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Astrology is really an exact science, and not meant to be a parlor game.  Astrology is not about being psychic, although it is about being prophetic.  Your birth chart is a life map of cycles, based on such things as your exact time of birth in Universal Time, the date of your birth using a Julian calendar, and the exact location of your birth, and pinpointing your natal city on the earth's globe using longitude and latitude.  All of this information also needs to be corrected for things like Daylight Savings Time, logarythmic changes in the rotation of the globe as well as its circumnavigation of the Sun.  And let's not forget the planets!  Astrology is really all about astronomy, but it is also about symbols and symbolism as well. That is what makes it unique and intriguing.

What you will read here is a bit of generic fun.  If it works for you, so much the better!  We hope you will find out more about the amazing predictive miracle that is astrology by getting your chart done by a professional, whoever that may be.  Have in hand the exact time of your birth, the date, and your birth city's name.  You will be amazed by the accuracy of prediction!

Remember that "forewarned is forearmed", or as the Boy Scouts say, "Be prepared!"  Astrology can help to make life go more smoothly, and crises can become miracles.  If you already know that something is coming, it dispels fear and worry and makes all of life--even the hard stuff--seem more natural and part of the Grand Plan.  And indeed, it is!  You are not here on Planet Earth to goof around, you know!  You are here to experience certain cyclic experiences again and again until you find the best way to handle things.

In reading these predictions, look either for your Sun Sign, given by your birth date, or your Rising Sign, which is given by the exact time of your birth.  If you don't know what that is, call a professional to get this information.  Or send me your name, birth date, exact time of birth, birth city, and email, and I will look it up for you and send it back.  Using the Rising Sign is much more accurate than using the Sun Sign.  My email is booklady@astrotracker.com.


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