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Taurus the Bull 
(April 21-May 20)

The glyph looks like an ox yoke or a circle with a half circle on top, a rounded version of a longhorn maybe?

 I am convinced that this sign should be called Taurus the Cow.  The only Taurus the Bull that I see in this is the one from the childhood book Ferdinand the Bull by Munro Leaf.  Ferdinand did not want to be in the bull fighting ring.  He only wanted to roll around out in the field, smelling flowers.  That, for me, is a strong symbol of Taurus’ connection to the 5 senses.  Taurus is here to experience the fullness of those senses: smell, taste, sight, sound, and touch.  This is considered the most earthy and erotic of the signs for that reason.  

But Taurus is also the Martha Stewart of zodiac signs.  She can make something out of everything!  Taurus is a maternal, working, practical sign that turns the mundane into something beautiful and sensual, just like Martha.  Taurus people are connected to flowers, music (especially singing), home décor, gardening, all creative practical and artisanal arts.  

Bulls/Cows are workers and nurturers.  When the going gets tough, they get up and get to work, making something.  Sometimes, that thing is MONEY.  For that reason, they are all about resources and building resources, but unlike Aries the Ram who is quick, the bull/cow is slow, sure, and steady.  

When I think of Taurus, I think of the big heavy, slow-moving creature that nurtures us and its calves with milk.  So Tauruses nurture, and they are willing to build resources slowly over time to get to the point where they can retire and finally roll around in the flowers, a retirement well deserved!  This a practical, working, money-oriented sign. 

Negatives are that they can be supremely stubborn, because they know how to get things done, and they want to do it their way.  They can also be fierce like a bull, if someone tries to move them off of their path.  They are slow, but that may or may not be a negative. 

Positives are  that nothing can keep them down.  If there is trouble, they get to work.  Practicality is always their solution.  They don’t mind the rut; it is comfortable.  They love beauty and beautiful things.

TO SUM IT UP:  Taurus the Bull is really a cow.  Nurturing and practical, Taureans are artistic and purveyors of love and beauty of the most mundane.  Their art is decorative and attuned to the sensual aspects of life: taste, touch, smell, hearing, and sight.  They literally create eye candy for the home.  But they are settled, steady individuals, interested in accruing materialistic items as well as a good bank account.  Their emotions are best expressed through the everyday activities and services they offer others and through the beautiful things they create.

KEY PHRASES:  I work.  I make things, and I earn money.  I sense the beauty in all things, and I am willing to experience my senses in fullness.  I save, because we are in a material world.  I seek fulfillment and earthly satisfaction.  There is sacredness in the mundane.

Positives: Strong, steady, practical, long-lasting, sensual

Negatives: Stubborn, silent, slow, may hold grudges

Quote:"Slow and steady wins the race."

Planetary ruler: Venus  

January 2019-2020

If you like being settled, well, pack your bags.  Get your money in a safe place, have a bag packed ready to go, and be ready to move.  Your thought processes, your beliefs, and your schooling needs to change.  You need to be even more thrifty than you naturally are; fortunately, you are well-equipped to do-it-yourself, whether it’s to make your own clothes or grow you own food, but what is going to throw you is the lake of steadiness, the lack of something or someone to depend on.  Learn to make do, and do yourself.  Make like a boy scout, and be prepared.  While you might not like change, you are the only one uniquely able to cope with it. 

In love...Taurus is almost the reverse!  You see a good money-making match when you see it, and that’s exciting!  Or a sugar daddy or momma, at least, but onward from the January 21 eclipse, you must allow yourself to come to a PRACTICAL meeting of systems, goals, and values.  If you do come to an agreement on the practical side, this could be a match made in heaven.  You are bound to change your way of thinking about things, for sure!

October 2016-January 2017

Bulls and cows are antsy, aren’t you, little bovine friends?  Typically, Taurus likes to stay put, stay grounded, but not today.  Taurus wants to get on the road with this new career and is chomping at the bit for it to take off and them with it.  Wouldn’t you just love to travel on this job and take a lovey dove with you?  The answer is yes.  You have been working on new job situations and new partnerships.  You may be having a chat with both lovers and potential business partners.  Any legal issues you need to finish?  You need to release certain partnerships that drag you down and get on with it.  Time for a serious committed relationship and a serious job commitment too.   Thing is, you’re dyin’ to get on the trail, huh, little doagie?  I know, I know.  There is something rumbling in your soul, an inner earthquake, so to speak, that has been upsetting you inside for years.  Patience.  If the third week of October has you feeling disempowered, stuck in the mud, feeling under-utilized and worthless, you need to step it up.  The Mars/Pluto conjunction can be turned around to activate beliefs and thereby careers.  This is an exercise in manifestation and prosperity beliefs.  Consider why things aren’t moving as fast as they should.  Your summer really rumbled, and now you are not used to a slower pace.  You need to be thinking over your thoughts and ideas about money, prosperity, self-worth.  You need to do some prosperity and manifestation exercises.  Get yourself that Pam Grout book E-Squared.  Ask yourself WHY you aren’t moving right now.  They say motivation truly comes AFTER you start making an effort and not before.  I know you are a Taurus, but you may need to do some marketing and self-promotion.  That said, discuss some behind the scenes ideas with your partner, or perhaps get a behind the scenes business partner willing to back you up.  Talk about it now.  No need to take action right away.  Sometimes the discussion starts the ball rolling.  Your soul mate shows up just before Halloween, wanting to spirit you away.  You’ll let them!  Go now, while you can, because soon the money IS going to start rolling in.  You’ll get busy by November 9th.  Keep in mind that you have chosen a life path career that can be up and down—and over time, averages out.  Start to get in the swing of expecting the unexpected in the money department.  Save some bucks for the down times.  The career is busy busy busy through Christmas!  Your friends and loved ones may say you are all work no play—or at the very least somewhat serious and detached.  But you more concerned about work, as well you should be.  You can start to take some “me time” around December 22, and you’ll be ready for it.  Just don’t get so you’re enjoying that too much.  You could go into a haze of fun times, if you allow yourself.  This is not normal for a Taurus, but this time, it will be.  Maybe you want to make up for what you missed in December.  A loved one may ask you at Thanksgiving time for a promise or to make a commitment, and when you can’t do it (all work/no play), he or she may depart.  This may appear to be a sudden break up, but I think you will be making up by skype, phone, Facetime whatever before a few days pass.  That person has to understand your focus on the practical right now.  If you don’t feel secure, the two of you can’t be secure.  That person needs to understand that.  That said, detachment ensues.  This is good because you can throw yourself into your work in December without much guilt.  Do what you have to do.  Christmas and New Year holidays will bring the chance to relax, have more than a few drinks, maybe travel to see your long lost beloved and fall in love again.  You won’t need to be back to work until after the King’s day, January 6.  Lucky you!

July 4-October 3, 2016

Cows/Bulls are having some strong communications with family members, especially siblings and/or long lost beloveds in July.  Children need to find their way and be released to seek their destinies—or creative projects need to be released to the world to make your Self heard.  Some babies may need to come now.  Old relationship issues from 2014, 2013, & 2012 will resurface for you to battle; you can release them or grow by August 3.  You will put these issues to bed by the third of August.  Finally!  Even though you love hearth and home, you may be compelled to travel, either for work or family issues.  Children/projects need you to attend to details for them in August and September.  Some of those things go awry, especially communication, as Mercury goes retrograde in Virgo at the end of August and for 3 weeks in September.  Make sure school plans are checked and double-checked.  Although July and August allow you to get going on projects and business delayed since April, check and re-check the fixes that make things right, since they could go wrong in September.  Kids need special attention at these times.  Travel and schooling go hand in hand in August—discipline yourself and be prepared, so you don’t find yourself stuck somewhere or caught in a quandary at the end of August/beginning of September.  Kids and creative projects won’t be smooth-going in September.  The eclipse in super-perfectionistic Virgo may have you—or them!—come across as nags!  Remember to re-build, de-tox, throw things away, release, re-build at this time, but go slow and expect minor snafus.  Remember that, with Mercury Retrograde (August 30-September 21), it’s no big deal: all will be fixed the third week of September, even though the lunar eclipse on the Pisces/Virgo axis may leave you questioning if it will or it won’t.  Have patience—and faith!  It will all work out!  The Virgo solar eclipse September 1st is about you, your kids, your creative projects, getting their and your ducks in a row on the 3-D plane.  No dreaminess—just hard work!  So enjoy it!  Sometimes, work is play—and quite satisfying!  Especially when you are (Virgo) organizing and renewing, perfecting and being of service.  This is a good time for you and the kids to do some volunteer work for a worthy cause—or give a creative project –or money--to a worthy organization.  Remember that giving, sharing, and teaching are prosperity exercises, and if you do so, you’ll be able to reap the rewards by money coming into your pocket once you perform your due diligence, within the next 6 months.  Lessons may be challenging this year, but nose to the grindstone, cowpokes!  You’ll find satisfaction in perseverance.  Your money is about to change and bring new relationships and partnerships.  Oh, boy!  Change is good!

January-July 4, 2015   
Bulls and cows have been experiencing inner turmoil for a while, and because you are long suffering, you may continue to do so, but any resentments you have held inside about partners may start popping out in January, so be sure you want to say what you say, ‘cause Mercury is retrograde, and you know what happens then, right?  Communications go awry.  Are you going to start the argument?  Really, this is a long-standing battle of wills going on.  Who do you think will win? Tauruses and Scorpios are the likely winners, but you have a stand-off if your partner is either of those signs!  There is someone from far away who wants a commitment of some kind having to do with money or a job.  Are you sure you want to do this?  This is a warning!  See above!  Mercury retrograde is in play, and that is never good for contracts, loaning money, finalizing ANYthing.  I suggest you use January to mull things over and decide at month’s end.  Know this: NOTHING will move fast the first part of this year.  Renew relationships with kiddoes or release those who have not been attentive.  You’ve been trying to heal over this long enough. It really is time to let go and BE SOCIAL, go out more, entertain more, and do for YOURSELF, instead of battling with others.  Let strangers be your friends, and open to new experiences for a change.  Partners may be secretive and irascible, so get a spiritual, social life without them!  If someone asks for money, just say no.  Really, if you said yes, it wouldn’t happen anyway.  Mars goes retro until end of June, so nothing’s happening till 4th of July anyway.  Don’t believe those with big schemes that involve YOUR cash.  Reconsider later in the year.