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Nancy Pelosi, Lady Justice

Nancy Pelosi is a March-born Aries with a Scorpio Moon.  We don’t have a birth time for her, so we will be using a solar chart with Sun on the Ascendant.  She has Libra North Node and life purpose, which accentuates a destiny’s goal of debate, fairness, and balancing.  Libra North Nodes also require partnerships, so the fact that she is well known for negotiating bipartisan deals is apt, and apparently, she is on target with her life purpose.  The Sun is one’s target, so she has had to learn to grow from a Scorpio Moon internalized person to a leader and director unafraid to step into the limelight or lion’s den.  The Jupiter there also ensures that she will do her best to bring in the new, as Jupiter has an entrepreneurial spirit and, in Aries, is even more so trying to be ahead of the curve and willing to go where no woman has gone before.

Pelosi has a Saturn in earthy and fixed Taurus, so not only is she a bull, focused on resources and creating foundations, but she has the determination of a badger and is not afraid to use her horns to make her point. Ultimately, the Aries/Taurus combination she carries is a good one, as Aries can often be too impulsive or directive with not enough staying power, but a Saturn in Taurus will give her the motivation and diligence to deal with issues at a practical level and for the long haul.

If you look, you will see that actually Nancy is a super-Taurus with Uranus, Venus, and Mars also in Taurus, giving the gifts of creativity, doggedness, proactive ability, business as well as creative acumen, and because Uranus is in Taurus IN THE HEAVENS NOW, Nancy is used to upset and disruption and apparently has the skills to overcome those.  She is someone who came from a large family, and sometimes folks in large families are used to chaos and never let that stop them, because that is their norm.  So, hello there!  Nancy is the youngest of seven children from an Italian-American family and was the only girl.  I know what it means to grow up with boys, and that gives her an advantage, because she probably took a lot of ribbing but also played with the boys, and they didn’t necessarily go easy on her.  This kind of family situation does NOT make for a weak girl, DT. 

Uranus in Taurus in both her birth chart and the heavens now, about to transit her Saturn—we will see that whatever happens around her, she IS in control.  I do not doubt the possibility for her to be our next president, although not perhaps in the typical way.  The solar chart does have a lot of things going for it—although I admit, there are pain points activated as well.  Pelosi has a Leo Pluto trine to her Aries Sun which is both good for helping her in leadership and helping augment an exaggerated leadership of sorts—Leo is the lovable leader, and she is both loved by many and hated by many, the bane of a powerful woman.  Her Virgoan Neptune is trine her Uranus/Mars/Venus, and that could be a blessing or curse.  She likely sees religion as a practical asset, and she may have faith that she can accomplish tasks if she pays attention to detail, although often Neptune in Virgo presents cluelessness as to how things can be fixed.  In Nancy’s case, I think her Taurus stuff outweighs any doubt or confusion she may have regarding details and rebuilding.  Also, she has enough leadership and idealism in her to be able to direct the minions to carry out her plans, but make no mistake, she is not afraid of hard work!

Her Scorpio Moon opposes her Taurus Uranus and Venus, which could cause depth of feeling for loved ones and tempestuousness as a vulnerability, for sure.  But, look out if she gets mad, right?  I think her daughter spoke fairly when she said that her mother could cut off your head and you’d never notice until it was over.  However, her Chiron in the solar 4th house in Cancer indicates that she is here to work on family and feelings—that is her soft spot, so again, don’t fool with Mother Nancy.  She does have a clan.

Her past life issues speak of a person who was a leader in a past life as well with power issues.  She may have had a secret life, and so this could indicate a person of power with mysteries to keep hidden.  There is an issue of having, in past lives, felt herself to be privileged and therefore deserving of more than others.  She herself in this lifetime has worked hard to provide for her family as well, but, with Astraea on her Sun, the symbol of the scales of justice, fairness and equality, rule this lifetime.  This is the lifetime where she works for the rest of us as well as herself.  She may have to make up for what she took before.

Her progressed Sun conjoins with Vesta, queen of the hearth (United States?)—at any rate, emphasizing the importance of home and nurturing and caret-taking. (Let’s remember, USA is a Cancer.)  In this chart, she has four planets (Venus, Mars, Chiron, Mercury) in Cancer, so the badger/crab energy of holding on is STRONG.  I keep wanting to say, “don’t fool with Mother Nature—or Nancy!!!  She also has strong elements yet in Taurus—Saturn, Jupiter applying to Saturn, Astraea applying to Jupiter, and still, Uranus in Taurus.  This is a formidable person, concerned with bringing justice for all.  Her Pluto, formerly at 0 degrees Leo Retrograde, is now at 1 degree Leo Direct, the lovable leader transformed and on the move.  There are a lot of come-back energies in Nancy’s charts.  Yet the Neptune energy is still strong, as her progressed Moon is conjunct it in Virgo.  Clueless about the details as ever?  Or faith-driven?  Which is it?  Perhaps she knows, with her natal Scorpio Moon, how to do stuff at a very detailed practical level, get control of the physical, and can conceal it? 

Her progressed South Node is on her natal Jupiter in Aries, indicating she has been here before.  Progressed Hygeia is on her birth Astraea, healing what’s unjust.  Progressed Neptune is headed towards her natal Mars.  Will that activate her or slow her down?  Many super-Aries with Taurus that I know are only made more lively by this.  They are natural jugglers and are driven by action.  I’m not saying it isn’t difficult, but they live with it and DO IT.  I am guessing she is one of these, judging by her past.

However, looking at her birth chart, she does have some challenging transits happening, most notably Chiron the wounded healer applying to her Sun, and Mars is activating her Sun right now.  She’s at her best now, but that Chiron will sting, come May and June.  Mars will pass her Ceres (Momma energy again) and head towards her Neptune problem—at that same time, so there may be some secrets she has to keep.  She’s familiar with all that, but it may not make for the transparency she’s been promising…Or, the possibility is danger that she will not foresee.  Certainly, Chiron on the Sun can bring headaches, stress, and sleepless nights.  I am concerned that others may find it necessary to “take her out,” but most presidents have had dangerous transits—most notably Barack Obama in early years and even Trump this year, but they both live on.

Right now, Mars is on Pelosi’s Sun, so she’s probably mad and in fighting mode, as we prepare to listen to Trump propaganda on the illusory wall.  She has Saturn and Mercury in Capricorn at her midheaven, so she’ll stick to the facts and buckle down.  She’ll be the one putting pressure on others, make no mistake.  By January 25, Saturn will oppose her pain pint, hitting her “family” or maybe the US as family.  Mars will hit her Jupiter in Aries.  She’ll either really lose her temper, or she’ll pull a rabbit out of her hat.  She’ll do something that no one has seen before, and I do believe her ire will drive it.  As Uranus heads towards her Saturn, remember that she works best under pressure. “Feels like home.”  I’m more concerned about late March, as Mars hits her Uranus then Venus then Mars, and as Mercury is retrograde and conjoined with Neptune.  She may not see something coming, and chaos is indeed on the way, which although she’s used to it, she’s not prepared for everything.  However, she is a smart cookie, and I do think she is able to negotiate a healing of sorts, challenging as it may be to get there.

In the end, note that she has Jupiter rising to the Midheaven to join Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn.  This is a very important significator, and I think could indicate that she may become president in a transformative way.  She would rule with true fiscal responsibility, unlike the Republicans have been doing, and she may be tasked with the same situation that Obama had when he took over from Bush: an enormous deficit and deep do-do.   I think we have a constitutional crisis at the point as we begin to see the members of DT’s family indicted.  Because it’s possible Pence could go down with the ship, then we have Nancy at the helm.  Whether she will want to continue in that role is questionable, as she will have personal health and family issues of her own.  But she is a good one to hold down the fort until the election offers a changing of the guard.