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January 2019-2020

​​You need to make your play, your work.  You need to attend to that work/play with an industriousness that shows your all or nothing nature.  Give your all to this, and it could just be your ticket.  New job offers and adventure are coming your way, bringing inconsistent money, but money nonetheless.  Get with the program.  If your art or music is your thing, put your heart and soul into it, and this could be the break for which you have waited all your life.  The discipline is worth it as long as you love it, and you will see that, as long as you apply yourself, it will make all the difference in your future.  Not kidding.In love...Fish may meet someone through work that really floats your boat, but that doesn’t mean it’s time to get married yet.  There is something in you that wants to make binding an art form of sorts, an entertainment or a show of surfeit and artistry.  That’s all well and good, but love is not a show; it’s reality, and not TV reality.  So beware being swept away by eclipse fever, unless you want to spend the next few years trying to repair mistakes made.  Enjoy yourself while remaining earth-bound.  Is that possible for a head in the stars fish?  Just asking…and reminding you…



October 2016-January 2017

Pisces has been in a fog since 2008, and really, that’s okay; Fish like floating.  Sometimes it’s been hard, but mostly, Pisces is comfortable in an ocean of emotion.   The Fish likes feelings and indulgences and being swept away.  Well, you’ve sure had the chance!  One thing I have to say, Neptune, Pisces’ ruler is your buddy, and so many Pisces I know just ask God and the universe for what they want, then they forget about it, and then what they want just SHOWS UP.  This is miraculous manifesting at its best, but this will only work for those Pisces who are staying away from drugs, drink, the smoke, and all of that other foggy stuff.  Stay spiritual, stay aware, and stay loving and forgiving, and your world will go easy.  Hold bitterness, live in a pity party, do too many “bad things”, and life will get worse.  Yeah, it’s an all or nothing proposition, Fishies!  Money has been up and down for ages, and expect that to continue, but you can make new partnerships around the world in your career, and even take a new job in October.  So if you lost your job, not to worry, the Fish have plenty of opportunities and soul mates helping them in that regard.  Open to receive.  At Halloween there will be an extra special soul mate helping you on your way.  You may even fall in love, and only for Fish could or would I say that that might work!  You haven’t been able to do lots of socializing, because your money situation may have been a bit depleted, but that’s about to change, because of the new opportunities coming your way, and then you can get back out and about again. Share some deep conversations about what you believe with others.  Just talking will help to heal places where you have felt weak in the past.  Sometimes, confessing makes you strong.  In early November, you may go on a trip for business due to a soul mate.  Travel for work is in your future for now and on into the next year.  Busy busy busy.  New partnerships, new beloveds, new money, new career—you go for it!  Fishes like to get attached to people, because fish like the sharing of feelings and art and music and beautiful things, but after November 10, you must adjust yourself to detach from within.  Keep a good distance.  Don’t get too taken in, because often people take advantage of sweet soft Pisces.  After the 13th, you may have some secret money partners, beloveds who want to help you.  You will also have some opportunities to travel and do public speaking or teaching.  You may be soft but you don’t have to be shy!  Get out there and share what you do!  Spread the word—the world is your oyster!  There are practical issues with beloved behind the scenes, but it will get worked out.  Just before Thanksgiving, you’ll get asked for a business deal commitment.  It may require you being separate from loved ones at the holidays, and they may be really angry about that.  You may still get to see them, but the visit will be short and short-fused.  This is one time when your new business and money partnerships are indeed important, and if your loved ones can’t see that now, well, they’ll see it later, when you are raking in the dough.  You will have to put up with them not wanting to talk to you; eventually, it will get sorted.  Work work, travel travel.  Make deals, sign papers, get contracts.  Do that BEFORE Mercury turns retrograde on December 18.  Expect irritated loved ones, more detachment, and more cutting off of communication.  If you have a legal problem, it may have to wait until the New Year.  Better for the planets—and people—to get in a better, less stressed frame of mind anyway.   Although there may be separation from loved ones at Christmastime, you will have lots of that Piscean manifestation power in your hands then, if you don’t mess it up by overindulging.  Stay focused, ask god and universe for what you want, and it may take until King’s Day (January 6) to get it, but you are magical (when you are clear-headed) so you can receive it.  But if you fall prey to vices over the holiday, watch out!  Make sure you have someone watching over you if you decide to “go astray”.  Which do you want?  All you’ve ever dreamed of—or a drink?  Pick the first, as long as it’s not the second!  Create a Vision Board on New Year’s Eve!!!  Watch how quickly you get results!  Amaze yourself!

July 4-October 3, 2016

​Fish, you are coming to the end of many painful years, and if you paid attention to that March Pisces eclipse and set your intentions for manifestation, you’re starting to reap the incredible opportunities there for you now in your partnerships and business opportunities.  Yes, so much has been slow-going and put on hold, but now you are at last all systems go!  Spend time with kids, lovers, or creative projects, and make sure you communicate your needs and love in all cases.  Then in August get to work!  People you work with may have a crush on you, so be careful that this does not cramp your style or interfere with plans.  Love is nice, but not if it stops your big plans and business partnerships.  I know that Fish sometimes have trouble being clear, but keep your eyes on the prize, guys.  This is your time to shine!  Don’t let a fling throw a wrench in the works.  Speaking of wrenches, in any partnership contracts, go over them with a fine tooth comb from August 2-September 21.  Better if you sign before August 30 or after September 21.  You may experience delays and snafus in September, but work out the kinks, use tact, and persevere!  Get through it, because the money partnerships get HUGE in October!  Exciting!  Your new career path and connections are going to put you on a travel circuit for teaching, sharing, and more deals.  Use your intuition, ask for what you want, and allow God to provide.  You know how to create something out of nothing.  And this year, you will, bigger and better than ever!  Woohoo!

January-July 4, 2016                Fish have been riding on a wing and a prayer for several years, so whoever said fish don’t have wings is wrong!  They have been dealing with break-ups with partners and business partners and trying to start over in both those categories.  This year, there is some backtracking to do before they fully get free in September, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t some exciting rides this year.  First thing is someone very admiring wants to start a new business or share a new career opportunity.  As I’ve said, this is not the time to make those kinds of commitments.  Wait until after January 26; then reconsider.  You may be discussing some stuff behind closed doors and then doing some practical socializing and networking, but there are some hangers on who you need not talk with anymore.  Don’t tell everybody everything.  Pisces often gets taken advantage of, due to their openness.  Don’t let yourself get walked on.  Yes, you can use January to talk things out, make a plan, but don’t set it in motion YET. Use your psychic, intuitive, and imaginary heart-to-heart talk with others’ souls to negotiate what you want to happen.  You clearly need to be using your metaphysical gifts this season.  Don’t let the one step forward, two steps back of either January OR tax time to end of June get you down.  As I have said to others, SEED SEED SEED, create an infrastructure for success at this time.  Use the forward movement times for forward movement.  Use retrogrades to hunker down, study, and make plans, fine-tune details.  The March solar eclipse will be a powerful one for Pisces people, as long as you are open to receive but also LISTENING, not allowing yourself to be vulnerable.  Be like an animal.  Be intuitive; use your instincts.  Accept what God gives, with caution, and if you get the message to RUN, then RUN!!!  Don’t be the doormat of others, and don’t give all your ideas away, just because you are a creative, open book.  Books have covers.  Use them when you need to.  Don’t let others control your money.  If you have a battle with someone in April over that very thing—or your future business, be strong.  You can pull out of the game until July if you need to do so.  That’s when everything will move forward anyway.  At that time, you can get a new partner, a new business, a new business partner, and a raise.  Allow the universe to do its work, and tell your angels what you want.  They will be listening.

TO SUM IT UP: Fish are loving and affectionate individuals, geared to spiritual things and the arts.  They are known as somewhat unmotivated workers, unless their work is something they love, and then they give it their all.  They also tend to like to indulge--or over-indulge--in pleasures like food, wine, drugs, and sex, as well as other pleasant sensual experiences. 

KEY PHRASES: I love. I am connected.  I feel.  I create.  I dream.

Positives: Demonstrative, kind-hearted, compassionate, intuitive, empathetic,  giving, relaxed, attuned to other realms, inspired

Negatives: Lazy, addictive, over-indulgent, absorbs other people’s problems and becomes a martyr, knows no boundaries so oversteps them, escapist, “space cadet”

Quote:"There is no remedy for love but to love more."-- Henry David Thoreau, Journal, July 25, 1839 US Transcendentalist author (1817 - 1862)

Planetary Ruler: Neptune 

Pisces the Fish

(February 21-March 20)  
Pisces the fish has a glyph that looks like the 2 curves spines of a fish with a line linking them.  This symbolizes the image of 2 fish facing head to tail.  For that reason, many people will say the Fish is two-sided, and indeed, I have known squishy fish and shark-fish, both in the same person, so beware!  But I have also known fish who were pushovers, the traditional few of the Pisces and those that will give their all like the force of a wave.
Pisces is, however, normally, a sweet, gentle, and loving sign.  They are creative, intuitive, dreamy, and mystical.  The worst of them are spacey.  The best of them are inspired.  They are not known to love hard work.  Piscean laziness is legendary.  I often will say that a Pisces will see a tsunami coming while they sit on their chaise lounge drinking a Long Island Iced tea, and they will not do anything about moving until a shark is nipping at their toes.  Thus, it’s true that procrastination is one of their faults, but if they are into something, they are in all the way!
These people are peaceful and loving, known to indulge in everything from food to books to sex to drugs and alcohol to the extreme.  They do need to watch the tendency to addiction, because they are looking for fulfillment.  To avoid trying to fill those holes with bad habits, it is recommended that they do spiritual work or become some form of creative artist.