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Scorpio the Scorpion (October 21-

November 20)  
The Scorpion is here to learn finesse. They have lots of deep water energy, and water is emotional, so they have to learn how to control their emotions.  Scorpio is like floodwaters…out of control, they can destroy everything, but if you send those waters through a dam, you can create electricity and true controlled power.
Scorpions themselves are crusty creatures, with their skeleton on the outside, and yet they can be squished.  They’ve got that lethal stinger of a tail, pinchers to hold on with, and they burrow underground to live.  All of those are things to watch out for.  Scorpios are known to be strongly passionate and therefore can be jealous, envious, controlling, and vindictive.  What the Scorpio must learn that when they exhibit those negative behaviors, they “bite themselves in the butt”, so to speak, making their own lives worse.  Indeed, scorpions are known to sometimes sting themselves to death.
Most Scorpios do want to hold on like a Cancer Crab wants to hold on.  The difference between the two is that the Scorpio holds on out of jealousy and fear of losing something or someone, and also, they still want their independence.  I’ve met many a man or woman held in thrall by a Scorpio, but meanwhile the Scorpio is out having fun.
Scorpios are very deep and often have had things happen to them that they push very deep inside themselves and don’t acknowledge.  At some point, those secrets or issues come above ground, but there may be many years and I mean DECADES where the person does not want to face what they have pushed underground.  Because Scorpios have this within them, they happen to make good surgeons or psychotherapists—or psychics.  There is always the element of something being hidden.  Because Scorpions can burrow underground, this sign is also connected to water, oil, and blood—other liquids that lie “beneath the surface”.
It has been said that there is a higher side to Scorpio known as the PHOENIX.  The legend of the phoenix incorporates the idea of constantly being reborn and rising from the ashes.  It also has an element of the concept that if a Scorpio sets a goal and goes after it, they will, like a great Magi, be able to make that happen.  The answer lies in the ability to finesse their control of energy. (The flood or the dam)
The glyph for Scorpio is that Maternal M with a barb on the end, the stinger.

January 2019-2020

With money factors changing and you being forced into a certain kind of independence, your area of change is communication and/or issues with siblings.  Do you need to stay in touch, make some plans, change your manner of information-sharing, come together on an agreement, do some practical stuff together?  Might as well buckle down and make some decisions and know where everyone stands.  If you need contracts or wills or other kinds of decisions squared away between you, then take care of it.  As I said, this is a time for some ugly work, insurance, wills, paperwork, and important tete-a-tete decisions among you.  If you don’t have siblings, you may need to seek others to help you handle basics—your lawyer or insurance agent or real estate agent.  Work it out.  Get everything in writing, y’all!

​In love...Your relationship area will heat up this year, but not in time for Val’s Day, probably.  Nevertheless, look to add or cut loose a loved one from your financial holdings.  What needs to happen between you and your siblings?  What kind of documents and other important communications and contracts do you need to attend to that will affect your life in coming years?  A will? Health papers?  Include those to whom you feel most karmically connected.  This is the true love that counts.

October 2016-January 2017

The Sun is shining on Scorpio right now, but you know that’s nothing new at this time of year, right?  We have had a combust Mercury in Libra, though, lately, right on the cusp of Libra/Scorpio—that’s almost like a media blitz or an announcement, and I guess it’s Bill (Libra) announcing  Hillary (Scorpio)!  Only kidding, but things do look good for Scorpio, especially monetarily.  In recent years, Scorpio has done major cleansing, (read that any way you want!;) major investigation, inner belly button gazing—you name it—Scorpio has been through the mill, and we’ve gone with you, Scorpion!  We had so many planets running through Scorpio that with Saturn in Scorp for 2 and a half years and Jupiter in Virgo, I was calling it the Cosmic Colonic.  Good news, Scorpions, you are indeed at the cusp of change.  2017 and 2018 are going to be far better for you, as you come out of your hidey hole, but this isn’t a bad start.  With Saturn/Mercury in Sagittarius, your house of money, this is a good time to buckle down and share your message and teach—for money—yes, make speeches, too, for money.  Okay, guys, if somebody offered you $250K to make a speech, wouldn’t you take it?  YES, YOU WOULD!  This is a good time for Scorpions to write biographies, share teachings and messages, and spread the word—for money!!!  Some more conservative siblings may have tried to distance themselves from you or make you feel disempowered, but that energy is dissipating now.  Yes, you MUST transform how you communicate to the world—be serious, traditional, and conservative.  Get busy taking the role of CEO, because that is how you must communicate, as a seasoned leader.  A monetary buddy gives you a big kiss at Halloween—someone to do business with?  This really is a significant partner, more of a soul mate.  During the first week of November, indeed for the first two weeks of November, secrets will be swirling, and you need to have some serious heart to heart talks with beloveds and others, behind closed doors.  Anything hidden that is bad could come out by November 13, so get ready for an airing of dirty money laundry!  You are going to have to keep going like you have been, keep working, and keep moving.  Certain family members may be angry with you and not want to talk to you, but you need to get to work.  You know that.  Scorpions are always determined and have their eyes on the prize.  Most Scorpions are goal-oriented, if they aren’t kicking themselves in the butt.  You don’t have time to sting yourself.  The time for repercussions is over; get on with it!  There may be a money deal or project that you need to squelch or put aside for now.  If a friend or sibling stops talking to you at that time, know that it is jealousy, and let it go.  Thanksgiving time may also be a time when some conversation may need to be tamped down, but there will still be testy family who will depart quickly from the fray.  Good!  The sooner they exit, the better, so peace and positive vibes can be restored.  Then say goodbye to home, because you are not going to be in it much.  You can visit now and again, but there will be quite a bit of running back and forth in December, no time to stay put.  Too much going on, especially in December.  Lots of money deals, maybe books deals, other kinds of rush deals, teaching, speaking, traveling--all will happen in December, because you are still communicationally strong throughout December, and this means money!  Again, certain people will refuse to talk to you; c’est la vie! Loved ones and family will be a bit detached as you bustle about for the holidays, but the holy days should be especially powerful this year.  Open to receive, give thanks, give the children an amazing holiday.  They may be a bit confused about what’s going on—don’t you let yourself get hazy, though!  There may be that tendency this year!  Everybody is joyful and giving as the New Year begins; just don’t over-play, if you know what I mean!  Share with the children the special holiness of this time of year, and give thanks for what you have received.  Yes, there are things you don’t know right now, but you don’t need to know them right now.  You have been vigilant for far too long in these recent years.  So relax, indulge yourself, give thanks to your Higher Power, and get back to work after January 16.

July 4-October 3, 2016

Scorpions have been trying to get down to business for a year now.  At the beginning of the year, the money was flowing, you had offers to travel and share, and you seemed to be on the road to success.  After all, you’ve been starting a Mars return, which is the beginning of a new 2 year career cycle.  But on tax day, back in April, your best planetary pal, decided to go south, and so, it may have seemed, all your opportunities went that way.  No no no.  Mars just did a little dance in the sky so you could contemplate whether that was really the way you wanted to go.  In other words, did you want to repeat what happened in 2014, 2013, and the last months of 2012?  You had to repent, which means, RE-THINK it.  Good things, huh?  You got a chance to review and correct.  Now, as we enter July, you are back on track, moving forward. Come August, the money will flow, and though at first you may be wanting to travel and that may get stymied, as August goes on, you’ll be able to get on the road and collect your dough, maybe get down to studying and teaching and disciplining yourself.  In mid-August, this is a great time eve for an exercise plan.  Forget about New Year’s Resolutions.  Now’s the time to act.  Your environmental atmosphere is changing.  You may be hanging around new people, and they may be feeding you new ideas and philosophies, and you may be trying out new social environments, trying new things.  This is unusual for Scorpio, who normally likes to burrow down, but this is a time for the Scorpion to be like the eagle and fly—or the alternate ego of the Scorpio—the Phoenix—be re-born!  Are you literally going to become a born again?  You could even, through the help of someone with a serious crush, have a new job, and you’ll be looking brilliant and beautiful!  That’s very phoenix –like. Beware new romances, though, because folks who are kind and accommodating in Month 1 become naggy and particular and tactless in Month3.  In this case, they don’t wait till the third month.  They start in Month 2.  So, think about if you want to spend your summer vacation with a complainer.  Really.  That Mercury retrograde in Virgo in September will have you biting your tongue.  You should anyway, because social affairs are not all they seem.  Someone’s not telling the truth.  Is it you, putting up with the negative?  By October, whether you are stuck in the negative relationship or not, you can at least have a freer more positive relationship in secret.  Really! Cut loose the negative, say yes to the positive.  Thank goodness!

January-July 4, 2016
Scorpions are either looking to others for personal monetary commitments, or loved ones may be asking them—not a good time, guys.  Mercury retrograde is a lousy time to make those kinds of agreements, so re-think it at the end of the month—when, frankly, I think you will decline.  Good. Your practical world is going to have its setbacks in January—that’s just the nature of a Capricorn retrograde.  There are going to be many money discussions, because your budget may be reduced for other reasons, so no need to throw it away on someone who can’t keep a promise.  Don’t get into money arguments, if you can help it!  Doesn’t make for a good Val’s day!  Scorpios do have Mars in their sign this winter and spring, so this will keep them active, even during the retrograde, when they may burrow down during the Mars retrograde.  You won’t get as much done from tax time to July 4th, but this is to teach YOU patience more than persistence, because Scorpio already HAS persistence.  Scorpio barrels right along, like the flood waters.  You need to learn how to pull back your energy and relax.  That’s what ebb time is for—a difficult lesson for Scorpions.   Family members will be detached in late February, and kids are MIA during the eclipse.  I think they are clueless, befuddled as to your needs, wants, and desires.  They may get a wake up call at this time.  You won’t, because you know your own mind, and you know the score.   If you tell them what’s what on a social call, you may alienate them, but frankly, my dear, they have already alienated themselves.  In April, conversations follow that make you decide exactly what you want to do, and you decide to do that.  Do you want to move?  Rework your will?  Pull your money and take it elsewhere?  Go traveling with what money you have?  Yeah, do it!  You deserve it!  June will bring those practical discussions with longterm partners to set up new terms for your future monies.  You’ll have new business partners by July 4th and may just go take a long-needed vacation—where else, by the water!  You deserve it!

TO SUM IT UP:  Scorpions are known for their passion and pushiness, for their extremes of emotion and their perseverance.  They can love like there is no tomorrow and be not only your worst enemy, but their own as well.  They are deeply sensitive while appearing charming, but their intensity is usually obvious.  Once they decide upon a goal, there is no stopping them, but the tendency to run over others to reach the goal needs to be attended.

KEY PHRASES:  I control. I go deep. I am powerful. I am reborn.  I feel passionately.
Positives: Forceful, determined, diligent, great at research

Negatives: Vengeful, self-destructive, oblivious, manipulative

Quote: "Envy is the ulcer of the soul." Socrates Greek philosopher in Athens (469 BC - 399 BC) 

Planetary ruler: Pluto