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Sagittarius the Archer (November 21-

December 20)  
The archer’s glyph is that of an arrow, and that is an apt glyph, because Sages are people of the world, and I always think  of an arrow being shot around the world when I think of Sagittarius.  Technically, the image is of a centaur, which is a mythical creature half man and half horse.  These creatures were wise sages (ah, is that where the Saj part comes in?) who were learned in music, art, history, language, and even sport.  They were also great partiers, and so this sign is appropriate for footballers who like to play and drink and carouse, and indeed, Sagittarius is the sign of the sportsman, the adventurer, and the world traveler.
They are communicators and like to share ideas, philosophy, religion, education, and culture.  They like to talk.  In this internet world, Sagittarius is the sign that represents the internet and high-speed communication.  Sages are usually charming, fun, outdoorsy, and light.  They are great in a group but also make good teachers because they know a lot about a lot of stuff.  This is a fun person to hang out with—no doom and gloom here.
Sages also are connected to religious ideas, and because they like to share, they are often missionaries for their causes.  They can, on occasion, be fundamentalist in their ideas, but more often than not, they just want to be free, so they want everybody else to be free too.  The Sage is the “free bird”, and if you get with one, you will need to let them go their way.  They usually do anyway.  Don’t get your feelings hurt if they go off to seek adventure without so much as a by-your-leave.  They can appear selfish, but really they just aren’t thinking about feelings.  They are just doing what they want to do and what they need to do, and it’s nothing personal.
They really are quite fun and easy-going, although if you get them mad or if you catch them behind closed doors, the fiery side can come out.

January 2019-2020

​​You may have been rolling in the dough –or experiencing a pleasant expansion of resources and /or travel opps, but your major ending/major new beginning will be in your resource area, so make sure your monies are where you want them and that they are protected.  This is indeed a time to save.  The question is, where to keep everything?  You may want to dig a hole in the backyard, as long as you don’t live in California or Oklahoma.  Maybe put your investment in art or gold or real estate.  Be practical, remember!  This is not a time to be a spendthrift!  This is a time to be specific and to have a strategy for your future, because your resources are going to change, for sure.  How will you make this happen?  With Saturn and Pluto in the mix, the lottery is not a likely possibility for you.  Get some sticky hands, a plan, and hold on!  In love...You may meet someone new in January and want to bring them into your world by sharing resources.  Truly, this could be a strong connection, but even so, a contract is important, so that if it doesn’t work out, there’s an escape.  Nevertheless, you and Cancer seem to have some true bonds with lovers that may become monetarily connected.  This can change your world, so be sure of how to handle this change.  Surroundings may be nebulous to you, and you may find yourself on shaky ground.  But aren’t you a surfer, after all?

October 2016-January 2017

Sages, a beloved is coming.  Are you getting married, engaged, getting a contract, making a commitment?  As long as you don’t let it slow you down, it’s a good thing, and I don’t think you’ll let it slow you down.  If you’re down because a money deal fell through or if you felt disempowered this past week, not to worry!  Halloween is coming!  Dress up and meet your soul mate!  I promise this will be significant.  Besides, the money situation is going to get better.  You have been going through slow slow slow money changes in the recent decade, so there’s really nothing new.  Don’t let a minor disappointment get you down.  Back to work!  You’ll be raking it in, in no time!  While some career partnerships are ending, just remember that when one door closes, another one opens, so not to worry.  All of your wheeling and dealing since October began will still bring you eventual gains; you just have to go underground with some of the deals, like a Scorpion.  Have a private talk with pals—they will help you out.  Don’t get up to too much mischief with them, as that could misfire, but there’s no harm in discussing things in private with buds. The home front may be your place of indulgence, but lately, it’s also a pain—is there something that needs to be corrected or healed?  Or is it you?  Don’t go home and put yourself into oblivion.  Relax, and then get back out there.  Home is your castle, your soft place to fall, your spiritual rejuvenation place, and your healing place.  Don’t let it become a problem place.  Kids are feeing independent ,and creative projects are all over the place.  You may need to curb any impulsiveness that is keeping you from your goals.  After your Halloween tete a tete with your beloved, you’re back on the road to show yourself and spread your message.  Bring your beloved with you, if you must.  Show your loving, creative side.  Teach the arts, music, and manifestation.  The first week of November shows a distancing of beloveds and friends.  You are the one doing the distancing.  You are feeling vulnerable the second week of November and may want to crawl into your hidey hole—home—for some self-indulgence and a pity party.  Communicate and take action with those overseas or by internet.  You don’t have to be down and out.  Take action!  You can do it!  Activate!  Get on the road, read, share your message.  You still have a powerful message.  You have made a mass of new friends socially and in the community—keep that sense of community going!  Go out!  Attend to your friends and followers!  Loved ones are looking into your money situation—is there going to be a split?  You’ll know just before Thanksgiving.   One person is going, with some money.  Another wants a commitment; can you give it?  There is either an argument with a kid at Thanksgiving or an argument over a kid.  Is this the pain problem at home?  Someone departs quite hastily, and communication or deals or make ups will have to be done long distance.  The loved one detaches themselves and may go to siblings.  If you feel depressed, go talk to your lawyer or your banker, one or the other, or both!!!  You definitely need to talk money and do resumes or whatever to take care of financial dealings.  See if friends can help you.  Home won’t be the friendliest place right now.  Mid December, you cut off communication with someone—especially if it’s about money or promotion.  You’re starting to feel a little better.  Before Christmas Eve, reach out to detached or distant loved ones; try to make amends.  Do some nice things at Christmastime, a little giving, a little indulging in the Christmas or holiday spirit.  You could use a good drunk!  Only kidding!  Better to do something charitable to make the season bright!  Keep doing this through New Year’s.  Make sure you have a designated driver or a taxi to get you home.  You will be in a softer mood the first week of January, especially if you have done some full-hearted giving.  The third week of January may be rough.  Stay home; don’t be gripey—instead, get on the phone and check on resumes or make calls and business deals.  Market yourself.  You’re an expert at that!  Get back to teaching and sharing what you know.  Get out of your funk by doing what you know best!

July 4-October 3, 2016

​​Archers may have felt a bit suppressed since October of last year.  However, this is really an opportunity to discipline yourself in your studies, your teachings, your social engagements, your musical or art practices, your exercise or outdoor regimens.  Saturn is the one forcing the issue here, helping out-going Sages to put their noses to the grindstone.  Inside yourself and behind closed doors, the wheels have been turning.  Maybe you’re churning inside and just haven’t had the energy since April.  Once July 4th comes, you’ll be able to finally start to get the gumption to get things going: August is the time to really make it happen.  Your monetary resources are gradually changing over time, and that’s why your efforts at this time are essential to improve your life.  Someone who cares about you, maybe a family member or someone you used to know--will help you and put in a good word for you and may involved in helping you to get a wad of cash.  Be grateful and then be generous, within reason.  You may get a promotion or raise or even a new job—or maybe you got one after May 8th. Good for you!  You are going up in your career, no doubt.  Loved ones share their ideas and philosophies; they may even spout off: keep it happy.  Try to stay away from getting involved in bossy situations or people who are trying to force you to think like them.  You do what you have to, right?  Stay a free agent.  Buckle down with your research, travels, and studies. Don’t let anyone get you off-track, not even a pretty or hunky delegate.  Accept no bribes, no entanglements!  In your new job or position, double-check everything you do in September, because with Mercury retrograde there, there could be errors that affect you.  Know your employer may not be telling you everything about what’s really going on, or they may be shirking or careless in your training.  So be very cautious.  September 1st is a Virgo solar eclipse, which will impact you in March 2017, so that’s why being carful is even more important.  September 17 has a lunar eclipse on the Pisces/Virgo angle, and with Mercury still retro, there may be something you don’t see.  Again, this could influence you in March, so keep your eyes open and double-check everything you do.  USE YOUR INTUITION. By October, social romance can break up, and a new partnership opportunity comes your way.  Keep it light, because work must come first right now: you know that your future is at stake these days.  Use the social time for relief, not for bindings.  I feel sure you will keep it that way!  You’re a smart cookie.

January-July 4, 2016

           Archers may find a loved one wants to get married, move in, make a commitment, but as I have said to every zodiac sign so far, you really should wait.  With the retrograde in January—all I hear is promises promises—no real action.  If you commit to this person, look out!  You may be surprised at what you REALLY get, once you get to spend some live-in time with them!  I want you to know you two have only been “playing house” for the last year.  Now comes the shit; let’s be frank—all the dirty laundry, all the secrets, all the hidden things—here it comes.  Everything at the deeper level is going to churn itself up.  Truly, you do need to talk about practical considerations, but during a retrograde is not a time to commit, sign on any dotted lines, put a ring on it, or anything like that.  Discussion is as far as it should go for now.  Later in the month and in February, one of those disagreements over practical MONEY stuff will create a rift.  Certainly don’t give away any money at this time!!!!  NO!  You’re looking for trouble if you do, because the person will get the dough and be gone. Desaparecido!  So, don’t do it!  It’s not worth it!  Valentine’s Day may not be the greatest anyway.  I know you are still and have been unclear for YEARS about where to live.  How about on an ocean liner?  You can travel the world without leaving home!  Perfect for a Sage!  Archers may find that the job they thought so great back in fall of 2015 is not so great after all.  There will be further changes in this regard.  Later in the year, you’ll get a new job, but for now, you need a colonic.  Really.  You and Virgos need to do a detox and a house cleansing and all that clearing out.  This may mean that some people have to go: negative beliefs and people especially. You can get a new job and a new relationship in September.  You’ll begin working it out in August.  There is a good life ahead!

TO SUM IT UP: Archers are light-hearted with a fire center.  They are world travellers and international communicators, sometimes with a spiritual bent.  They are oftentimes known as teachers and outdoorsy types.  Their easy-going nature can lead others to believe that they are easy; yet, get them behind closed doors and you will find out what they are made of.

KEY PHRASES:  I go. I seek adventure.  I play.  I communicate.  I am a person of the world.  I share.

Positives: They let everything roll off their backs.  Interested in other cultures, independent, happy-go-lucky, outdoorsy

Negatives: Difficult to pin down, selfish, not a good listener

Quote:"Only the educated are free."-- Epictetus, Discourses Roman (Greek-born) slave & Stoic philosopher (55 AD - 135 AD)

Planetary Ruler: Jupiter