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Gemini the Twins

(May 21-June 20)

The glyph looks like the Roman numeral for 2. (II)
The Twins are symbols of siblings, and what do siblings do?  They play and talk and have interaction.  You can usually recognize a Gemini by the fact that they won’t shut up.  Talk talk talk.  And they like to see the rosy side of things, so they may not listen to you if you start talking about reality or the down side of reality.  They enjoy new things, constant stimulation, words, conversation, and stories.  For this reason, they are known to be very creative, although they may leave many things undone, somewhat like an Aries.  They need constant motivation to complete a project.
The twins are charming to most people, because they know how to converse a little bit about everything.  Their demeanor is pleasant, easy-going and out-going.  Because they are so attentive and attractive to others, they can also talk you into anything.  People say there are 2 sides to a Gemini, but really there are multiple.  All of these are pretty surfacey.  The good news is they like to have fun, so they are enjoyable.  The bad news is they have forgotten you when they leave you, because they are having fun with someone else, somewhere else.  I am not saying they are cheaters, although obviously they can be.  It’s just that they are in for a good time, and they are not particularly attached to anybody or anything.  
Positives are that they are fun, charming, a good time, and they know a little about everything, so they are well-rounded and highly creative.  It’s nice to have a cheery Gemini demeanor around the house, but don’t expect the chores to get done.  Negatives are that they can be careless, noncommittal, unable to finish things.  For that reason, they need projects that are sound-bytes or short story length.    Holding down jobs may be a challenge unless there is a high degree of change and variety in the occupation.

TO SUM IT UP: Gemini is all about the fun, happy go lucky, eternally optimistic, and brimming with endless ideas for the future.  Problem is, he/she doesn't always get it done.  Gemini is a superb communicator and knows what people want to hear, and so for that reason, they are extremely pleasing to be around.  They are so changeable that they are quite often unreliable, because they are easily distracted, but they are interested in everything and can often do a little bit of everything quite well.

KEY PHRASES:  I talk. I share.  I play. I don’t want to hear any negatives.  Let’s envision our future!  (Then we’ll have to get someone else to do it.)(We’ll call Taurus the Cow.)

Positives: Fun to be with, charming, good conversationalist, witty, multi-phasic

Negatives: Inconstant, unreliable, often perceived to be a liar because of a roving attention span, easily bored, lots of nervous energy

Quote:"The place where optimism most flourishes is the lunatic asylum."--Havelock Ellis, English sexual psychologist (1859-1939)

Planetary ruler: Mercury

January 2019-2020

​​Move now while you can, especially to be with a partner, because you will need one for money.  Jobs and monies may be scarce, but at least you are the type either to have more than one job or finagle one from someone using your charm.  Your monies need to change, and the way you usually do that is by hooking up with someone, but that won’t last more than a year this time.  So you could just have a temp (job/partner), then see what tomorrow brings, but aren’t you tired yet of living on the sly?  You need to think seriously about your future, money wise, so buck up and work something out, even if it is an investment plan.  Expect change there, but so, that’s not a stranger to you, is it?  Maybe you will see it as fun.  Surfing, anyone?

In love...Well, Gemini is always looking for a sugar daddy or sugar momma, and so the opportunity arises from fields afar.  Question is, will you stay, or will you go? Who shows up where?  Either way, the match will likely change your money situation.  For some, the match could bring more money.  For others, they need to beware a thief in the night.  Sudden affairs are never to be counted on.  Nevertheless, haven’t we all understood that the Pluto/Saturn/Venus/Mars/Jupiter in Capricorn experience of 2019/2020 will fundamentally change our financial pockets and material holdings?  Geminis are always foraging for gold, looking for the lucky pot o’ gold, the easy way.  You may have found your leprechaun, twins.  Question is, is he or she, and the rainbow, real?

October 2016-January 2017

Twins are going off to see a soul mate and maybe even get married!  Wow, that’s a surprise!  I know the twins always need to be supported, but I never thought you’d go that far.  I know you need a buddy and that the monetary situation is looking slim, but truly, is it THAT bad?  You know what relationship does to you, Gemini.  It ties you down.  Then you get grouchy, and you’re not one to get grouchy.  But you don’t like having your style cramped, and this just might do that.  Maybe it’s already happened, and that’s why you’re feeling like a monetary situation has GOT to give…so you can escape?  True enough, as soon as Jupiter hit Libra in early October, you needed to get on the road, expand your horizons, make new relationships and creative partnerships, and maybe even look for new love.  You’re on a new cycle for relationship growth, but this indicates that it should be all fun…not a rope around your neck.  You have been through this before, took someone up on an opportunity, then they got too domineering or controlling, then you—who likes your freedom—got cramped, then you broke away, and all hell broke loose.  I hope you are not dealing with legal situations from the last time.  Haven’t you learned?  If you don’t have legal problems having to do with lovers, kids, or creative property, then you need to stop feeling like you are in a cage, and fly high, little birdie!  Life is too short!  Trouble is, Halloween is going to set you up to meet another fateful partner, and before you know it, you are snared again, at least for a short while.  Hopefully, either you or the beloved flies the coop the first week of November, so you can get back to MAKING MONEY.  You can, you know.  You have a mouth of gold.  You have a gift for creative partnerships and team-making.  Just do it.  It’s the holiday season, so PLAY YOUR A$$ off, dear.  You have a gift for that.  You’re a natural.  You never know what the hell you are doing, money-wise, and you have been flying on a wing and a prayer for almost a decade now.  What’s new?  You may have to make a behind the scenes deal with someone in November—I think, the beloved.  You will just adore that person for that reason.  All will be good in your world the first week of November.  Your partner flies away, you’re feeling a bit vulnerable, but you detach by throwing yourself into some technical work or service or activism.  Your brain will be overactive, which sometimes makes for good creative works coming from you.  I hope you didn’t make yourself another baby…I always say, if you don’t want kids, make ART.  Gemini never learns.  You charm your way right into…people’s hearts, that’s what I’ll say.  They don’t know you’re like that with everyone, even if you are especially appreciative of one person right now.  You do a lot of long distance chitchatting just before Thanksgiving, maybe in hope of an invitation.  I do think there is a get together with someone who loves you, but the comin’ and going’ is quick, maybe even unexpected.  Don’t get into arguments over Turkey Day, please.  You’re to be thankful.  Things don’t turn out the way you wish.  Read the book, Whatever Arises, Love That by Matt Kahn.  If the holiday brings discussions, even arguments, and heated discussions with unpleasant goodbyes or feelings of vulnerability, get out of there, and make up later.  You have the gift for that, without even saying you’re sorry! ;)  December shows a lot of phone calls, chit chat, planning, idea making—don’t know if anything tangible comes from it, but the discussions and ideas are good.  Can you turn them into money, though?  Somebody sitting on you sometimes helps you get things done.  On the other hand, you may just up and move suddenly, if you get depressed or pressured.  You may end a money commitment about a week before Christmas.  Why?  I think you feel the need to ramble, make like a stone and ROLL.  Loved ones may be irritated at you, and you want to be alone anyway—or at least, AWAY.  But Christmas is coming, bud.  Interestingly enough, looks like you could get a gig right at Christmas time.  I guess nobody else wants (or needs) to work but you.  Well, good.  Have at it.  Unless you make up with loved ones, Christmas and New Years could be a lonely time, and we all know Geminis don’t like to be lonely.  So buck up, and do Christmas services or volunteering, if you must.  That really would be a great experience for you, Twins.  You always fly by the seat of your pants, and God seems to watch out for you, and I think He will again, come December 31st.  You do have some soul searching (and some work)(and some making up) to do, but you can sweet talk your way into anyone’s heart, so give it a go again.  And if you must, get some religion.  You’ve been getting help all this time.  Thanksgiving time is every day, Twins.

July 4-October 3, 2016

​Twins are talking to loved ones about money issues in July.  Are you looking to borrow again, or are you trying to talk them into a sweet deal like your salesman-like personality is prone to do?  You know how to play that violin of the emotional appeal to family and friends alike.  Wonder if they’ll bite?  Why is all this happening?  You have to move again, right?  And money is tight.  So you are going to come up with a new money-making scheme, and Gemini is entrepreneurial, so I don’t doubt that you can do that!  Didn’t you do this in 2014, 2013, & end of 2012?  Oh, yeah.  Hopefully, this will be the end of this. Your pattern needs to change.  You’ll be looking for a new roomie—or shall I say, old roomie? Looks like you’ll be calling old beloveds to try to renew romances so you have a new “marriage” or rather—an old partnership to renew.  You’re just looking for a roof over your head, a meal, and some money, right?  You know where your bread is buttered.  Geminis need their “twins”—or, at least, pals.  By August, you will have the new deal sealed, but it may cramp your style, so get ready.  You’ve been through all this before.  Your money situation has to change, even though you have no idea how, but the hurt may drive you to make a commitment for purposes you have long avoided.  Good thing you have generous friends and/or siblings, and in their loyalty to you, they will say, “come on!” and you’ll set up shop in a new place with a very particular beloved, so get ready.  You are going to have to mind your p’s and q’s and do some chores on the home front as well, so I hope you don’t mind the housekeeping/janitorial lifestyle, because here it comes.  You do know how to do just about anything, so truth be told, your Mr./Ms. Fix-it skills do come in handy in this regard.  But all this homework may keep you from your freedom, so be prepared to work, share, hoe, mow, teach, and learn.  Suddenly you may feel victimized, but hey, this is the price you pay.  How can you free yourself from such situations?  Don’t repeat what you did before.  This is your opportunity to be entrepreneurial, work for yourself, free yourself from the hamster wheel or minor slavery, and take care of yourself!  What a concept!  Will you do it?  There’s always the opportunity, come October, to move out.  Move in, move out.  The only constant in your life is CHANGE.  Sure glad Gemini likes that, ‘cause you’ll have lots of it!

January-July 4, 2016
Twins may be feeling the need to tie the knot or move in with someone to finalize a relationship in the early months of 2016.  Here is all I can say: be sure you know what the monetary, job, and other practical agreements are between you two lovebirds before January 5, because otherwise, you two could be quite surprised when, come January 26, some practical agreements start to arise about duties and obligations, due to poor communication about expectations.  Let’s not ruin for Valentine’s Day before it gets here—although February can commonly be a time of detachment.  This is supposed to be a time of healing, but when the end of Merc Retro shows up January 26, the practical stuff is flying in your face, and there WILL be some discussions about it.  Also, there are some secrets being held by you and them.  I don’t think it’s time for full throttle sharing yet.  This is meant to be a time of healing for family and releasing old pains—not creating new ones.  So WORK IT OUT!  True to form, partners detach in February, March brings extra-sensitivity on behalf of loved ones and talk of divorce, moving out, leaving, or letting go.  So, see, I always say, don’t get married—get engaged—that way, you can give/take the ring back and move out, since it’s pretty common for Gemini to NOT do due diligence in relationships.  Here’s the bottom line: Twins are optimistic and don’t like to work unless they are working at their life’s passion.  Sometimes they couple with a real wage-earner who thinks Gemini is “just playing” because they are happy doing their work, while others suffer at employment.  Best solution: Twins, pony up, money-wise.  If you give your partner some cash, they will lay off.  Simple. (…if you have any…) April will see some relationship battles.  Your partner may want to control you, especially if you are going out on the town.  Here’s the problem with commitment, people: you are no longer free.  You become a TWIN, part of a partnership.  So, you have to act like it.  You are expected to do so.  Don’t be surprised when that happens.  You’ve been through this before.  Then, I hate to say it, but this is why you start lying by omission.  How many times have you been through this, twins?  Can’t you just stay single?  Save the rest of us the pain, worry, frustration.  Just stay single.  Really.  We know you.  You’ll find someone else by May and then go back to your old love by June.  Such is life a la Gemini!  Can’t live with ‘em, can’t live without ‘em!