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​​January 2019-2020

Partners leave you wounded and in doubt, so this is where y’all need to have faith and forgiveness.  Your 5th house of kids and creative projects is what’s changing ultimately for you, and this will change your life.  Are you going to have an empty nest?  Or are you adopting?  Nevertheless, there is something big about to happen in that area that will change your life and bring in a new era.  So, buckle up, and buckle down.  There is also the option—either to move, to buy a new or bigger house, or add on.  The home environment enlarges and offers opportunity.  You will find that what you thought you believed in requires adjustment.  This will bring ah-ha moments over the long haul of a more practical nature, so if you haven’t been practical enough already, this will do it.

​In love...You may have a trip near the January 21st eclipse that’s for fun, and you may meet someone fun.  Then you come home and attend to kids or creative projects and see that they are your true soulmates.  Partnerships are so vague anyway with no clear boundaries or links.  Discipline yourself to work on your creative projects or attend to your fated “children” and see the amazing results that come from those efforts.  What you once believed about love will endure a change in upcoming years.

Octovber 2016-January 2017

The Harvest Queen has been experiencing a destined life change for the last year.  Do you see, Virgos, how your life has changed dramatically since those eclipses last year?  Wow!  You may be clueless in partnership or enduring some pain as you float in that world of duos, but if you have learned to LIVE IN THE MOMENT (really not so hard for detail-oriented, perfectionist Virgo), you may be doing okay.  Virgos get very focused, and if you are focused on this moment, right now, the very second you read this, and transfer that to every area of your life, you will do okay.  Others may feel confused in their relationships and feel like they are either drifing helplessly and alone in that world or simply don’t know where they stand—they may not feel like they are standing at all!  Here’s what I say, be loving, be of service, be open, heal yourself, and know, Virgo, that you are perfect just as you are.  I want to say, don’t sweat the small stuff, but I doubt I can say that confidently to a detailed Virgo!  Meanwhile, your money skills and communication skills are growing and bringing you new money and expanding your business partnerships and your network.  You are communicating like a pro—and for money!  As we get towards the end of October, you may need to communicate more with siblings and have a few secret conversations, and certainly you need to get deeper into communicating in all ways. Time to dig down and do some investigation—a great time for research and maybe even ancestry stuff!  Loved ones may show up unexpectedly at Halloween time or a soul mate connects with you on the home front.  If you don’t want to see them, don’t answer the door!  Creative projects may have gotten discombobulated in late October, but they can get back on track and actually bring money as we get into November.  In November, stop doing everyone else’s bidding, detach, and do your own!  You can do it!  My main concern is whoever shows up at your door may not go away right away, and you don’t have time for that.  Let them know that you have money projects that need to happen, so as long as they entertain themselves, they can stay.  You get an offer or family invite for Thanksgiving, probably because someone is showing up—a kid, a cousin?  You don’t have to do the dinner, but you can surely GO, have a visit, and make a quick departure.   Then get back to work, doing what you do!  Communicating! Serving!  About December 18, communication stops, or someone stops talking to you.  That’s okay.  More time to fix things.  New Year brings some vulnerability in relationship, possible an angry partner, and you won’t know why.  Have you been all work, no play?  January is the time to really put some emotional focus and compassion and time towards whoever your partner is.  That person needs you.  If you have been giving to everybody but them, then you need to rearrange your attention and your focus to let that person know that you are 100% with them.  Do what you must.  You are capable.  Serve your loved one this time, and that in the end helps you.

July 4-October 3, 2016

Harvest kings and queens were having a banner year last year until January came and put the wheels in reverse.  Finally, when opportunities were able to get back moving in a forward direction in May, Mars had gone backwards, making the nuts and bolts get stuck. At last, the end of June arrived allowing a slow forward movement again, and especially in the area in communications and with siblings.  Now starting to pick up speed, Virgos can get back to exploiting their Jupiter benefits for the next 3 months.  This allows Virgos to reap the rewards of resolutions and plans made in March during that eclipse.  Social affairs and nights on the town are emphasized in July with loved ones and family turning up for chit-chats and holidays.  Household and family situations require Virgos to stay put this summer.  Once Mars finally joins Saturn there in August, household projects can be completed, and even if they take a few weeks mid August, by month’s end, Virgos can finally take a vacation.  Mid-August, a loved one or a person who likes you is going to see your successes and will want to offer you a deal.  Consider if they are just wanting to get on your bandwagon. If you end up on the road in early September, working on projects, you may find yourself surprised to experience delays and setbacks, since Mercury is retrograde throughout September until the 21st.  Since this retrograde happens in the Virgoan’s own sign, that then may delay projects that were moving strongly ahead in July and August.  Of course, these are temporary setbacks.  I recommend that Virgos, normally super-perfectionstic, need to know they are not superman & superwoman when it comes to editing & planning.  Everybody misses something once in a while, and sometimes there are just things you can’t plan for.  Know that everything is resolved by the end of the month, and you can backtrack to perfect what still needs fine-tuning.  New monetary partnerships and projects will be going strong in October, and you may see a raise or a promotion or at least an influx of benefits and opportunities.  The eclipses—one solar on September 1 and another lunar on September 17—both involve the sign of Virgo.  You are powerful this year, so set your intentions once again on those dates so that you can reap the rewards in March of next year.

January-July 4, 2016
The Harvest Queens started having a “banner year” beginning last August, and this will continue until September of this year.  Virgos are to let go of old crap—let’s be frank—clean out the closets, drawers, and body and once and for all release any negativity that has held them back.  Now is the time; this is the year.  However, there does seem to be a setback January-through May.   Don’t let that get to you, however.  Use this time to prepare, like a warrior preparing for battle, or an athlete preparing for a competition, or a builder preparing a lot for a new home—or you preparing for a new life.  Yes, you may have lost some things in recent times, but now you are lighter and freer to move ahead.  Stop seeing the negative, and re-focus on the re-building part. Get out your mental, emotional and physical gym equipment.  Imagine how powerful you are going to be after May day!  It’s true that you are having to heal old relationships, and they are a pain, but they have been there for AGES, and they aren’t going away, so this is a time for faith, prayer, meditation, openness, and LOVE to control the situation.  Look for creative partners to help you solve old problems in new ways.  Mars moves into your 3rd house of communications in Scorpio, so use metaphysical means to communicate with others. Imaginary “heart to hearts” work better than head-on conversations. Keep anger, bitterness, resentfulness, and vengefulness OUT of your communications.  Also, know when to hand out info and when to keep mum.  This is a good time for secrets and silence.  Learn how to finesse your interactions with others to create peace.  Is there someone who wants to take you away from all this?  There may be someone looking to snag you and get a promise that will lift you off your feet and sweep you away.  However, be careful, in that the request to “save you” comes during a retrograde.  Make sure you have escape routes if you choose to go—escape routes from the escape!  There are practical discussions with others about a separation of sorts.  In the end, you may cut off communications entirely before the retrograde is over.  If there is a lack of communication or a separation from loved ones, be reassured that it won’t last.  It may take several weeks to come to practical resolutions, but it will get ironed out by March.  Work out practical details the last week of January and first week of February.  Miracles happen in March as the super-Pisces eclipse occurs.  Make sure your intentions are set; discipline yourself to hold to your rules/regulations/beliefs as partners will be unfathomable at this time.  If you have done your meditation, your gut will tell you what’s going on—open to receive—believe in yourself.  In May, you can find yourself on more solid ground, with a creative, prosperous job, and more able to control your circumstances.  The further we go in the year, the more solid you will find your footing.

TO SUM IT UP: Virgos are curious, critical, and practical minded individuals.  They are writers and great trouble-shooters, because they are organizational and analytical. Virgos are the original world servers, geared to making the world a better, more organized place.  They are flexible and good problem solvers, and if you want to get something done, hire a Virgo, because no task is too boring for them!

KEY PHRASES: I perfect. I analyze. I work. I serve. I fix things. I organize. I reap the benefits of hard work.

Positives: Analytical, organized, detail-oriented, logical

Negatives: Negative-minded, sees the glass half empty rather than half full, anal

Quote:"The ability to focus attention on important things is a defining characteristic of intelligence." --Robert J. Shiller, Irrational Exuberance

Planetary ruler: Mercury 

Virgo the Lady

of the Harvest

(August 21-September 20) 

 The glyph for Virgo looks like an M with a sheaf of wheat attached to it.  I think of it as M for Maternal with the wheat bud attached.  
Yes, I know you have heard Virgo is the Virgin, but she is pretty Bountiful for a Virgin, so I don’t call her that.  Virgo time of year is a time of fertility made manifest.  This is the time of year for fruit and fields to come in and for us to gather the fruits of our labor.  It’s also a time when school begins;  we have to get organized and get focused and get down to work.  Virgo is a practical hard-working sign.  That’s my sign, and because the keywords of Virgo are “I SERVE”, I thought that meant I would have to be a waitress, and I wasn’t any good at that!  Well, yes, Virgos are here to serve but not to be a servant.  
Virgos are too smart, too curious, too analytical, and too busy.  They are good in a group or good on their own.  This is because they can be flexible if on a team and self-motivated if alone.  In fact, they don’t mind being alone.  Why?  Because then they can read, study, look into stuff, and figure things out.  Need a trouble-shooter?  Call a Virgo, because they can look at something and tell you what isn’t working.  For this reason, the bad stuff one hears about Virgos is that they are bitchy, perfectionistic, and negative.  Yes, they need to learn tact in expressing their criticisms of people, ideas, and things.  However, the perfectionism they seek is their cross to bear and not yours—and so they do often suffer while in search of perfection.
This is another Martha Stewart like sign of the zodiac, because she can do everything and demands perfection of others and herself.  Virgo women can be pretty naggy sometimes; men are cheapskates.  Well, let’s be nice: both are thrifty.  Both know how to work.  Both know that to get money, you have to work, and they are teaching people how to get down and dirty and do it.  Details details details!