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January 2019-2020

Leos may be feeling monetarily vulnerable, so they need to get with the program and get to work on changing everything involving money, home, will, investment, government, health care, insurance—all that stuff that affects material possessions, because that world is going to change for you, so get ready!  How are you going to prepare?  What you thought was solid is a house of cards, so how will you fix that?  You need to do something now, before next year.  Start working on that now.  If you need a break, take a trip abroad for some fun to lighten your load for a bit, but don’t play too long or spend too much money.  The situation is still serious and needs to be handled as such.

In love...Don’t let your temper get the best of you, Lion, during the early days of change—not a good look.  You may be off looking for love and adventure on a vacation or other trip in January, but by Val’s Day, work will have you pressured, and you must attend to the duties at hand.  Money matters and all business-oriented details require your focus and attention.  This may seem heavy, but better pay attention now to partners, or pay the price and lose all later.  Just when you think the fight is out of you, you get some oomph. 

October 2016-January 2017

Leo, have you got some new brothers and sisters?  Are you enlarging your family?  Are you writing and publishing a book?  Are you using social media like an addict?  Are you becoming an activist?  Or are you just doing a lot of networking?  How about legal issues?  Do they need to get completed in the next year?  Lions are going through major growth in communications, communicating with new partnerships and maybe even huge networks of people.  This is a time of expansion in all areas of communication, partnerships, and legal endeavors.  Lions have for at least a decade been making slow monetary changes, due to unforeseen market changes, losses, and uncertainty.  You’re still uncertain.  I’ve been saying since the housing market crash that logic can’t help us now.  We have all had to re-think our ways of earning a living and preparing for retirement.  The old days are gone.  And Lions, in particular, who always like to be in charge, have found out they aren’t.  The future is much more nebulous, but as I always say, when you have the choice of faith or fog (confusion), what are you going to choose?  The answer has to be faith.  Go with your gut.  Do what your heart and your instincts are telling you to do.  This may be at odds with your head and every logical, practical thought you’ve ever had, but that’s what you have to do.  Leo is naturally creative and playful, so the seriousness of their financial future probably has controlling Leos in a quandary.  You’re supposed to LET GO, Leo!  This feeling of disempowerment having to do with what you’re working on, health, and work projects is going to force you to let go.  The king isn’t dead, but the king’s job description has changed.  You can keep your crown, but just like Prince William and Prince Harry, get to work.   Halloween can send you on a trip where you may meet a new beloved or soul mate, although there may be kids around, so behave yourself!  (It’s Halloween, after all!)   This person is significant, so pay attention.  This person may even be a foreigner or a military person or adventurer. In  addition, looks like you are going to have to have some deep, private conversations with family; this discussion may have to do with income or estates.  You’ll be mad at Election time, but tell me, who won’t be?  You may have worked hard for anybody but the two at battle to win, but we’re all going to have to bite the bullet and battle on in a different way, no matter who wins or loses.  You’ve lived all your life this way.  You are in charge of your own life and environment, not them.  You also have the power to just say no and fight on, if you need to.  You’re a born leader—a lovable leader, in fact.  So if you aren’t up for election this year, you make sure you are involved next time, okay?  A lover or a kid asks you for a promise of some kind just before Thanksgiving, and while you may have an exciting, even testy Thanksgiving, it’s a short one with the pre-Tdays being fine, but the day and the after-effects creating sudden departure.  Good!  You have work to do anyway, like get back to making money, negotiating deals, and suing people, if necessary.  You know what you are good at—just do it!  If there is detachment between you and your partner or spouse, well, they know you need to get to work, so just do it.  If Thanksgiving brought a breakup with loved ones and/or kids, know that time will heal it.  Family members may detach, and that’s okay for now.  Less presents to give for Christmas?  Well, truth is, Leos are typically generous personalities, cheap with finances.  (It’s the Cancer the Crabs who are monetary push-overs in certain ways!)(Use that pathos appeal!;) End of November brings long distance travels to sign papers, make commitments, and discuss things with foreign partners and lovers.  You can bring the kids if they are adults!  Be aware, though!  The loved ones you leave behind are going to be thinking about money—maybe yours.  They’re acting detached while you are off gallivanting, trying to gain back stardom, the crown.  Be sure to be creative or do spiritual work or do charitable giving over the holidays to use your energy wisely.  Be the generous lovable leader that you are.  If not, you may find partners are making secret deals behind your back or that there is something going on that you don’t know.  It’s going to take a while to get sweeties and kids back on board with you—at least until January.  If loved ones are still stand-offish at New Years, you had better do some serious wooing, else you could find yourself in monetary trouble.  Check your will, your pre-nup agreement, and any other business papers dealing with who gets money and when.  If you are the one who caused the problems at Thanksgiving, doing rearrangement could help change your reputation with loved ones.  I know that Lions grow claws and teeth at times, but you need to put them away and become a sweet little pussycat in 2017.  If not, you are looking for a fall.  Leo, bring out your soft side!  I beg you!

July 4-October 3, 2016​

​Lions, do you have a secret lover hiding in your closet?  Or are you just hesitant to acknowledge to the world that you are have a romance with an old fling or friend?  Oops!  Attend to family in quiet ways; you like to do things in a big way, but not now. The time will come, very soon.   Money projects should be working well or at least are in growth mode since last May 8th, right after that super Pisces eclipse!  If you set your intentions back then, I hope that worked for you!  The thing is, even though times have been hard for the Leo for a few years now, especially in business dealings with others and employers, it’s okay.  They say Leo is golden for a reason.  You are entrepreneurial, so now’s the time to get with it and grow your nest egg and business. Just do it!  After Mars mired you in family matters for most of this year having to deal with issues from 2014, 2013, & 2012, now you can get things done.  There has been a family muck and more, that you have been dealing with all year.  Now those projects can be completed, and you can get out of that mud.  Things will suddenly start to work, and you can put fresh energy into new creative projects.  You’re a naturally inventive individual.  If you need to play, travel, do some public speaking, do the election trip, get going!  Something in early August may cramp your style at first, but discipline yourself, and attend to details in August so that you can feel free to move about the country later in the month.  Know that with Mercury retrograde from August 30-September 21st, plans, contracts, details, and work stuff may go awry.  Cross your t’s, dot your I’s, and if you still find you have screwed up, you can fix it all by the third week of September.  The eclipses are coming to make you attend especially to monetary details and to remind you to say your prayers, set your intentions, and then do your due diligence.  If I know Leos, you probably think the best work is play, and you have probably spent a lot of your quiet time thinking up money schemes that are both fun and productive and that get you a bit of attention—well, lots of attention.  You do like that spotlight, and you’ll be on the business pages this time.  Communicate with siblings and other loved ones about legal matters and other issues surrounding negotiations.  Find balance; come to an agreement.  Work together to grow something, instead of splitting apart.  Did you discover a family secret?  Or did a long lost member of the family show up just in time for dinner and allowance?  Do some investigating.  Or, maybe, this is a good time to look into your ancestry.  In October, you win some and lose some, especially in the finance area, but that’s okay.  You are a born builder, so keep on brainstorming, and I have no doubt that you will re-vamp and revise a project to make it a worthy investment of time, money, and effort.  Meanwhile, I’m telling you, it’s okay to let folks know about that secret love of yours.  All’s well that ends well.

January-July 4, 2016         Leos start January discussing family matters and beliefs.  They are working on matters of worth—this is not only self esteem but money.  Expect some battles to occur over differences of opinion, and don’t be surprised if some folks hang up on you, particularly partners and/or siblings.  A loved one wants to leave town; do you want to go with?  They would like you to make a commitment to sail away with them.  Will you go?  Probably, you will, but just know that rigging the ship, preparing for the trip/move, whatever, will have many many practical snafus due to miscommunications.  That nuisance of a Mercury retrograde gets in the way of making things work at a practical level.  But you don’t have to give up.  Just get things together after the 26th of January—easy.  Whether you choose to go with or let your pal go on his or her own, expect some emotional detachment in February.  Don’t be disturbed—this is just an Aquarian thing and goes with the territory every February, but it may make communication difficult for reasons other than a Mercury retrograde.  Distance—emotional or physical—may be the issue instead.  Looks like there may be a measure of both.  Truth is, I think you can go, or join your buddy later, but there are other issues that come up.  There are continued philosophical disagreements with co-travelers; there are private pains and sensitivities from beloveds and family members—maybe they think you have abandoned them?  They are hurting; they don’t know what to do: it’s something practical on the home front that needs to be released, sold, divested, invested.   Loved ones may be thinking, “Where are you?”  They feel lost without you, don’t know what to do.  There may be some harsh and impulsive words around tax time.  Look, let’s be real, nothing much is going to happen until end of June, due to the Mars retrograde.  You can, in May, have a practical talk with your banker or other professionals to work things out.  Just understand that your absence may create resentments and anger in those who feel abandoned.  We know you didn’t mean it that way, as you are loyal, and sometimes duty calls you elsewhere.  Come July, you can make it up to family members, take another trip at your birthday time, and watch all the practical pieces fall into place by September.  If folks are mad, you can use the mini-stellium in Libra later in the year (October) to negotiate a truce with beloveds.  So goes life.

Leo the Lion 
(July 21-August 20)

 The glyph looks like the curly lion’s mane –or Barbie’s ponytail!  

When I think of Leo, I am reminded of the Cowardly Lion in the Wizard of Oz, especially as portrayed by Bert Lahr.  He is big and brash, lovable and charming, and kinda proud of himself.  But the truth about the Lion is that he/she has a big heart and a generous one too, loves to be stroked just like a cat does, and wants to be the center of attention.  One of the reasons for them needing to be the center is the fact that the Lion is really a little insecure, and so they overdo it a bit.  But who cares?  They are lovely—well, as long as they are happy.  Make them mad, and the claws will grow out very long, the teeth will show, and Leo will use them.  You have to push pretty hard, though.  

Sometimes, though, it’s the Lion who pushes.  Remember, this is the King/Queen of the zodiac signs.  If you know a Lion, you know that the world really revolves around them.  And, as long as you stroke them, tell them they are beautiful, smart, and wonderful—and as long as you pay tribute to them, they will respond with gifts and wise advice in return.  Make them angry, and you will be exiled from their kingdom, and you may have a few stripes as scars as you exit their world. 

If you are a quiet Leo or you know a quiet Leo, these are kitties that did not get the love and attention that they needed as children.  I always say that Leos are like flowers that need to be watered, fertilized, placed in a pretty pot with a bow, with classical music to help them grow, and please tell them they are lovely and smart.  That helps them to grow and blossom brightly.  A Leo that does not get this is like a wilted flower.  Good news is, they can be brought back.

Because they have a sweet side, they get along with kids.  Because they can be loud and bossy and out-going, they are great on the stage—for music, art, drama, or even, public speeches, like politicians.  They are here to play and to give and receive love.  They are romantic and generous, but yes, can be authoritarian.  The royal blood has pride and expectations.

TO SUM IT UP:  Leo is the undisputed king/queen.  Lovable and loyal, Leo is the universal father figure, giving paternalistic advice and direction, even if they are female. 
 Boisterous and outgoing, Leo likes to be the center of attention and the CEO.  Don't be disloyal to Leo, though, or you may just be exiled from their country. Shy Leos are like flowers that were never tended. Their color and beauty shrivel up due to lack of attention and watering.  Needless to say, then, Leo needs to be needed and loved.  They thrive on appreciation and love, and when they receive it, they return it in spades.

KEY PHRASES: I love.  I play. I expect. I give. LOOK AT ME NOW!

Positives: Loving, romantic, heartfelt, loyal, generous

Negatives: Bossy, jealous, obnoxious sometimes, flashy

Quote:"It's my way or the highway."

Planetary ruler: Sun