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Who, Who Do You Love? 

 So you wanna find a soulmate.  How do you know who’s right for you?  I’m an astrologer, so I have an edge when dating.  Astrology is the only way I know to predict chemistry when you are meeting an unknown, such as from dating services or online dating.  The stars can also tell with whom you have karmic connections and whether they will bring fireworks, oppression, or wonderful sweetness.  The most important relationships in our lives usually turn out to be most problematic, unfortunately, and just because a partner is sweet doesn’t mean the relationship will be easy.  There are lots of variables to look for in searching for a compatible partner using astrology, but here are some of the basics you can use to see if someone is going to be harmonious with you. 

 There are four basic astrological types, based on the “four elements”.  They are:

 Fire signs: Aries (March 21-April 20), Leo (July 21-August 20), and Sagittarius (November 21-December 20).  Fire signs are creative, passionate, and action-oriented, the idea-makers.  Fire signs are usually leaders.
Earth signs: Taurus (April 21-May 20), Virgo (August 21-September 20), and Capricorn (December 21-January 20).  Earth signs are practical, down to earth (obviously), the types who get things done.  I often call them “worker bees”.
Air signs:  Gemini (May 21-June 20), Libra (September 21-October 20), and Aquarius (January 21-February 20).  Air signs are intellectual, personable although not huggy/kissy, real people people, the humanitarians of the zodiac.  I call them “light energy”.
Water signs: Cancer (June 21-July 20), Scorpio (October 21-November 20), and Pisces (February 21-March 20).  Water signs are emotional, intuitive, feelings-oriented people.  I call them “Love Bugs”.  (And some can “bug” you more than others!) 

 So the first part is simple.  Fire signs get along with other Fire signs, Earth with Earth, Air with Air, and Water with Water.  Easy, right? 

 Also, remember the phrase “opposite attract”?  Not only do they attract, but they balance.  They harmonize.  The Sun sign opposite yours is a natural partner.  Also, if you find out your Rising Sign, based on your time of birth) from an astrologer, the zodiac sign opposite that is a natural partner. 

 Here are the opposites:

 Aries/Libra:  Aries is proactive and makes the decisions that Libra can’t.  Libra shows Aries all the sides of an issue, so the decision-making process is fair.  Aries is impulsive and independent and may like to go from person to person, depending on his or her mood.  Libra, on the other hand, requires a partner in order to be happy, so they may be so codependent and wishy-washy that they’ll put up with the Ram’s dallying.  But Libra will get his or her needs met, whatever way they can, so I have known some Libras to have one partner for kids and home, one partner for fun and sex, and one partner for money.
Taurus/Scorpio:  Taurus is a great planner and foundation builder, and Scorpio is the visionary and will power.  Both have the ability to carry things out, so this can be a powerful partnership.  On the negative side, Taurus takes a long time to pick a partner, so they may be slow to commit, but once they do, it’s forever.  (Taurus is the most sensuous sign of the zodiac too.)  Scorpio can be jealous, controlling, and vengeful at worst, so don’t fool around on them, or you made end up sorry.  On the positive side, they are intuitive of their partner’s needs and focused on the relationship, if you like that sort of thing.
Gemini/Sagittarius:  Gemini is fun and can get along with just about anybody.  That’s a good thing, because if he meets a Sag, he’ll be outdoors a lot and may be going around the world or at least meeting a lot of people from other cultures.  On the negative side, Gemini is not known for his fidelity or honesty—he changes his mind too much—but fortunately, Sag lets everything roll off his or her back, and freedom is their obsession, so in the end, that relationship works out too.
Cancer/Capricorn:  Cancer is the Big Momma of the zodiac, lovey-dovey, nurturing, and sentimental.  Capricorn is practical-minded, a hard worker and good provider, so he’s Big Daddy.  This is the traditional familial relationship, Donna Reed and Robert Young.  These are two long term committers.  On the negative side, Capricorn is a natural born martyr, may feel guilty for everything, and may be a workaholic, so may have trouble spending time with family.  Cancer is good at inducing guilt and never forgets a slight, especially if it hurts them emotionally, because it IS all about them, you know!  They love eternally, though, and I mean that!  The Cancer claws are impossible to remove, once they have grabbed onto someone.
Leo/Aquarius:  Leo is loyal, romantic, generous, and heart-centered.  This is everything that detached, head-centered Aquarius needs.  Aquarius can be attentive enough to be a great audience for Leo, but what Leo has to understand is that Aquarius needs time alone sometimes.  Give Aquarius his or her solitude and some space, and that person will be yours for life.  And all Leo needs is some focused attention.  Leo is like a flower: water him, tell him he’s the most beautiful and the best flower, and he’ll bloom like crazy.  Without water or attention, he either withers and dies, or he gets your attention by making up illnesses or doing naughty things to get attention.  Aquarius keeps Leo from getting too big a head too!
Virgo/Pisces:  Virgo is a practical, detail-oriented loner.  He/she analyzes (or criticizes) everything.  Virgo is good for dreamy, creative Pisces, because she helps the Fish manifest his creative projects and set emotional boundaries, of which Pisces usually has none!  On the negative side, she may nag him to death when he’s being his naturally lazy, self-indulgent self.  He doesn’t want to mow the lawn.  He wants to imagine or paint a garden or fanciful landscape, and that’s about as close as he wants to get to the yard.  And of course, he wants to do that when he feels like it, not when it needs it! 

 Remember, a person cannot be judged by his Sun sign alone.  The Ascendant, also called the Rising Sign, the zodiac sign on the horizon at your moment of birth, is just as important—maybe more so—than your Sun sign.  Everybody has both a Sun sign and a Rising Sign, so it’s really good if your Sun matches your partner’s Rising Sign, or vice versa.  With Mars on the Ascendant, there’s likely to be a lot of fireworks, creatively and otherwise.  Venus and Mars matching can also create the same effect. 

Some of the best combinations for a good love relationship are your Sun on another’s Moon or your Moon on their Sun.  Another is your Sun on their Venus, or vice versa.  It’s like planetary Bingo, and some combinations are winners; others are not! 

Also find out where your Moons are.  Conjuncting Moons (that is, Moons in the same place and in the same zodiac sign) are really great for compatibility, because they cause both of you to be on the same emotional wavelength. To find out where all your planets are, consult an astrology book or ephemeris, or have your chart done by an astrologer. 

 Where the planets are located is important too.  There are twelve different areas in a horoscope.  Eighth House issues are sexual, so if your planets make contact there, ZOWIE!  Look for a hot time in the old town tonight!  The Seventh House rules partnerships, so if your planets make Bingo there, it can literally mean a marriage or significant partnership.  But if your planets combine in the Fifth House, you just may have a love affair without marriage—and sometimes—kids without marriage!  If Saturn is in the Seventh of Fifth Houses, it may inhibit your ability to have love relationships or children, unless they are powerful, highly charged karmic relationships.  Uranus in the Seventh House or connected with Venus will cause commitment issues.  To find out what your special “love contacts” are and to find out your personal love cycles, consult an astrologer in your area! 

 There are so many things to consider in finding a harmonious partner
astrologically.  You can see why sometimes I throw up my hands and go by gut instinct alone!  Still, it’s fun and rewarding to share charts and see the possibilities and lessons that can come our way through intimacy with others.  And, remember, when you’re in love, Valentine’s Day can be celebrated every day of the year!