Hillary by a hair, but ole Donald will come close, oh so close, and he will remind us FOREVER!

Next week, I will investigate Mrs. Clinton’s chart in detail…

Oh, and to be honest, I originally said NO WAY, JOSE
would Trump win, never dreaming that the Republican party would let him get this far.  The machine is pretty controlling, and maybe that’s why I see the Donald getting depressed and angrier as time goes on, but the Republicans did far less to control the situation than the Dems did, for while Bernie has a BEAUTIFUL  chart, and while astrologically, it looks like he could win, I felt the Democratic party would not let him, and indeed, that seems to be what has happened.  (All I’m saying is, like a friend of his says, “Never underestimate Bernard.” )  As for Hillary, even if the Dixville Notch chart portends success for her, the row will be long and hard to hoe from Day One.  None of this is going to be pretty.

Addendum: Anyone notice that Trump has surrounded himself with other Gemini/Leo people like himself? This is more than a crowd; this is a LOUD crowd!  Pence is a triple Gemini with Venus/Mars/Uranus in Leo. Newt is quadruple Gemini with quadruple Leo planets & Saggittarian Moon. Trump is a triple Gemini with Leo rising, Sagittarian Moon.  Christie is a triple Virgo with Sagittarian Moon. Daughter Ivanka is a Scorpio, quadruple Libra, triple Sag with a Sagittarian Moon. Hmmm, Sagittarian Moon seems to be a theme!  It’s indicative of KARMA, in which they must all make amends.  All the Geminis need to learn how to communicate with the people.




D.T. enters the Office of the Presidency  :(

Inauguration Day begins with Zeus on the Ascendant in Libra, and guess who else has Zeus on his natal Ascendant?  Donald Trump!  We have elected the randy, volatile, energetic and forceful Zeus to be president!  Eek!  You know what he does to people with whom he disagrees, don’t you?  All those titanic gods—and he was the head honcho of them—are jealous, envious, narcissistic, vengeful, vindictive and cruel with a volatile temper.  He was also a kidnapper, rapist, petty, overbearing, and he ate his mistresses if he thought they might create a child who could overthrow him…what a metaphor!  On the other hand, he often warned ahead of time those he attacked—not to mess with him.  Then, when they did, well, since he was the most powerful of the titans, say good-bye.  You might be turned into a rock or tree, or if you were really lucky, an animal.  His only match was Hera, his wife and sister, whose temperament was similar to his own, no surprise!  (Makes ya wonder about the parents!)

See what I’m saying?  Eek!  At the Midheaven is Vulcanus, awareness of power and influence—appropriate for Inauguration Day.  There are a lot of planets in the 3rd house of communication on this day that have to do with making deals, refusing to let go of world connections, and feeling controlled in this regard.  There is also a concern for appearances, family dynamics, and issues of family dynamics and unity/disunity.  There will be a focus on Money Money Money Money, just like the song, since Taurus is in the eighth house of partner’s money, and in the second house of resources, the secretive Scorpio—certain dealings will have to be put away or hidden.  Scorpio is also where the Achilles heel of this presidency is—and Scorpio is always sex and buried things—and volatile temperament.  Those are the very things that brought down Scorpionic Hillary, and they could be what causes trouble for D.T.  Trump’s actual Achilles Heel, appropriately enough, is in the sign of Sagittarius—he just is compelled to share with the world how he feels via the internet—or as we know, Twitter.  His Part of Fortune is in Aquarius, which a slew of planets will hit, coming up soon, so he can be happy for that.  He does have the Midas touch for a guy so broke he can’t pay taxes.

By noon,  Selena (the gift) and Sedna (the victim) straddle the Ascendant in Taurus, with the CoAscendant and Admetos (blockages) there, indicating that the filter through which everything should be seen here is MONEY and SACRIFICE.  Whether this is saying Trump is a sacrifice or whether something has been sacrificed for money—there are any number of ways we could read this.   At midnight, the Vertex, or Destiny’s Gate, of Inauguration day is in Taurus, again, the money house, and is connected to the asteroid Sedna, the victim, betrayal, victimization, sacrifice.  By noon, the Vertex goes back to connect with Zeus, but now Sedna is ON THE HORIZON.  Sedna the victim is also known for refusing to become the victim of a father who was trying to force her to marry someone she didn’t want to marry.  She died as a result and ended up immortal and fingerless, her fingers having turned into baby seals, with whom she spent the rest of eternity.  In fact, Sedna is very strongly affected in DT’s chart, and not in a good way, especially near the end of February, when all of us will be having a challenging time with Eris and Uranus, the Mayhem Twins, coming together in late February right on Trump’s victim spot, very close to his Hades, which is the god of the dead.  This indicates a breakdown of something, decay, disgust—the two come together EXACTLY on March 17, St. Paddy’s day, on Trump’s Sedna—not a good sign for him, because Sedna is the victim. Once upon a time, I said that I didn’t think the powers that be would let Trump—or Bernie, for that matter—get the presidential office and that Trump would forever remind us of that fact.  Is it possible that may yet come true?  He is showing in March as a victim.  Will we like him any better when he falls from grace?  Obviously, the powers did keep Bernie from getting anywhere near the top office, but he didn’t give up, either.  Transiting Hades will be at Trump’s other Destiny’s Gate, the anti-vertex, on March 17.  I think we can expect a rough time then, and so can DT.

Trump has both Zeus and the planet Pluto in Leo, another transformation or death indicator on the Ascendant in his birth chart, along with the Equatorial Ascendant, a point of deliberate action.  Leo is obviously the sign of a lovable leader, commonly, but as we know from looking at other Leo leaders, they can also be tyrants, like Mussolini, Napoleon, Chavez, Castro, and even Dick Cheney.  I think the Leonine aspect of his personality in combination with the charming Sagittarian Moon are why his fans are attracted to him.  Even Steve Colbert mentioned his surprise on meeting the guy that he was more engaging than he had expected.  Definitely, this is a person with charisma, and people are very polarized in opinions about him.   He has Kronos at the Midheaven—another head honcho god who not only challenged his father Uranus as authority for head god of the titans but who also lost his throne to his son Zeus—and Kronos’ symbology is about having one’s authority questioned, despite the money (Taurus) that surrounds him.  Transiting Sedna has been hovering there since the election, so no wonder he is being questioned, although his childish behavior is of no help to his cause.  The Libra Point is connecting with Neptune in a financial house, indicating that he may not know with what or whom he’s dealing.  His personal Achilles heel is the sharing of info, can’t keep his mouth shut, but on the Inauguration Day at least, the part of fortune is hovering in partnerships, albeit detached ones.  Definitely, the lineup of planets coming into Aries is going to hit crisis points in his chart, so he will have to deal with revolution as we get into February and March, and he takes everything personally.  Sag Moons can sometimes be selfish, too, no surprise there, and he has been under the pressure of Saturn since summer of last year.  This can cause depression and outbursts.  There will also be issues with women, although I really doubt it will be Melania.  Melania is an earth sign, a super Taurus looking for security through a spouse, which she has accomplished, and the Donald, with Saturn conjunct Venus in Cancer, really does want to be married—he does believe in that, but he is the controller, and Melania is willing to be the controlled—at least, so far!

Remember, Donald’s purpose with a Gemini North Node and Sun Gemini is to learn how to communicate effectively in the world, but his ability to do so is intermittent, as Uranus influences him there and as we have seen to be true.  His past lives were as an itinerant salesman of some kind—possibly a preacher but more likely a wonder cure/tonic salesman.  He gained popularity then too as a public speaker, and he was good at it then as well, but he must have also been a philanderer or at least a sleazy businessman, because he has karma for having broken up relationships and causing pain and disruption of harmony then,too!!!  No surprise.  But let’s be real, somewhere, at some time, he had a partnership broken that hurt HIM, and that began this behavior.  He has his own sad legacy.  We just don’t know it.  His karma this time is 1) to stay married and 2) to transform as a leader—maybe not to be so sleazy.  He is supposed to learn how to communicate in the right away and to detach, not hold on to his selfish feelings, but that is his challenge.  Sag Moons can be selfish, and that is his Achilles heel, no doubt.  Melania has come from very materialistic lifetimes and needs to become a more spiritual person in this lifetime. Her pain is that she doesn’t want to go it alone—she seeks a partner to keep her secure, but at some point, she is going to have to learn to speak out, instead of hiding, not an easy task for the silent type, as we have seen.  However, do not mistake her as weak.  She is also strong and stubborn and can battle with the best of them; she has chosen a controlled existence for now, but will that last?  She and Baron will move next fall, but the experience won’t be pleasant for her, at least at first.

One of the other things influencing Trump’s presidency is a repeat of events similar to what we saw in 2008 due to Pluto in Capricorn and Mercury moving out of retrograde at 28 degrees Sagittarius an antiscion point, which is considered a shadow point, indicative of secrets and back door deals, just like DT likes.  However, if you think about other similarities, we still have Chiron and Neptune in Taurus as we did back then.  We’ve been dealing with the Jupiter in Libra (partnerships grow or break up) opposition to Uranus in Aries (I want it now, for me me me!)—squared by Pluto in Capricorn.  As I’ve said many times elsewhere, the old guard is being phased out, but they won’t go down without a fight, and neither will the people of this ole US of A!  In other words, revolution is in the air, and DT will have to deal with it.  He may be busy doing dirty deals with dirty dealers, but in his life, no one stopped him before.  Now, he will be held accountable by the people.  Just think of what happened in 2008—the market dropped.  A depression followed.  The banks and the auto industry nearly failed.  Should we look for that again? 

2025-2037 look to bring a truer and more volatile revolution, so I hope we have some more grounded, intelligent, and savvy leaders coming by then to help ease us through these challenges better than DT!!!  We entered the Anti-Universe last year, and now we must readjust.  Donald will have to, as well.  This is only the beginning.  I think he thought this would be fun.  Good luck, bro!  I’m honestly worried about what’s going to happen in February and March.  Much as I dislike the guy, I wouldn’t want him to get hurt, and I shudder to think what would happen to the country if something awful did happen.  So, this is a good time to surround the idiot with light and pray for a miracle.  We know he won’t change, but maybe he’ll quit, because it’s too much work!  Even though Pence is horrific too, he has a brain, and there’s nothing worse than an evil brain.  DT is just a child in a cheeto-body.  Okay, Maitreya, now’s the time to step out into the light and save the day!  We need a hero.  I know we have Bernie, but I think we need superpowers now

Make America Kittens again!