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Hillary & Bill, the Democratic Convention, & Tim Kaine meet the Anti-Universe.

Let’s start with the Democratic convention in Philadelphia.  What can we expect?  Despite its name, apparently Philly is not brotherly-loverly or a well-liked place, except for their Philly cheese steaks.  It’s a Scorpio town and so probably has plenty of down and dirty secrets and mean streets, but it has the politically favorable Capricorn rising (practical, steady, focused on reputation) and an Aquarian Moon, detached emotions. However, Scorpio and Aquarius are both fixed signs, meaning change is hard in Philly.  Folks dig in, partnerships are painful and entrenched there.  The city’s main employer is the government, so maybe that’s why!  Philadelphia, as old as it is, is still learning how to love itself.  Once the birth place of the nation, it feels detached, and with several Aquarian planets and the NYC to DC corridor seeming to pass it by—maybe that’s the reason for its feeling that way.  The city, with its incredible history and important cultural monuments, has a lot to offer, but its natal chart indicates that it feels somewhat like an ugly step-child.  Not to worry, it’s the center of attention this week, so let’s see what happens! 

Looking at transits, the city seems oddly detached from what’s going on at the convention.  Looks like there may be some angry rhetoric, and there will be some love-it-or-leave-it emotions expressed about this event.  There will be delays, upsets, technical snafus, but the overriding factor of the memory of these events will be charismatic fixed star Vega ruling the day.  Watch for who gets the yeas and who gets the boos.  That will tell all.  Bernie is due to speak on Monday, and it is meant to be a healing moment, but with the Moon connecting to Eris & Uranus, there’s bound to be disruption.  Get ready.  Part of me is very worried for Bernie, but on the other hand, the North Node will be on his Sun, indicating destiny speaks. 

The chart of Debbie Wasserman Schultz shows an angry phone call Sunday morning and a rapid, unexpected exit, but how can you do all that and not know you’ll get booted?  Heck if I know.  Someone sent out a tweet soon after that saying, “See you soon in your new job on CNN, Deb!” and yes, her chart shows she will rapidly get a new job in the public eye.  The deal will be done before August is over, and we will see her on our television screens by September.  Watch for it!  No real news—or surprises there.  Okay, here’s the deal on Hillary—first what I wrote last summer 2015 and then I’ll discuss upcoming events, Bill, and Tim Kaine.  For that, scroll to the end. 

I wrote this next part last year, June 2, 2015, to be exact—and I will add to it for a more accurate look…Here’s what I said then:

Spoiler alert: Hillary won't win.

2016 elections are just around the corner, but I have already been looking for over a year now to see who will be most likely to win.  Once upon a time, there were so many candidates that I didn’t know what to do, but I did write about the most likely Democratic candidate, the one that has been waiting for her opportunity forever: Hillary Clinton.

I don’t mean to be a spoiler, and this is purely not a political statement, but the stars are not looking good for her.  HC did announce her candidacy during an a propos moment in time, when the stars were strongly in favor of feminine power, and I became convinced that she might have her own astrologer a la Nancy Reagan.  The asteroids Sedna and Eris and the fixed star Schedir (the Queen) connected with Jupiter, and many other strong connections occurred during Hillary’s announcement weekend.

Mercury connected with Eris, goddess of discord, and certainly Hillary can disrupt some of the stick-in-the-mud guys.   Eris/Sun/Mercury hit Hillary’s Sedna, and let’s be clear: Sedna is the planet of the female victim-who-is-not-a-victim.  Males in Sedna’s myth story tried to victimize Sedna by forcing her to marry someone she didn’t want to marry.  She refused and committed suicide rather than be forced to do someone else’s will.  I hope this isn’t predictive that the powers that be are trying to connect Hillary with a poor running mate, because Hillary is not going to be anyone’s patsy this time.  (She has since picked Tim Kaine, who is a good match for her astrologically, and we’ll look at him later.) She backed off the last election, but this time she will not back off.  Mars connected with Schedir, the Queen, the weekend of the announcement, which connected with Hillary’s benefic Jupiter.  I have found, when predicting for presidential winners, Jupiter is very important, and so this is key.  Selena (the gift) in Aquarius, the Mother Moon, and Ceres (the Mother) are all feminine planets connecting Hillary’s 3rd house of communication, hitting Astraea (refusal to let go) and Black Moon (one’s “shadow” or “Achilles heel”), both in Capricorn, about reputation and persistence.  Although Cap and Aq are different signs, the planets were still within the orb of conjunction.  The last is a hint, though, that her reputation and strength could also be her weak points.

Alcyone, Venus, and Vega the charismatic one all joined Pluto in Capricorn that announcement weekend. Pluto intensifies all of those fortuitous planets, especially in matters of money and reputation.  Altair was conjunct Ceres, a Mother energy that is exploring and being bold.  Cupido and Aculeus connected with HC’s Juno, which would cause attacks on one’s femininity and reputation as a leader, who nevertheless will endure, and still succeed…This is why I think Hillary must have an astrologer, because the announcement weekend predicts success despite attacks.

However, I want to get to the reality of the situation
.  I have found that it’s not the announcement time nor even election night that hold the keys to presidential success: it’s the swearing in ceremony.  Obama had Jupiter, the most fortuitous planet, at the mid-heaven, the high point of career, at the first inaugural date.  The second election was less certain, as we saw.

The problem with Hillary’s chart as we head into the first month of “the job” (January 2017) is that Hillary is hurting badly, in pain, and is mad as hell.  These are the same kinds of things I saw in Sarah Palin’s chart after she and McCain lost to Obama.  This is what concerns me about Hillary’s bid for the oval office.

Okay, let me go back to election night.  November 8 is the second Tuesday in November 2016.  The Sun will be on her Venus, Mercury will be on the Ascendant and on her Mercury.  These are all in Scorpio, and these things are good things.  But Jupiter follows close after, so she may have to make an announcement where she has to “let go”.  Hillary has Venus and Chiron conjunct in Scorpio—this is secret pain having to do with a loved one.  Hillary has plenty of secrets, as it is.  She is a powerful woman who has been a strong behind-the-scenes power in this lifetime.  What I am seeing is that she led before in another lifetime and is not meant to lead now, which is why others may want to bring her down.  She and Bill are a power couple, but their time may be over.  I wouldn’t doubt that there is election finagling, and I think she has to announce her “letting go” on November 12.  (Yes, that’s after the election!  Eek!) Chiron will be in Pisces, sitting on her sensitive Pisces moon, making her hurt.  She is weakened, vulnerable.  Mars In detached Aquarius will be square her Sun, which is a difficult aspect, requiring her to “let go”. Jupiter will be on her Neptune in Libra, indicating either a partnership that was hidden from her or a legal decision.  (In view of what we know from this current year and what’s happening now, I’m not surprised.  Are you?)

This alone doesn’t look good for her.  She is clearly a powerful, capable individual, but I am afraid she is in for a great deal of pain.  Hillary’s life purpose is to become completely secure, especially in her partnerships, but can she?  She was a powerful public leader/speaker in other lifetimes as well.  Does she need to do this again?  She did wait patiently, after all.  She comes from other lifetimes of having been weak and vulnerable—this is true of her childhood also, this time around.  She is supposed to get control of the physical—and focus—learn to finesse power, which I think she certainly has done.  But her pain involves a deep and hidden connection with loved ones, the secrets…Her pains are highly personal, unlike the public iron woman that we see.  She is loving but forceful where Bill is concerned.  I think she has put up with his sh** for a long time, because she truly loves him.  Her Ascendant connects with the fixed star Agena, the pain of learning.  Her life purpose is in the relationship area and connects with Capulus which is male, sexual, aggressive behavior.  The question is, does that mean Bill or Hillary?!

This election cycle will once again have to deal with behind the scenes actions
taken to manipulate the elections.  That’s why I wouldn’t be surprised if there is a challenge to the supposed “winner”.    (I wrote this last year, remember.) Mercury, as we have said, will connect with key issues in Hillary’s chart, including the “pain of learning”.  Aculeus which has to do with enduring attacks but success, will connect with the transiting Venus in Sagittarius going through HC’s first house.  That makes it very key!  The Ascendant has Capella and Phact there, to quest adventure and love of movement.  Since they are in Gemini, they indicate communication and travel. 

The Sun and Black Moon in Scorpio will be directly on Hillary’s Ascendant as the polls close on Election Day, indicating her secret Achilles heel dominating the day. (Don’t we have a pretty good idea what those could be?  She has several: Bill, emails, Benghazi, now the DNC) With Astraea there, she will be unwilling to let go at first, so this is why I expect a fight of some kind.  Eris, discord, will be on her Sedna (victim who is not a victim) and Hades (disgust, the dead).  Transiting Hades will be on her vertex, Destiny’s Gate. This is election night, and it looks bad.  This breaks my heart, because I think she has waited a long time for this, but I don’t think she will be allowed to carry the day.

Looking at Inauguration day of 2017, the intensely powerful energies have moved away from Hillary’s Ascendant completely, and she turns to focus on money, resources, making a living.  It’s almost like the power is gone.  All that’s left is Pisces pain and anger as Mars and Chiron connect with her sensitive Pisces Moon, and Venus/Neptune in Pisces leave nothing but befuddled loved ones nearby.  Although I see “the thrill is gone”, I see Hillary is going to “get busy” traveling and studying.  She won’t take this lying down, but I think her heyday may be over.  She had Jupiter in Sagittarius making her a formidable SOS, but that time will be gone.  It’s the lecture circuit –and maybe  teaching--for Hillary.  I am not saying this to be negative.  She will always be a dynamite woman, but the Republican males will have had their way, after all, I’m afraid.  This is kind of a sad story, in a way, yet this is clearly something from which she must learn. Hillary has uplifting messages to spread to all women, and I think she needs to hold the media accountable.  If you think she will go into hiding and become a recluse/grandmother, you are mistaken.  Hillary will rise again in the fall of 2017 with a new set of plans, and watch her rise from the ashes in January of 2018.  After all, she is the victim who is not a victim, and Scorpio itself is the sign of the phoenix that goes down in flames, only to rise from the ashes, stronger.  Hasn’t she already proved that?  Hats off to Hillary!  My respect!

Okay, that’s what I wrote June 2, 2015.
  A lot of water has rushed under the bridge, and as I write this, we’ve just heard that Debbie Wasserman Schultz the DNC chair has resigned for trying to rig the election in Hillary’s favor.  Oh, my stars!

Debbie’s chart shows her unexpected good-bye (or not, to an astrologer!), and I mentioned some of what’s upcoming in my re-write about Bernie.  I’ll also talk about “Clueless Tim” Kaine…

First, let’s discuss Hill and Bill.  We know Hillary has been under pressure and in pain, and that is not going to go away.  At the beginning of the year, I questioned two things it could be: 1) the emails, and 2) that she might be ill in some way.  Transiting Chiron on her natal Moon indicates long-suffering, and emotions are what cause ailments, so that’s why I have to consider disease.  I’ve seen it too many times.  What I didn’t do was look at Bill, and when I do, uh-oh, I see that it could be HIM!  Maybe HE is the one who is sick and dying. Bill is sick, guys, and he’s going to have to let go.  Bill and Hill are two peas in a pod, and as October arises, he is going to start to go through some difficulties, and there is going to be a serious chat.  Has anyone seen him lately?  He is not looking good, and Eris and Uranus, the dynamic duo of disruption, are doing a number on him.  The next year, if he makes it, is not going to be a good one.  I am telling you, however, that he will tell Hillary to soldier on.  They are both so tight, no matter what his weaknesses are, and they are both so heck-bent on power, that he will tell her to go after it and forget him.  There may be a part of her that wishes she could.  But they are a couple.

Really, things don’t look good for Bill.  I had heard rumors that he might have AIDS, or Parkinson’s, and looking at the asteroids, I don’t doubt it.  His Achilles heel is sex, however, and he is being tested to “let go”.  Right now, Mars the warrior and Sedna the victim who is not a victim are in opposition, transiting some tough spots in his chart, and there are so many more where that came from.  I’m not going to go into them, because it’s actually too depressing.  Just know, things don’t look good for our power couple, and Hillary better have been thinking about who could lead the country as her replacement, because the Anti-universe is really what’s in control right now.  Or, is it karma?

So let’s look at Tim Kaine.  He is a Pisces with a Gemini Moon.  No wonder people say he is a snooze fest!  His Sun & Mercury are conjunct in Pisces.  That means he is here to learn how to OPEN, to EXPAND, to experience the oneness…or , on the other hand, drink and do drugs.  No, no, I need to stop.  Pisces are spiritual people; they are known to be all or nothing workers, so pay attention.  They are said to be self-indulgent, and there are many thousands of dollars worth of gifts that he has received from lobbyists that need to be questioned.  He has Jupiter and Neptune there in his solar 8th house of money—so, yes, he may have some money secrets of his own.  The Neptune in Scorpio should give him psychic ability—that and Pisces Sun & Merc—and I certainly hope he is psychic, because he may have a major life change coming. He has a Saturn return and a Jupiter return both hitting in the next year to solidify that fact. His life purpose is in Scorpio, to get control of the physical.  The North Node, which indicates his destiny, is connected to Jupiter, expansion again, and Neptune, idealism and expansion again.  These are also significant of luck, and after all, he has won every election he has ever run.  He has a Capricorn Mars, so despite his Sun & Moon (Gemini doesn’t like to work, either!), he can work hard.  Good thing he has that!  He has Saturn in Sagittarius at his solar Midheaven, indicating a teacher, and Venus and Chiron in Aquarius, meaning he has felt like a weirdo, or outcast, his whole life.  That’s something to think about…it is one of his motivators.

He and Hillary do have good charts, together.  His Pisces Sun is approaching her Moon, and she’s going to need someone strong to handle things if she is sick or distracted by other matters, whether they be the FBI or Bill saying bye-bye.  His Moon is in her partnership house, opposing her Jupiter, meaning he speaks for her.  His Jupiter is on her Sun in Scorpio, which usually indicates someone who is your “lucky star”.  Boy, she needs one.  The only thing is, where Hillary is concerned, Tim is clueless. His Neptune on all her 12th house secrets, indicates he really doesn’t know what’s going on.  Now, let’s be honest, he doesn’t really know what’s going on, anyway.  Despite any personal anxieties he may have had as a child and feeling not accepted, he is a lucky sucker, he really is.  But getting connected to the Clintons—is that lucky—or dumb?  Neptune has been on his Sun and is headed towards Hillary’s Moon since last spring.  This can create confusion known as The Fog—or at least make some need a drink, and maybe lots of them.  The eclipse last March affected him strongly, and both he and Hillary are reaping the results of that eclipse NOW.

There is another solar eclipse on September 1 in Virgo—good for Bernie, maybe not so good for the Pisces folks, and all will reap the results of THAT in February.  Personally, I think Mr. Kaine is about to get a shock.  Election night shows him with one partner, fighting with another, and being a bit lost.  His Saturn return begins on inauguration day.  I think he married the wrong person, and I don’t mean his wife!  He looks confused again.  Get the man a drink.  Either that, or he needs to pray really hard!

Let’s look to Hillary…right now she’s mad, and heads are gonna roll, come August 3.  Just, yeah, good-bye, Debbie, but there are more to come.  Hillary has to let go of SOMEthing or SOMEone then.  Bill will try to calm her down.  In the beginning of September, there is a difficult message she receives and has to relay.  Remember that’s the eclipse and Mercury retrograde at that time.  Things will have to be kept under wraps.  Bill is talking to her behind closed doors.  There may be a discussion to let go of something.  Everybody is going to take it hard.  Bill will at last put Hillary first.  Only one month away from the election.

I expect some shocks coming.  We’ll find out what those are in October.  I would not be surprised if there wasn’t a realignment of some kind.  Remember, we are in the Anti-universe.